Strings of love Starlife update Friday 29 march 2024

Strings of love 29 march 2024: Sahiba’s friends tell Sahiba that they are missing her. Professor Bajaj sees that Sahiba came to college and talks to her about the assignments she missed. Professor Bajaj asks Sahiba to complete the assignment. Sahiba agrees.

Sahiba opens the assignment and sees that it is about a treasure hunt. Sahiba after reading the assignment understands that this is Angad’s plan to make her go on a treasure hunt. In the assignment, it is written that to get the first clue she needs to go to the place where she and Angad met for the first time. Angad also suggests in the assignment to take Veer’s help. It is shown Angad looks at Sahiba reading about the assignment while drinking the coffee from a distance.

Sahiba and and Veer come to the market that she and Angad met for the first time. Veer teases Sahiba saying she made Angad very interesting. Sahiba and Veer are shown to be searching for the clues.After a while, Sahiba runs into a guy with pottery and recalls her first meeting with Angad. Sahiba goes to the pottery and finds the first clue. Sahiba sees that it is an empty box of earrings and a blank letter. Veer calls Angad and says to Angad that it’s a white paper. Angad says that paper is the clue.

After a while, Sahiba notices something is written in white on the white paper. Sahiba draws pink colour over the white paper and she sees the second clue. Sahiba reads that the second clue is at the place where they met for the second time. Sahiba goes to Ajith’s shop and asks Ajith for the clue.

Ajith shows the earrings and says to Sahiba that these are designed by both Ajith and Angad. Sahiba puts the earring in the empty jewelry box that she got before. Ajith gives a white paper to Sahiba. Sahiba draws blue ink to find out about the clue on the paper but she doesn’t get any lead to her next clue.

Sahiba gets into an auto and leaves from there. The auto driver gives the second clue to Sahiba after he drops her and leaves from there. Sahiba sees that the second clue reminds about whose anniversary they met for the first time. Sahiba recalls that it is Akaal and Jabjyot’s anniversary.

Sahiba comes to Akaal and Jabjyot and asks Akaal for her clue but Sahiba sees Manveer and goes silent. Akaal says to Sahiba that Angad gave her this letter. Manveer asks Sahiba what is this letter? Angad comes and sees that Manveer and Sahiba are still in Akaal’s room. Manveer questions Angad about what is this letter? Angad says it’s a stupid game he is playing with Sahiba.

Manveer makes a comment as Angad CEO of Brar jewellers is playing stupid games with his wife like a kid. Manveer asks Angad what happened to him? Angad says to Manveer that there is no need for her to speak like that. Sahiba feels upset with Manveer’s words and leaves from there.

Angad takes the letter and goes after Sahiba. Angad tries to talk to Sahiba. Sahiba lashes out at Angad as he said it’s a stupid game to Manveer. Sahiba says to Angad that she will not play this game anymore.

Sahiba recalls what happened and thinks she shouldn’t have scolded Angad like that. Sahiba decides to apologise to Angad. Angad overhears Sahiba talking to herself and decides not to forgive Sahiba that easily as the game is still on.

Angad comes to the bed and goes to sleep without talking to Sahiba even when she tries to talk to him.

The next day, Angad while getting ready to go to office sees that Sahiba has worn the dress that he gifted her and the earrings that he gave her. Sahiba tries to talk to Angad but Angad doesn’t speak to Sahiba and leaves from there.

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