Strange Love Update Sunday 17 October 2021

Strange Love 17 October 2021: The Episode starts with Indrajeet’s manager saying Varad that this office belongs to Mr Sarkar, this office and employees belong to him. Varad says how dare you and argues saying he is the majority share holder. The manager shows the papers and says you are not worth any percent of shares, all of this belongs to Sarkar. Varad says I m cheated. The manager says the power of attorney which you got signed by Niranjan is on Indrajeet’s name. He calls the guards and kicks out Varad. The manager tells Indrajeet and he asks him to give this good news to the media. Sojal, Jaya and Kavya stand outside the house, and say they have thrown us out Varad, they said we don’t have any right on property, all this belongs to Indrajeet.

Varad argues with the manager and lawyer. Varad says its cheating with me, I will get all this back. The man says its Indrajeet’s house, get out, else call the media, let the, see how king looks when he comes on the road. Sojal cries and asks him to come. Kavya asks why are they doing wrong with us. Sojal says I did not tell you, Aai is in vridh ashram, lets go there and apologize, they will forgive us. Varad says I will talk to lawyer, sit in car, I will drop you. The guard asks for the car keys confiscating even vehicles. Varad takes them and leaves.

The man removes Anjali Nivas board and puts Ahilya Nivas. Indrajeet arrives there and looks at the house. The man gives him the keys of Ahilya Nivas. His mum gets out the car and walks to him. He says mum, this is the keys of your home. He says this was Niranjan Agnihotri’s house, now its Ahilya Devi’s house, whatever was Niranjan’s, is all ours now, I have made him reach his real place, on the road, now your revenge is fulfilled, I have ruined Niranjan on your saying. She smiles and blesses him. He says I have realized your dream by your blessings. She says I m very lucky to get a son like you, you worked so hard to make my dream come true, every mum should get a son like you. He says I m lucky to have a mum like you, I hate ego and ignorance, now you have all the rights on this house, we have ruined Niranjan, the city people will not remember now, they will just remember you, Ahilya.

He says come and takes her inside the house. She says I m very glad. He asks the servant to cover the temple by curtain, as he does not need Lord and no believe in it. She says I m shocked to see Niranjan was leaving such a lavish life, he was not ashamed to turn and see his past, but past knocks the future, and this will make his future dark, he would have got his ruining news. Varad and Sojal talk in ashram. He says there is no use to file case on Indrajeet as everything says its his property, I m culprit of Niranjan and Shlok, how should I apologize to Aai.

She says she is mother, and will forgive us, come. The matron scolds them and asks why did they come now. Varad says we came yesterday also, you were not here, I want to meet her once. The matron thinks Astha told me everything and have to avoid them. She says Anjali is not here, you have kicked Baba out of home, what will you do here, and scolds them. Varad folds hands and says I realize my mistake, I kicked out Baba being greedy, but I want to rectify my mistake, I have to apologize to them. He requests them and says I will be thankful to you all my life. Sojal looks at him. The matron says what you did was bad, I can’t help you.

The matron thinks Astha and Anjali will be upset reading newspaper, I can’t depress them. She says if they call me, I will tell them to contact you, nothing else, please leave. Astha talks to Shlok and asks what is he thinking. He says I was thinking how time changes people. She says have faith in Bappa, we all will be together again. Shlok gets an order call and says I will come. He asks her to cook. She says I will coo fast, its late. Anjali comes to help her. Niranjan comes and Shlok asks why did you come here, doctor told you to rest. Niranjan says no, I thought to have food in Anjali Ki Rasoi today. Shlok asks him to sit and gives newspaper to read. He asks Astha to give tea for Niranjan.Niranjan reads the article and is shocked. He says Shlok…. And tells him about Agnihotri group is not belonging to Indrajeet Sarkar, he has bought everything. Shlok reads and asks how can this happen. Astha says I will get water. Niranjan recalls Indrajeet’s nameplate and says I saw it outside your cabin. Shlok says I thinks its his plan to trap Varad, its big institute, its not possible to buy it, it means he has trapped Varad in some plan.

Niranjan says maybe Varad has sold it in greed, I knew this, all my hardwork is ruined, Varad can do anything for his greed, and Agnihotri’s big name is tasting dust, no its not his mistake, its my mistake too, its all because of me, you was living with pride and you are doing this, cleaning plates, you have contributed so much there and where did I get you in return, forgive me, I wish my eyes opened before and I have managed my breaking home firs and gave imp to relations than my ego, I m sorry son. Shlok says please don’t take stress, I don’t have any complains. Niranjan says its all because of me. He blames himself and walks away. Shlok says I know Baba is strong, but he is hurt seeing everything getting ruined.

Ahilya sees Niranjan’s pic and asks the servant to throw all the pics, like they have thrown them out. Indrajeet says your revenge is fulfilled. She says I will get peaceful sleep now, burn Niranjan’s name that his seven generations can’t get his name, what about his other son Shlok, we have to make him also come on road. Indrajeet says its Shlok’s hand to take the business high, but we don’t know about him. He says I will see, and asks servant to get his mobile charger. She says I heard Niranjan disowned him and kicked him out. He says yes, our try will be to tackle him

Ahilya asking Indrajeet to ruin Shlok too. He says Shlok contributed a lot to the institute, I will see him. She says I heard Niranjan disowned him and his state might be worse. She says lets see this house well, then we have to decide who will stay in which rooms, Shantanu and Mishti will be excited to come. He says come.Niranjan is restless and Anjali comes to him with food. She asks him to have food, else he will feel weak. He does not want to have food. She pacifies him and says we will make a new effort, we are together. He says he does not regret to lose business or name, but he regrets that he has taken away Shlok’s right, I m responsible for this, he has worked hard for the business, what right do I have now. Shlok hears this and leaves.

Mala brings tea for Ankush. She thinks he is in good mood, I will tell him I love you and give property papers, he will be very happy. He gets ready. She says she has to say something. He asks her to say and what is she hiding. They hear Avdhoot come home and showing the news, about Agnihotris institutes bought by Indrajeet Sarkar, he has ruined their name. Ankush and Mala hear them. Kalindi tries calling Astha and its switched off.

Astha sees Shlok and finds him upset. Se tinks what to do to cheer him up. She acts normal and says there is much work, where were you. Shlok sees all the work done. She says I forgot which work I did. She thinks why is everything ready, how will I fight and divert his mind. He hugs her and says I can’t see Baba like this, I can’t bear this. He says you are right, see there is much work, I will clean it. She says no, I will do it, are you ok. He says I m fine, don’t worry.

Ahilya sees the rooms, and talks to Indrajeet. She says there is much difference in past and present, its our room now, not Niranjan’s its important to make it right, we have to make it Shuddi. She says I want this room to be washed and cleaned well, I hope this gives peace to her heart. He says it will be done. Niranjan comes and cleans the table as well. The man asks him to take money. He takes a Rs 10 note and gives to Anjali. Anjali and Astha ask Niranjan not to work. He says let me work, this is my mistake and should have come in my share. Shlok comes and asks what is he doing. Niranjan says don’t stop me, we have lost everything. Shlok says I can’t see you breaking and won’t let your hardwork break, I promise I will get Agnihotri institute, this will be proved bad for Indrajeet, I decided we are going Pune. They look on.

Shlok shuts the food truck. Sachin says Astha you are my best friend, I won’t let you go, I will miss you a lot. Astha says even I will miss you, but study well. Sachin asks who will sit on food truck with me. Astha says people here will take care of it. She says Rekha and Apsara will run the food truck. She gives the keys to Apsara. She says I m giving this thinking you will run better than me, like it is lucky for us, I hope its lucky for you too, give the money to Chowksi and buy the home, so that fight ends. Rekha says it will be good, don’t worry, we will not let it shut. Apsara says you are very good and I troubled you, even then you are helping me, forgive me. Astha hugs her.

She says Rekha you have supported me always, like elders, I will never forget you and Chowksi. Chowksi says lucky people get a brother like Shlok and sister like Astha, promise me you won’t forget us. Shlok says yes, I will stay in touch. He hugs him. Niranjan and Anjali thank them for taking care of Shlok and Astha. Chowksi asks Astha to take care. Apsara stops Shlok and says bye. Astha and Shlok smile. Shhlok says bye. Astha and Slok think of their love moments in the chawl. Shlok, Astha and family leave in the car.

Pradeep ji comes to Ahilya’s house and asks the woman to do the aarti. She scolds him. Ahilya sees him and asks the servant to do their aarti. The woman greet Ahilya. Pradeep says we were missing Indrajeet, we were supposed to come tomorrow, but came today. He sys he is very tired, and will stay here now. Ahilya says its good you came and asks the servant to take their bad sight off. They see the big house, and are amazed. Ahilya asks servant to keep their luggage in guest room. He asks are we guest. She says it was guest room before. He says fine and goes. She smiles.

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