To die for love update Thursday 2 December 2021


To die for love 2 December 2021: Pandit says to Arohi Deep has found his mom and he has shifted her to a safe place. Arohi says what will I do now? Virat asks his spy how is it going with keeping an eye on deep? He says good. He says the drink tastes different. Virat says normal drink just with poison in it. He coughs and says please let me go. Virat says you were fooling me. You had to die. Tara says what if your anjali is also cheating on you? He says I will kill her. Tara gets a text today’s arti is special for you. Tara wonders who it is.

The arti starts. Deep looks for Mausi. Arohi has detained Mausi. She says I can’t let her go out or Deep would know I know about his mom.Aorhi comes downstairs. Deep says she is here. Did she do something?
Pandit says let me tell you a story. Pata Parvati made Ganesh. She asked him to not let anyone go in. Shiv comes. Ganesh stopped him. Shiv got angry and beheadded Shiv. Parvati came and got anry. She said she wants her son alive. Shiv took head of an elephant and gave that face to Ganesh. Shiv did this for the right. Today faces can change too but we don’t know if the intention is. Tara wonders what did he mean. She recalls Anjali saying she is Arohi. Tara says is Anjali arohi?

Arohi gets a call and says I will be there on time. DEep locks her in her room and says she can’t go anywhere now. Stop dreaming of killing me. Arohi says i know you did this deep. You can’t stop me Deep. I have played my game already.Tara comes to the plastic surgeon with gun. She says how do you know deep and anjali? They came here. How do you know them? You change faces. Wich face did you change? Why was Anjali saying she is Arohi? Why she screamed when she saw her face. Tell me the truth. I can kill you right now. He says deep came here with a girl. She looked like you. Deep got her face changed with Anjali’s. Tara is dazed. She says deep did this to save Arohi?

Arohi says my plan will work from every side Deep. Tara will stop you. You can’t harm my parents. Tara shoved Anjali. She said you can’t fraud and come near my deep. She shoved him. Tara says so the one I killed was Anjali and this is Arohi.Doctor is running. Tara stops him and says tell me who is Arohi and who is Anjali? Tell me the difference. Tara says I want to know the truth. She puts drill on his head. Tara says tell me who is in my houe. He asys there are no surgery scars. Doctor recalls Anjali injected a poison in him. She asked him to tell Tara that Deep changed Arohi’s face. And tell him that I am Anjali.


Doctor says the one you killed was Arohi and the one alive is Anjali. Tara laughs. She says you are safe. The doctor tries to run. Tara pulls his hair. She says you are lying. The one in my house is who deep loves. That is Arohi. Doctor says he is Anjali. She says you liar. She drills his head. Tara says no one can save Arohi from me. She says deep you fooled me for that Arohi. I am coming deep.Arohi tries to go out. She hears deep saying arrange nurse for ma and take care of her.Tara tells Virat everything. She says we have to find out if that is Anjali or Arohi. he says if she is arohi I will kill her. We will know tonight who she is.Tara says to Deep I saw Anjali taking Virat to his room seductively.

Looks like they spent the night together and everything is fine between them. Deep sees the room all messed. He says you cant do this Arohi. Tara says Arohi is alive. She says how could he cheat of me like this.Doctor tries to call Deep.Tara says I did everything but that deep never went away from Aroi. That is why saved her. But then who was that.Deep says didn’t you feel ashamed while sleeping with Virat? She says are you crazy accusing me with this disgust. She says how dare you say that. He says woman like you can do anything. Arohi says i will do what I want. This is my life. He says a woman like you doesn’t deserve to be a mother or wife. Arohi says I don’t care what you saw but why you people only accuse a woman. Everyone questions a woman. Why a woman has to go through a test. He says I hate you. Arohi says I don’t need to prove anything. I will say what you want to hear. Yes I slept with virat. He shoves her and leaves.Arohi cries in temple and says this man is saying me that I don’t deserve to be a mother. This man who ruined my whole life. Tara and Virat hear. Arohi says how do i tell him that this baby is his not Virat’s. Tara says I will kill you once again.

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