A magical love story Update Tuesday 19 October 2021


A magical love story 19 October 2021: Tabeezi send Roshni and family to jungle. Roshni gets tensed seeing golden sun night. Tabeezi enters, and family gets more tensed. Tabeezi asks Roshni if she doesn’t accompany her, she will kill her family. Roshni agrees to accompany him. Tabeezi says she doesn’t have any other option. Aman says she had to return Arman in exchange of Roshni’s angel’s heart. Tabeezi says she will return Armaan after getting angel’s heart. Aman says they need Armaan first. Tabeezi gets Armaan. Aman picks him and gives him to family. Tabeezi asks Roshni to hurry up. Roshni says she has to go and asks Aman and Ammi to take care of Armaan. She hugs Aman emotionally. Tabeezi asks Roshni if she is ready now. Roshni says she will not go with her as she will kill her famil as she saw in future. Tabeezi says its not true.

Roshni says her ammi showed her truth and exposed Tabeezi. Tabeezi says she is more powerful than anyone here including Aman, sees Aman missing and asks where is he. She says they will not change and takes away Roshni.Aman holding Armaan in baby carrier walks at cliff end and looks at sun and moon together. He reminisces fairy telling he has to get sun and moon together to save Roshni and will risk his life with this. He thinks he can even lose his life to save Roshni. He calls bazigar and tries to unite sun and moon. He fails and Bazigar falls down. He pleads bazigar to try once again even if he loses his life for Roshni and treis to pull moon over sun, but fails again.

Tabeezi takes Roshni away and says Aman will not change, but she needs her angel’s heart. She sees Roshni’s ring and asks from where did it she get it. Roshni reminisces getting her Ammi’s ring and its powers. Tabeezi snatches her ring and says she doesn’t know how to protect it or use its powers, good they are blood relatives and she can use it. Tabeezi’s protector jinn ties Aman to a tree. Aman asks Armaan if he will not help his father. Armaan breaks chains. Aman runs, and jinn follows him. Aman hides, and Armaan misleads jinn. Roshni pleads Tabeezi to reurn her parent’s last evidence. Tabeezi says her parents were powerful jinns and had many weapons; if his brother had been alive, he would have felt proud to see her fighting for her rights. She sees Roshni missing and shouts.

Roshni runs away from Tabeezi and meets Aman. Aman asks how did she come here. She says she escaped and they need to save their family. Aman says he lost his powers, reminiscing the incident, and says he has to protect his family somehow. Roshni says their jaddoo/Arman is with them. Aman says yes. Roshni says Tabeezi took away her mother’s ring. Aman says they need to hide till golden sun disappears to stop Tabeezi from taking her golden heart. She says he is right, but Tabeezi may harm their family and they need to protect family from Tabeezi somehow. Tabeezi enters and freezes Aman. On the other side, makdi/spider jinn throws net on Shayari. Rehan rushes to help her, but even he gets trapped in net. Shayari starts yelling at him and their nok jhok starts.Tabeezi insists Roshni to return her angel’s heart and tries her best, but fails. She then realizes that Roshni hid angel’s heart in Armaan. She pleads to spare Armaan. Tabeezi takes Armaan and tries to get angel’s heart while Roshni pleads her not to harm Armaan. Tabeezi fails to get angel’s heart from Armaan. Roshni reminisces getting strength when she sings her mothe’s lullaby and informing about it to Aman starts singing lullaby. Light emerges from ring and hits Tabeezi, and they escape. Rehan and Tabeezi’s nok jhok continues. They free themselves and with family rush towards Roshni and Aman.

Roshni says only 3 minutes are left for gold sun’s sunset. Tabeezi reaches them and says she can kill them even in 3 minutes and insists to give her angel’s heart. Family reaches. Tabeezi says she will kill them with her bhabhi’s ring. Phupi reminds that she is not wearing ring. Tabeezi is shocked to see ring missing. Roshni says ring in her hand and says her Ammi taught her how to protect it. She with ring’s power brings moon over sun creating solar ecclipse. Tabeezi shouts in pain seeing the event. Protector Ayanas emerge and apologize Roshni for misunderstanding her and scold Tabeezi that she doesn’t deserve evil heart. They arrest Tabeezi in chains and disappear with her promising that she will never disturb them again. Family jumps in happiness saying everything ended well. Shayari congratulates Rehan. Aman asks them to stop their drama as they all know they love each other. Shayari hugs Rehan and expresses her love for him. Aman thanks Roshni for supporting him in everything and asks where did angel’s heart go. Its shown in her tummy. She says she doesn’t know, but her heart beats for him. Family hug each other, revealing show’s happy ending. Show ended on a happy note with Tabeezi meeting her end and family celebrating.




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