Strange Love update Wednesday 1 December 2021


Strange Love 1 December 2021: The Episode starts with Indrajeet and Astha leaving in the car. Apsara sees this and calls Shlok. Shlok is in other car waiting. Apsara informs him that Astha went with Indrajeet and his kids. He says thanks, your work is over, leave from there. Shlok asks Rekha is she ready. She says yes, and asks him to drive. Shantanu tells Astha that he will have icecream first. Astha says fine, and asks Indrajeet to take the kids, she will wait in the car. Mishti asks shall we go home. Astha says no, I will sit here. Indrajeet says fine, I will take them.

Strange Love 30 November 2021

Shlok looks on as Indrajeet, kids and the driver go to the icecream stall. Shlok says this is the right opportunity, and he gets down towards the car. Indrajeet comes back and they leave in the car. Shlok calls Apsara and says Plan B. Astha tells the kids that they will go on long drive. Indrajeet says he can’t say no to her and the kids. Shlok follows them. Apsara calls Indrajeet saying she is from DMC and says she sent some officials to his office. He calls office and comes to know about DMC people coming there. He tells Astha there is emergency in office and leaves taking taxi.Shlok stops the car infront of Astha’s car and kidnap her. The driver and the kids are shocked. Astha asks who are they and sees Shlok in the mirror. She asks you here. Rekha shuts her mouth. Shlok asks Rekha to tie the cloth. Shantanu asks driver to call dad. The driver tries calling and says his phone is switch off and takes kids home.

Jyoti and Sid come to meet Kalindi. Kalindi acts rude to them and goes inside. The man tells Indrajeet that the people came and they left also. He gets puzzled and says strange, something fishy about this.Jyoti asks how can she not meet her, if she regarded her daughter, she lost her Aai also, she will never come back, Kaki please we all lost our loved ones, we should be together in such time, Anaya got a brother, and I got a husband like Sid because of you, bless my son, I will think I got blessings from my mum, whats my baby’s mistake in this, open the door please. Kalindi cries. Jyoti says fine, if you will not come out, I m adamant, my son will not go from here without your blessings. She says she is going, and leaves the baby there. She asks Mala to let the baby cry, if Kalindi does not care, then let it be.

She says when the family was against me, she supported me by lying to her daughter, and today she is not blessing my son. Shlok brings Astha home and he thanks Rekha. He says Indrajeet will come chawl first, when he knows, go from here for few days. Rekha refuses. Shlok says he will show the truth to Astha. Astha sees her pics with Shlok all over the place. Shlok says Astha, this is the truth, you are my Astha. Kalindi stops Jyoti and takes her son. She asks the name. Sid says we did not do Naam Karan.Kalindi says she is blessings the baby as its not his mistake, but she will not love her, as she reminds her of Astha. Shantanu says he will call dad. Indrajeet gets his call. Shantanu cries at home and tells him that they have kidnapped mum. Indrajeet asks what, how. Shantanu tells everything and Indrajeet is shocked. Shantanu says I m at home. Indrajeet says take care of Mishti, I promise I will get your mum and come. He gets angry.

Astha says I don’t believe this pics. Shlok says its not made by photoshop, this is our relation, its true, how can you forget our love. He reminds her the situations. She says just stop it, this is not my memories, I m not in this, I m Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar, I can give up my life, but not believe you, I hate you, I will never let you succeed in your aim. Shlok is stunned. Astha saying she is not Astha, she hates Shlok. Shlok looks on and holds her angrily. He says whatever she says, truth will not change. She asks why is he doing this, he does not remember anything, as there is nothing to recall. Apsara and Rekha pray that Shlok succeeds. They come to know Sachin fell and Apsara leaves. Indrajeet comes to the chawl with some goons. Manya says this is our locality, and you can’t come here. Indrajeet says I don’t have to talk to you, tell me where is Shlok, if you don’t tell me, then I will not leave anyone.

Rekha calls all the chawl people outside and gathers everyone. She says she will show him, and they all come out with sticks. Manya says they have managed Shlok last time and did not fight with them, not this time. Indrajeet asks again where did Shlok hide with his wife, else he will do police complaint. Rekha says you tell other’s wife as yours, is he not ashamed. Manya says go from here, else I will tell police that you came with goons to threaten us.Shlok says how can’t she has anything to recall and tells everything how they have seen in life’s journey. He asks how can she forget everything. Indrajeet thinks what to do, where to find Astha, I don’t understand, if Shlok succeeds in making her remember her past. Shlok says she has to believe that he loves her a lot. She says let me go my home to my kids and husband. He says I m your husband, you are not Barkha, how to make you believe I m saying true and breaks things. He shows the marriage certificate and asks how can she forget this.


He shows their happy family and her parents. She looks at the pics. Shlok tells her more instances. She gets dizzy and faints. Shlok says Astha and holds her. He asks what happened to her, he can’t let anything happen to her. He lifts her and rushes out. Indrajeet comes home and thinks what to say, he knows Shlok will be with Astha, if he involves police, it will be big issue, what to do.Mala asks Kalindi to come for having food and knocks the door. Ajju asks why is she worried. Mala says Kalindi is not opening door and tells everything. Ajju says I will see, and asks her to call Avdhoot. Shlok gets Astha to the hospital. He asks Surbhi to check Astha, she fainted suddenly. Surbhi asks sister to prepare for CT scan and asks the medical history. Shlok says about her accident and memory loss, and whatever happened.Surbhi says I can understand, but please me alone with her, nothing will happen, trust me, wait outside. He asks will she be fine. She says yes, pray to Lord. He goes out of the ward. Surbhi checks Astha.

Avdhoot asks Kalindi to open the door. Ajju asks him to break the door. He breaks the door and they find her unconscious. They are shocked and asks her to get up. Mala brings water. Mala says she will go to doctor and get him. They worry for Kalindi.Shlok calls Apsara and says he brought Astha to hospital and asks her not to come, there is someone who knows him. She says fine, take care. Varad calls him and he does not take the call. Shlok says once Astha gets fine, I will talk to him. Surbhi comes to Shlok and he asks about Astha, what happened to her. She says she took much stress, she is very fragile, we can’t say anything now. The sister asks them to come fast. Shlok worries.

Indrajeet asks some people about his wife, whom someone kidnapped and shows her pic. He says time is running out. Shlok will be reminding him Astha’s past. I have to reach my Barkha before he gets near Astha. The doctor asks Avdhoot what happened suddenly to Kalindi, and she should not take stress. The doctor says take care of her and give this medicine. Avdhoot says he will take care.Surbhi says its not normal case. Astha looks around. Surbhi asks how is she feeling. Astha asks about her husband. Shlok waits outside. Astha says call him soon, I have to go to him. Surbhi says relax and sends sister to call him. The sister calls Shlok as his wife wants to meet him. Shlok comes and asks Astha is she fine. Astha says he is not my husband, he is mad. Surbhi asks Shlok to go out. She hugs Astha and asks her to relax. She asks sister to get the injection.

Astha asks sister does she have phone and calls Indrajeet about thecity hospital and asks him to come fast. He says don’t worry, I m coming. Surbhi comes to Shlok and says Astha’s memory is lost, she does not remember anyone. She says she has head injury and he can’t do anything now. He asks what, can’t the wound get healed. She says she has brain injury and a blood clot, with swelling. She does not remember any past event, and now if he gives her more stress, its risky for her. She says she believes what Indrajeet said, its dangerous for her to take stress, she can die. Shlok is stunned.



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