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Strange Love 2 December 2021: The Episode starts with Surbhi telling Shlok to be away from Astha for her life, as if he stresses her out, he can lose her. He asks is there no other way. She says no, if you want to see her fine and alive, then be away, she will recall everything with time, give her some time. Shlok gets sad and cries. Surbhi asks him to not to cry. He says please do something, she is my life, give me my Astha back. She holds him. He says I don’t want to lose Astha, I lost everyone. She says wait for her full recovery, you are a winner, you can’t lose, I won’t let you lose. He says I can’t imagine my life without her, I m out of coma, but I did not get my life back, don’t know what game is fate playing with me.

She says Astha will be fine, such incidents needs time, sometimes such things rehappen and patient can recall everything, but we need some time, don’t be impatient, Astha is weak and can’t handle more stress, I m your friend, so I m asking you to be away from her. He says make her fine. She says its not in my hands now, if you love her, then stay away from her. He leaves.Avdhoot recalls the doctor’s words that Kalindi is getting in depression. Ajju pacifies him and says there will be some good reason for what is happening with us. He asks her to look at Kalindi’s state. Ajju says I just know when the storm comes in dark night, the next morning is very beautiful. He says I can’t see any morning, I can see a long never ending night. She reminds him how he used to fell while driving cycle, his dad used to say courageous man wins and what he used to say. He says if he smiles and faces things, no sorrow can hurt them. Kalindi coughs and he tells Ajju that Kalindi was acting, she wants her favorite ice gola. He makes them smile.

He says we will go to have her fav ice gola. Ajju says great, I was thinking its long time. Kalindi says she will not come. Avdhoot asks her to forget what happened, he knows our Astha is not with us, but we will get her, if she comes and sees her in this state, she will be sad. Shlok thinks what to do, if he goes away from Astha, how will he live his life, how can she go leaving him.Surbhi looks at him and feels sad for Shlok. Shlok recalls Astha’s words and cries. Indrajeet comes to the hospital and Shlok gets angry seeing him. Indrajeet goes and hugs Astha. Surbhi asks is he your husband. Astha says yes, I told you that man is not my husband. Shlok looks on. Astha says he is Indrajeet Sarkar. Surbhi says its good you came, Astha needs rest, can you wait outside.

Indrajeet says fine, I will stay out, call me if you need anything. Astha says no, please let him be with me, so I can rest. Surbhi says fine, you can sit, but she needs rest, take care of her.Indrajeet thanks Lord that Astha’s memory did not come back. Varad tells Sojal that he is unable to focus on work and is restless, we will go to Mumbai to Shlok. She says fine. Shlok calls him and Varad asks how is he. Shlok says Astha is in hospital, I did not say before, I did not wish to give you tension, and tells him everything. Varad says I m coming to you. Shlok asks him to come, he needs him. Sojal asks what happened, what did Shlok say. Varad tells Sojal about Astha.

He says Indrajeet Sarkar has kept Astha as his wife, Shlok has hidden big pain in his heart. Sojal says what, Astha is with Indrajeet, why. Varad says she lost her memory, Indrajeet changed her identity, Astha feels she is his wife Barkha, maybe he got her after accident, now she is sure that she is Barkha after his stories, I hold myself responsible for this, Shlok and Astha are not together, Aai is not with us, Baba is in this state, we lost so much because of my one mistake, Shlok lost a lot, how will he feel when he sees Astha with Indrajeet.

Sojal asks him not to blame himself, mistake can happen by anyone, think how to make future better, don’t lose strength, else who will manage Shlok. He says yes, you are right, I will not waste time on past, my aim is to unite Shlok and Astha. She says we will do this together. He says yes, they did a lot for us, now its our turn, Shlok will win. She says you did not take new projects because of Shlok, we will be with him in Mumbai till everything gets fine.Apsara says she did not like Astha before, but she helps us by giving food truck to me and you, Astha and Shlok helped in Pappu’s birthday and also to fight against Raghu, I m stunned how can she forget Shlok. Rekha sys don’t know why this happened, but if its written in fate. Apsaraa wishes Shlok and Astha to unite, she can’t see Shlok like this, two lovers should always be together, why is Lord testing them. Rekha says yes, they will win, everything will be fine. Apsara says she will walk barefoot to temple if this happens.

Shlok thinks why did Astha come in his life if she had to go, will she not recall him. Surbhi comes to her and asks him not to fight with himself, she has seen Astha regards Indrajeet her husband, she is attached to him. He says I know, so I m angry, Indrajeet trapped her and told his children that Astha is their mum, but this is not true. She says I trust you, please go from here now. She sees Indrajeet coming and starts acting. She scolds Shlok and asks him to go from here, Astha’s life can be in risk if he puts pressure. Shlok sees Indrajeet. She asks guards to take Shlok out. Indrajeet looks on. Shlok leaves. Indrajeet thinks this happened because of Shlok, I have to talk to him.

Indrajeet stopping Shlok and arguing with him about Astha. He warns him not to be away from Astha, and asks him to marry some good girl. Shlok says Astha is his life, he can die without her, not live. Indrajeet says that’s quite sad, you have to die every moment now, I heard what doctor said, if you make her recall her past by pressuring her, she can die, choice is yours, you want her life or her memory. He says I know you, you love her and would want her life, like she forgot you, you also forget her. He leaves.

Astha takes her medicines. Surbhi asks her how is she feeling and asks her to go home and not miss any medicine dose. Astha asks her to tell her husband. Indrajeet says he will take care of her medication. He asks Barkha not to worry, as doctor has sent that man out. Surbhi goes to make discharge papers. She thinks to win Indrajeet’s trust and get friendly, to help Shlok. Astha asks Indrajeet to sit, she has to talk to him. Astha asks him about Shlok, whats the story behind this.Indrajeet says I knew you will ask me this question, I will answer you, don’t take stress, Shlok used to work in our house and take care of kids, and you got friendly with him, his wife’s name was Astha. He says a fate story. (muted) She says my accident happened because of him, why did you not complain about him. He says I did, my parents met me and said he is mentally unstable, his is already broken, what can we punish him. She says being so good is not good, you have forgiven him and I don’t understand and don’t remember anything, only you know me, as all my past is blank.

He holds her hand and says I m with you, always, we will make new memories, forget this. She says promise me that Shlok will not come in our life again. He says I promise, he won’t come again. He thinks now her life matters to Shlok. Kalindi stays sad. Mala asks what is she doin here, why did she not get ready. Kalindi says I m ready, where are Avdhoot and Ajju. Mala says they went to plan a surprise. Mala says she also has a surprise. Ankush comes and says he spoke to Varad on phone.Kalindi asks what, did you find about her, Shlok also called that he saw Astha, why are they troubling us, my daughter is missing and they are just saying they saw her, come with me, I will go to Varad and ask him where is Astha. Shlok recalls Surbhi’s words and walks on the road. He sees Astha and stops. Music plays………….. he turns.

Sojal and Varad start preparing to leave. Jyoti and Sid come there and hear they are going Mumbai, and talk to them. Sojal says Shlok saw Astha in Mumbai, she is there. Jyoti gets glad and says they will also come along. She says its much time meeting Shlok. Sojal says its not good news. Jyoti asks why. Sojal says its not our Astha. Jyoti asks Varad to say. Varad says she lost her memory, Shlok met her and tried to talk, but she is not able to accept that she is Astha, all this is done by Indrajeet, he has changed Astha and she believes she is Indrajeet’s wife Barkha, maybe this happened when they met with an accident, and Astha met Indrajeet in that state and he made her sure that she is his wife.

He says she is not agreeing to Shlok, he needs us a lot and we are going Mumbai. Kalindi comes with Ankush and says preparing for vacations. Sojal says she is mistaken and Kalindi does not listen to them. She says its good I saw this myself and scolds them. Jyoti says she is mistaken. Kalindi says enough, and asks Varad why did he call Ankush, maybe to say what Shlok said. She asks why are they not bringing Astha and tells Ankush that she believed them before, but this happened with Astha because of them, my biggest mistake is to get Astha married in this house.

Ankush asks her to calm down and come home with them. Jyoti says we got Astha. Sojal says we promise we will get her to you soon. Kalindi says if anything happens to my Astha, I will hold you all responsible. Ankush asks her to come with him and takes her. Sojal cries. Jyoti asks why did she stop her from saying Kalindi, she would have known we are saying truth, it was good chance to end her bitterness, we should have told that Astha is with Indrajeet. Varad says Shlok does not want us to tell Kalindi, else she will be more sad knowing this. Sid asks them to go and they will leave. He says call us if you need anything. Jyoti says take care and leaves.

Surbhi sees Shlok on the road and stops the car. She says he can’t lose like this, she knows the Shlok who was a winner, she will win Indrajeet’s trust and update him about Astha, it will take some time, have faith in Lord. She says to trust Lord who snatched everything, I just want my Astha. She says she will drop him home. He says he will go, he wants to be alone. She says promise me you will take care. She leaves. Shlok thinks he won’t let Astha get away from him, she is his love and will always be his, he will get her by any way.

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