Strange Love Update Monday 18 October 2021

Strange Love 18 0ctober 2021: The Episode starts with Kalindi saying Astha does not know whats going on here in Pune. She calls Astha to tell everything. Astha says I know, I will meet you, we just reached Pune. Kalindi says fine and ends the call. Ajju asks what did Astha say. Kalindi says they know everything and they came Pune. Ajju says its long time we saw her. Kalindi says I m thinking to tell her about Ankush. Ajju says fine, tell her. The servant brings a new teacher for the kids. Ahilya asks her did she meet Shantanu and Mishti. The teacher says yes, they are sweet kids. The kids come and greet Ahilya touching her feet. She asks them to go and study.

The teacher asks Shantanu to read GK chapter and asks Mishti to read English chapter. They both sign seeing the potato chips. Shantanu offers the teacher to have it and asks her to open it. It’s a trick and she scolds them for scaring her. They say we got it as a gift and gave you. She says alright. He thinks to give her second dose and takes her pic in the phone. He asks Mishti to be ready. He sends the message to the teacher, by spoiling her face in the pic. She shouts. Indrajeet comes there and asks whats the matter. She says nothing, someone has spoiled my face and sent me MMS. She calls on the number and says its switched off.

Indrajeet sees the pic and looks at Shantanu. He says its clicked just now, from here, who did this mischief. The teacher asks what does he mean. He says Shantanu has sent this message, come on, give it to me. Shantanu gives his phone. Ahilya asks Shantanu whats the phone doing with him in tuition time. The teacher says are they kids or devils. They don’t have respect for teacher and no discipline, sorry I can’t teach your kids, arrange any new teacher. She leaves. Indrajeet asks who did this, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are sent school to study and get good marks, you don’t study and not good even in sports, you just do mischief.

Pradeep asks kids to go and study in room. Indrajeet looks at hhim angrily. Ahilya asks him to leave them, they are kids, lets have breakfast. Poorvi and Kavita are coming tomorrow. He says don’t divert me, they will be punished. The kids leave seeing them talk. Indrajeet goes after them. She says don’t scold much, they are kids, he has so much anger in his heart, I have to stop them. Pradeep says I will explain him. His wife asks him to keep tone low and save his respect, see Ahilya got this house and we are in guest room, don’t know what she did that she became queen of this house. She says Ahilya is a cheat. Pradeep asks her to use her mind, he is going to see his tv serial. She says nothing can happen of you. He says come and takes her.

Everyone come to ashram. Anjali meets her parents and hugs her mum. Niranjan is ashamed and bows down seeing them. He touches their feet and Anjali signs her dad. Her dad blesses Niranjan. Her mum too blesses him, and Niranjan apologizes for always insulting them, hurting them, making them cry. I m sorry. Anjali’s dad says its fine, we want you to keep our daughter happy, and we don’t have any complain. The matron hugs Astha. Astha says they will stay here for few days. The matron asks them to stay here as it belongs to them. Shlok asks them to rest and he will come in some time. Niranjan saks where is he going. Shlok says I m going to meet Indrajeet Sarkar. Anjali asks Astha to go along, as Shlok is in anger and can do anything. Astha leaves.

Indrajeet scolds the kids and asks them to decide what will be their punishment, no need to make innocent faces. He says you can’t cheat me now, I kept teacher for your to study and learn manners, but you have made her leave, we should celebrate this, make their fav breakfast and you will not have breakfast and lunch, and have dinner, when you get hungry, you will understand. He says I m being fair with you, if anyone accepts mistake, then maybe punishment can get less. They take the blame on each other. He says enough. Ahilya says they are kids. Indrajeet says they did wrong, and they should get punishment. He says once I go, you don’t give anything to them for eating. Varad realizes his mistake as he was blind in greed and ended his relations.

Sojal comes to him and asks him to have breakfast. He says he is not hungry. Jaya thinks she is not getting any food, its good if she leaves and goes her home. She tells Sojal that she is going to village, and she does not want to become burden on them. Sojal asks how come, if she was staying with them at home before. Jaya says don’t feel bad, I will go. She leaves. Sojal talks to Varad. He says its my mistake. Kavya asks Sojal to make her ready for school. Sojal says not today. Varad says I m sorry, don’t know what happened to me, I ruined our house in my greed.

Kavya says we did mistake and if we get punishment, it will end soon. Varad says yes, I m ready to accept this punishment, don’t know they will let me meet Aai or not. Sojal says maybe they will make Kavya talk to her. She makes Kavya call for Anjali. Anjali talks to Kavya happily and asks how is she. Kavya says I will come to meet you. Sojal says Aai has come ashram, lets go and meet her. Varad says come. The kids think to do something for dad, and spoils things. He throws the water and breaks the glass, saying he is not afraid of dad. They are shocked seeing someone at the door.
the kids seeing Pradeep’s wife and getting scared seeing her angry face. She sees the glass broken and water spread. She smiles and says you guys did not change. She says I heard you both got punished, you will just get dinner, if they know this, you won’t get dinner. She says fine, I won’t tell this to Indrajeet and everyone, they will feel the glass just fell, run from here. The kids leave. She says I have to keep kids in my side, as they will be on my side. The kids talk about the lady being on their side, but she would have got something if she worried for us.

He says he will get food for her, he is strong and will stay hungry. They talk about their mum, she used to scold with love and was very lovely like you. Ahilya hears them and says yes, she used to love you both a lot, see I got your fav Rasgullas for you. Mishti says if dad comes here. Ahilya says no, he is busy in work, I saw him going to his room. Indrajeet looks on as she makes the kids eat. The kids see him and stop eating. The kids run from there. Indrajeet looks at Ahilya and asks what did she do, the kids are spoiling because of her. She says the kids need love a lot. She asks did she not love him, he did not spoil, right, and pulls his cheek. She says everything will be fine with time.

He says I can’t win over you, come I will show you Kavita’s room. Shlok comes to the mansion and sees Ahilya Nivas nameplate there. He gets angry and removes it, throwing it on the ground. He is getting inside the gate. Astha comes and stops him. He says this is my dad’s house, I will take it back. Astha says stop, I know you are right, I agree that we should get it back, but if you go inside, they will not listen to us, maybe Varad has sold this, its their legally, we have to find the truth to take any action.

Indrajeet shows a room to Ahilya and she says I hope you have washed the walls of this room, as I don’t want his bad shadow to fall on her. He says don’t worry. He gets a call and says he spoke in school for kids admission, and takes her blessings. He leaves. Ahilya says Niranjan all this is mine now, and my son won’t let you get it. Astha and Shlok argue outside the gate. She says Indrajeet will call police if we go in, we have to make a plan, we don’t know him. He says I know he is wrong and I have to make him realize. She says listen to me. She sees the car leaving and stops him. They catch a glimpse of Indrajeet. She says maybe its him, he must be clever so he took our property. She argues and says we have to find the truth, its their plan of revenge so they are doing this.

The matron says its looking good with you all here in ashram. Kavya comes and hugs Anjali. Anjali and Niranjan are shocked seeing Varad and Sojal. Everyone leave. Varad and Sojal bow their heads. He says Baba….. Niranjan turns. Varad apologizes to him and Anjali. Varad says I know I did a big sin that I don’t deserve to come infront of you. He says I have kicked out my Baba from home, and I did a very big mistake, I know I don’t deserve forgiveness, you are my father, if possible, forgive me. He cries and folds hands apologizing to Anjali, as he has forgotten her values, he was blind in greed. He says he has realized his mistake, and now wants to walk on her taught path.

She says mistaken can be forgiven, not sin, my son who never did a mistake, did a sin, the one who never misbehaved with anyone, has kicked out his father from home, I did not expect this. She slaps him and says I gave the home responsibilities to you and Sojal, what did you do, sold the house and was blind in greed that you did not care for relations, you are not my son. Sojal says forgive us Aai. Anjali says when you needed us, when Varad was on wrong path, we did not leave supporting you, and when he was again on wrong path, you supported him, it was your duty to keep home safe and you broke it.

Varad says punish me, but forgive me. They all cry. Varad says I wanted to become something in Baba’s eyes, that he will love me too, he will give me my place, after Shlok went, my try was only this, Baba was lost in Shlok’s memories and I felt like I don’t exist in the house, and I did this big mistake. He goes to Niranjan and sits on his knees apologizing to Niranjan. He says I did not know Indrajeet is not doing partnership, but using me. He says he wanted to make me pawn to get his aim fulfilled, please give me one chance to rectify my mistake.

Kavya holds Anjali and Niranjan’s hands, and shows Varad crying. Niranjan leaves her hand and turns. Anjali says I realize its my mistake, I left home being the foundation, when roots come out, its impossible for the tree to be green, I would have stayed there and fought for my rights, and take care of my kids to protect them from someone’s plans, and you did mistake of making Shlok away from you, we all did mistake and so we are here, we should forget the past and get all relations together. Niranjan holds Varad and asks him to get up. He says its not your mistake, I m also the culprit, more than you, as I have made you helpless to do this.

He folds hands and apologizes to Varad. Varad holds his hand and cries. He says now I just want whatever we lost, we should try to get it back, not for ourselves, but for our Kavya. They all smile. Kavya hugs Niranjan. Anjali says we will get everything again. Varad says you all won’t stay here, come with me, I have a small house which I bought by my hard earned money. Its on yours and Aai’s name, its small, but we can be together, please come with me. He requests Niranjan to give him one chance to repent. He says we realized a house is incomplete without elders, I m so sorry Baba. He says we can’t live without your love and blessings, give me one chance, please come with me to our home. Niranjan says no son. Varad is shocked.

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