Strange Love update Wednesday 24 November 2021

Strange Love 24 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok saying he does not have any expectations from them and now he will find Astha. Shlok goes and Varad rushes to room. Sojal asks Jyoti to go home and she will keep her updated. The doctor says Shlok has to fight this himself after knowing everything. Jyoti asks Sojal to take care of him and Sid takes her home. Sojal cries and thinks she has explain him anyhow. Varad looks for some docs in his room. Sojal comes to him. Varad tells her how many missing ads he gave and he has been visiting police station since 6 months, Shlok feels I did not try to find her by heart so she is not here, you know I regard her as sister, we are here because of her, why will I move back to find him.

Sojal asks him to understand Shlok’s state. Varad says Shlok does not believe what I did, so I have to show him, to show how much Shlok and Astha are important for me. She pacifies him and they cry.Shlok comes to find Astha at Kalindi’s house and says I know you are upset, come out, I came to take you. Kalindi asks why did he come here. He says he wants to talk to Astha. She says she is not here, don’t know where is she and in which state, I did not see her since months and you came to show you worry for her. Shlok asks what is she saying, she feels he is pretending. She says get her and show you love her, go and find her, I have broken relations with your family, why did you come here now. Kalindi asks him to leave. Shlok says we will get her. Ankush asks him to go, if Aai told him, we have many problems, don’t create scene here, I will find my sister, now please leave. Shlok says I m also trying to find her.

Ankush kicks him out and closes the door. Kalindi cries. Shlok comes to the ashram and meets matron. He asks about Astha and asks for help. He asks her does she know. She says I don’t know about her. She asks a lady to get water. He says I don’t want. She says you were in coma, and how is Niranjan. He says I don’t care about Baba, I came to ask about Astha, please tell me if you get to know anything. She says fine. He goes from there and says he will not lose, he will find her from any corner of the world, he will be with her in few days.

Avdhoot asks Kalindi to calm down and gives her water. She says I know you are thinking I did wrong with Shlok, but I don’t think so. Avdhoot says you did right, I have always supported Shlok and his family, thinking they are Astha’s inlaws, I told Astha that problems comes in everyone’s life and we should face it, now I feel I was wrong, they have snatched her from us. Ankush and Mala look on. Avdhoot says the day we get Astha, we will not let Agnihotri’s shadow fall on her.Shlok goes to police station and asks about Astha. The inspector says Varad is trying to find about her since long, and we did not get her till now. Shlok gets angry and scolds him. The inspector shows the records. He says she was not near the accident case. Shlok says enough, if you can’t find her. Don’t say anything, she is alive, and leaves in anger. The inspector says I think he has also gone mad like his father.

Ajju comes to Avdhoot and pacifies him. She asks is he hiding his tears from Kalindi, and asks him to be strong, she is worried for them. He says he misses Astha and he is unable to find her. She says she feels sad seeing Kalindi, Lord is testing us, trust Bappa, everything will be fine. He asks will we get Astha. She says yes and pacifies him. Shlok walks on the road and gets sad.Shlok looks for Astha on the roads and says where are you Astha. Shlok recalls Astha’s words that if he did not get her, he should call out Astha where are you, I love you so much. He says are you mad, people will think I m mad if I shout like this. She asks will he not find her if she gets missing, fine, she will never come even if he calls. He says how can she go missing, he can’t like without her. She asks how will he call her. He says Astha come soon. She says this way, I won’t come. He says then someone else will come. Shlok walks on the does and does the same, asking where is she, opening his arms for her and getting sad on not getting her. FB shows he teases her and then she teases him by hiding. She asks him to find her. Shlook sits sad on the road.

Kavya asks Sojal about Astha. Sojal says she will come soon, smile now. Kavya says she is missing Astha. Sojal hugs her and asks Jaya to make her have food. Jaya asks why is she lying to her, tell her Astha will never come. Kavya says Nani is bad, Astha will come. Sojal sends Kavya to maid. Varad comes and asks did Shlok come. She says not yet. Shlok comes home being on phone. Varad shows the ads and reports he filed. Shlok says Astha’s phone is ringing. He is stunned and goes to his room.He gets her phone in his room. He gets sad again. He sees her pic and says where are you, I found you everywhere, please come back. Shlok crying in his room. Varad and Sojal go to him. Varad hugs Shlok. Shlok says how will I live my life without Astha. Kavya comes and says I know you are hungry so you are crying. She says she got noodles for him. He says he is not hungry. She says she won’t eat if he refuses and asks him to eat.

Varad and Sojal smile seeing them. Ajju asks Ankush to come for dinner. Avdhoot asks about Kalindi, and says he is worried for her, she left having food, and today after Shlok came, she is more upset, I don’t know how to handle her. Mala says Kalindi refused to come for dinner. Avdhoot says I will call her. Ankush says no Baba, I will take food for him.Ankush asks Kalindi to have food and says he will get Astha soon, till then you promise you won’t cry, I will fight with her for your tears, she is my sister. He makes her have food. Kalindi smiles. Ajju and Avdhoot looks on. Jyoti cries and Sid asks her to calm down. She says I can’t see Shlok like this. Astha is not to be found. She says why does this happen with Shlok, he loved Aai so much and could not spend time with her. She says don’t know whats written in his fate and cries.

Its morning, Shlok wakes up and sees Astha drying her hair. He asks her for his towel and shirt. She smiles and says your all time fav shirt, take it and teases him to come and take it from her. She jumps on the bed and he asks her to give the shirt. She laughs. He wakes up and says Astha…. He sees she is nowhere and gets sad. He sees his shirt in the cupboard. Kavya comes to him and asks him to come fast, Varad is waiting, she got ready too. He says give me 10mins, I will come.Varad and Sojal have a talk. Sojal says Shlok did not ask about Baba till now. Shlok comes and Jaya asks him to forget everything, as they got everything back. Shlok asks Varad why did he not punish Indrajeet. Varad says for Kavita’s sake, it was not her mistake. Shlok says its all because of dad’s mistake, how can he cheat Aai. Varad gets a call and asks how can he get unwell. Varad tells Shlok that Niranjan got mental imbalance and they admitted him in mental hospital. Those people called and he has to go and meet, come along. Shlok says fine.

Ankush tells Avdhoot that he gave ad in paper. Avdhoot says call me in office if you get to know anything. Mala comes home from temple, hurt. Ankush makes her sit. Mala says I went to temple to pray, and they see her feet wounded. Mala says I will go temple barefoot till Astha comes back, I will pray for her, I will see how long will Bappa not hear my prayers, nothing is impossible to do for Bappa.Jaya asks Sojal to have breakfast, and not cry much. Sojal says I miss Aai and Astha all the time, see Shlok’s state, he is restless without Astha and Baba lost mental balance, how can I sit and eat. Jaya says they are getting punished for their doings, you can rule in this house, there is no one to control you. She says Shlok was better in hospital in coma, you guys got him home. Sojal says enough, I will not come in your selfish talks, you are a Aai and should understand a child’s pain, see Shlok, you should understand the pain of being alone, as dad died years ago.

Jaya says she is not sad, life does not stop if someone dies, life teaches to fight and survive. Sojal says enough, I won’t hear anything against my family, if you talk like this, I won’t take time to make your return ticket. Jaya says should I cry daily on her dad’s death, Anjali died and her soul came in Sojal. Jyoti prays to Bappa and says how much she bear in her life, and prays for Shlok and Astha’s unity. She starts getting pain. Renuka asks why is she shouting. Jyoti says she is getting pain. Renuka calls Sid and says its delivery pain, we should take her to hospital. Sid takes her.

Sojal cries seeing Anjali’s pic. Varad and Shlok come home. She asks about Baba. He says his treatment is going on, he will be there for some more days. She asks Varad to keep Shlok busy in office work. Varad asks Shlok to come office, as Niranjan’s cabin is vacant and its his right. They sit to have breakfast. Sojal serves them. Shlok thinks about Astha. FB shows Astha asking Shlok to have food and making him eat by her hands. She says he got lean, he was her rough and tough hero and now he became chocolate boy. He holds her and asks does she have any problem. She says no, and asks him to eat more. He says enough Astha. He takes Astha’s name saying I m not hungry. Varad and Sojal see him and get sad.

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