Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 2 June 2024

Strings of love 2 June 2024: Inspector Gagan teases Angad that he will finally take him to court. Manveer worries about what will happen in the court. Sahiba asks Inspector Gagan if Romi will come to the court today. Inspector Gagan says Romi is mentally unstable and says Romi’s father will come to the court today.

Inder thinks if Romi’s father gives testimony in the court that Romi is innocent then they will be in trouble. Sahiba says she will talk to Romi’s father. Manveer blames Sahiba for this situation.

The reporters at the court announce that Angad’s case is weak even after finding out that Sahiba is alive. Jasleen says to the Brar family that Angad will go to jail if Romi saves himself. Akaal asks Jasleen to stop speaking bad things. Jasleen says she is just stating the truth. Sahiba says she will prove in the court that Angad is innocent.

Yash comes to the court. The reporters question Yash. The Brar family learn that Romi’s father is Yash Baweja from Inspector Gagan. Sahiba learns that Yash Baweja is Jasleen’s ex-husband.

Jasleen comes to Yash. Sahiba says to Angad that they can talk to Yash and says they might help them. The Brar family says to Sahiba that Yash hates Brar family and says to Sahiba that Yash will never cooperate with them.

Jasleen asks Yash how is he doing? Yash says they never thought that their paths would cross like this. Yash’s lawyer takes Yash away from there.Sahiba tries to talk to Yash but Yash doesn’t talk to Sahiba and leaves from there.

Jasleen says to Sahiba that she doesn’t think Yash would help them after what happened in the past. Jasleen says it’s nearly impossible for Angad getting out of jail right now.

The lawyer comes to the Brar family and says that theJudge is calling them to her chamber. The Brar family come to the judge Chamber. The judge asks Yash why did he insist to meet her before the case hearing. Yash says he wants to show some proof to the judge before the case hearing. The judge says to the Brar family that with the evidence provided by Yash it proves that all the accusations against Romi that are put forth by Sahiba are true. Yash also admits that Romi kidnapped Sahiba and killed an innocent woman.

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