Faltu Starlife update Friday 29 March 2024

Faltu 29 march 2024: The Episode starts with Kumkum gifting a saree to Faltu. Faltu asks did you take this for me. Kumkum says no. She signs towards Ayaan. Janardhan says his choice is good, it will suit you. Sumitra acts sweet.

Faltu gives the gifts to Sumitra, Sid and Tanu. They thank Faltu. Sumitra says we did a lot with you, even then you are giving us respect, you have a big heart. Tanu thanks Faltu and Janardhan.

Sid also thanks him. Janardhan says Kanika is in jail, Tanu is our responsibility, walk on the right path, forget the old things, I wish Kanika realizes this and she chooses the right path like you. Sumitra thanks him. She says Govind was going to divorce me. She asks Govind to give her a second chance. Faltu says Govind loves you a lot, he told that in anger. Ayaan thinks how can she be so selfless, she is uniting the family, I will say sorry to her after the party. Sid asks Ayaan to forgive him. Ayaan says done and hugs Sid. He says I never differentiated between Kinshuk and you, this family and business are ours, we have to fight the world, not race between ourselves.

Ruhaan says no one should know about this plan, keep the security tight. Manager asks him not to worry. A girl takes Faltu’s disguise. Ruhaan acts with her and gets it recorded. Tanu says accept my apology also, give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Ayaan says its okay, I hope you become old Tanu soon. Tanu thanks him. Sumitra says everyone got fine, we can party well, I will invite my friends. Tanu thinks finally Ayaan has shown faith on me, now Ayaan can’t save Faltu, he forced me to think negative for this family. Ruhaan checks the pics. He asks the man to superimpose Faltu’s face carefully.

The man asks him not to worry. Ruhaan says Tanisha if you can’t be loyal to your mum, you can’t be loyal to me, I will play my game alone, I will telecast Faltu’s cheat live, I will see how Ayaan’s faith is strong on Faltu. Harsh checks decorations. He gets a call. Faltu also helps the family. She recalls Ayaan’s words and goes. Tanu gets the pics from Ruhaan. She smiles.

She gets his call. She says I saw the pics, you did amazing work, pics look real. Ruhaan says yes, I have paid a lot, wait and watch the drama in the party.

She says see you in the evening. Ruhaan says give off to all the servants today, Shanaya and Daima have reached Nainital. Manager says don’t worry. Ruhaan says enjoy the last moments with family, Faltu, then you will have no choice than to live with me, I will snatch Janardhan’s backbone like he snatched my dad.

Faltu sees Charan’s pic and apologizes. She says I have to make my relation with Ayaan fine, he has done too wrong with me. She goes and collides with Ayaan.

They come to meet Janardhan. Janardhan asks them to look at each other. He says there is going to be a party at home, stop being annoyed, talk and solve the matter, present yourself as a strong couple, every couple has fights, but end the fights at the right time. Ayaan says you will see us happy in the party, I promise. Janardhan says Faltu did wrong by lying, but why did you get her banned from the cricket academy, was it needed. Ayaan says I m ready to come in the party with her, you ask her. He goes. Janardhan says you do a lot for the family, don’t spoil the relation, I want to see you both happy. She says I will try my best, it’s a promise. She leaves and sees Ayaan. He says the family shouldn’t get punished. She says I know, I care for them, I promise I will do my best. Sumitra says everything got fine, we will take a selfie. Govind warns her and goes. She says go and explain Ayaan and Faltu, they keep fighting and stay annoyed, look at them in the party, they will keep a fake smile. Faltu gets ready and thinks of Ayaan, I never break my promise. She thinks why are the clothes messed up in my cupboard, I don’t find it right.

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