Strings of love Starlife update Friday 26 April 2024

Strings of love 26 April 2024: Angad tells Sahiba that she is staying alone in hostel away from the family and hence should accept his money to take care of her expenses. Sahiba says she can take care of herself, she thought he really admired her art, but she was wrong.

She says she wore his gifted gown even after she didn’t like it as he wanted to see her in it, but she now realized he wanted to see Seerat in him. Angad asks if she is out of his mind, she looks happy without him but is using him constantly and is elated as she got a big break because of him. Sahiba continues to accuse him describing the experiments he made on her. Angad walks away saying this world will end but not Sahiba and Angad’s fight.

Sahiba walks to water vending machine with teary eyes. Rumi acts as talking to his mother and says he has a great artist in his college whose painting is being praised a lot in art gallery, but she is upset because of some stupid person. Sahiba thinks why is he speaking to his mother about her. Rumi acts as noticing her and apologizes for speaking about her to his mother, says he felt really bad for her and hence spoke to his mother about her. He offers her water and says they feel better if he drink water when they are upset. Sahiba drinks water and leaves after thanking him. Rumi thinks he spoke his heart out today and soon he will speak her heart out.

Ajith asks Angad how did his and Sahiba’s relationship turned so bitter. Rumi returns home and draws his and Sahiba’s sketch in a book and thinks the moment he spent with her today would remind in his mind as a pleasant memory for his whole life, she need not worry about Angad as he will teach a lesson to Angad soon. Ajith says it’s okay if he doesn’t want to answer, but he can count on him if he needs any emotional support and walks away from there. Veer asks Angad if he is fine. Angad says he couldn’t answer Ajith that his daughter left him instead without a reason.

At night, Angad sits in garden and recalls his fight with Sahiba. Seerat walks to him and asks why is he sitting upset here. Angad says he is fine. Maid brings a parcel for him. Seerat reads a message that Ludhiana Art Gallery has sent Sahiba’s painting as a gift for him and asks what Sahiba wants to prove. Angad says forget it. Seerat notices a plain canvas and asks Angad why Sahiba sent a plain canvas to him. Angad stands confused. Back to room, Angad doesn’t get sleep recalling Sahiba’s words. He hears someone in the bathroom and walks in. He is shocked to see Karthik touching Sahiba’s stuff. He angrily drags him out of bathroom shouting who is he and how dare he is to touch his wife’s personal stuff.

Veer interferes and says Karthik is his friend and they were partying. Angad asks what is his friend doing in his bathroom. Karthik says he wanted to pee and since Veer was in his bathroom, he came here. Angad says he didn’t see Karthik in his friend circle before. Veer says they met only today during party and recalls Karthik admiring music and Veer deciding to show his music instruments to him and bringing him home. He says Karthik studies photography in Sahiba’s college. Karthik asks Angad if he is Sahiba’s husband. He says Sahiba was upset during the exhibition, but he was surprised to see her marvelous dance during the party. Veer takes him from there, leaving Angad fuming.



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