Strange Love update Tuesday 23 November 2021

Strange Love 23 November 2021: The Episode starts with Varad and Sojal bringing Shlok home. They bring him to room and gives medicines. Varad asks him to rest. Shlok asks about Aai and Astha and says call them. Varad says take rest, they are at home, meet them later. Shlok sleeps. Varad says I hope medicines will make him sleep well. Sojal asks maid to tell them when Shlok wakes up. Sojal saks Varad what will we tell them when he gets up. Varad says we should be glad that he is out of coma after six months, now we have some hope. She says I m also happy, but when he questions, what will we tell him, he can again get unwell.

He says we can try to handle, we have to hide our pain and be strong to manage him, he will need us when he knows what happened in six months. She says we can’t say what happened with Astha and where is Baba, but I wish this would have not happened, we got happiness and then… The maid says Shlok woke up. He smiles and says come. Varad goes to Shlok. Shlok says he is feeling much better now. He asks about Anjali and Astha again.Sojal says Aai went to temple to pray for your good health and they will come after doing some work. Shlok asks him did he kick out Indrajeet Sarkar. Varad says after we got home back, I did not see him again. He asks how did Baba cheat Aai like this. Varad says leave the past, it does not matter why he did it, I m concerned about your health, take rest. Shlok says Aai and Astha did not come back, I will come downstairs. Varad says enough, take rest. Sojal says they went to temple. Shlok says call me when they come, I want to hug Aai. Varad says its matter of some days, doctor said you need bed rest. Sojal comes out and cries hugging Varad.

She says till when will we lie him, I m afraid if our patience breaks by his questions. He says he will also accept this like we did, time will make everything fine. She says did you notice, Shlok did not ask about Baba once. Sid asks Jyoti to take care and helps her in sitting. He asks her to rest, its 8th month. She says what should I do, I recall the old things, I do work to keep my mind busy. He says I understand, take rest for baby’s sake and forget the past. She cries. He gets Varad’s call. Varad talks to them and takes their welfare.Jyoti talks to him and he tells her that Shlok is out of coma and we got him home. She says its good, thanks Bappa, I will come today to meet him. He says fine, but he should not know anything, doctor said he should not take stress, he can get shocked. She says you did not tell him about Aai and Astha.

He says I did not say, you come. Shlok takes Anjali and Astha’s name in sleep and says everything is fine now. Varad looks on and says how will I explain hi m what happened. He closes the door and goes.

Sojal asks maid to make light food, and says I will make, I know his likes, you cut veg. Jaya asks why is she working, now she is owner of the house. Sojal asks her not to say what she has to do. She says she has to tell Kalindi and inform about Shlok getting conscious. Jaya asks her not to call. Sojal scolds her asking her not to interfere in her house matters. Sojal calls Kalindi and Kalindi asks why is she calling them and troubling, she said they are not related to her now.

Sojal says we have relation with Astha and you all, I called to call Shlok got conscious. Kalindi says so what, don’t know where is our Astha, she did so much for your house, and you all did not keep her happy. Sojal says we are also hurt. Kalindi says don’t call us again, our relation ended. Kalindi cries. Jaya asks Sojal why did she call Kalindi. Sojal leaves. Jaya says how did Astha’s soul get in her, my old daughter was good, like me.Shlok wakes up and thinks Astha came. Jyoti says its me, and meets him. She hugs him and cries. He says I m fine, don’t cry. She says you took much time to get well, I m happy seeing you. She says you are becoming Mama again. Sid says you made us wait long. Shlok says yes, many months passed. She says she is glad that he will be there at her delivery time. He says sure, and asks about Aai and Astha. She looks at Sid. Kalindi sees Astha’s pic and cries. She says I wish I heard my heart and stopped Shlok and Astha’s marriage, I knew he was wrong for Astha, she did not listen to me, why.

Ajju asks her to calm down. Mala gives her water and Kalindi throws it. Ajju asks why is she angry on Mala. Kalindi says my daughter is missing since 6 months, don’t know how is she, in what state, alive or…. Ajju asks what is she saying. Kalindi asks is Astha fine, why did we make her marry there. Ajju asks her to trust Bappa, Astha will be fine wherever she is, she will come back to us soon. Kalindi wishes Astha comes home, and then she will keep her safe with her. Ajju says yes, we will do this, let her come back.Jyoti tells Shlok that Aai and Astha did not take phone, they went to do havan, puja takes time, I will get some food for you. She goes. Sid asks Shlok to rest, he will send Astha when she comes. He goes. Shlok sits thinking and says where are Astha and Aai, I want to meet them. Astha comes with aarti plate and smiles seeing him. He looks at her being relieved and happy. Astha talking to Shlok and saying she knows she came late. He says yes, I was waiting. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says sorry, I love you. He says you know I get restless when I don’t see your face. She asks him to hug her well as they met after a long time. They hug. Khuda………..plays…………. He says he is very happy that all problems ended, and its just happiness now. She says yes, take rest, I will just come. He says but Astha…. And sees she disappeared and realizes it was just imagination.

Kalindi tells Avdhoot that Shlok got conscious and they all are happy, what about our Astha, don’t know how she is. Avdhoot says you are the root of this house, be strong, don’t cry, else everything will break. She says I m broken, I can’t act to be strong. She says what did Astha do, why did they do this. Ankush says our family will be complete, forget them, and pacifies her. Kalindi speaks against Agnihotris. Ankush says forget them, I promise will find Astha.Varad asks Jyoti not to worry as everything will be fine. Jyoti says I can’t see him like this, till when will we hide. He asks doctor the same. The doctor asks him to have patience, and show truth slowly, so that his mind and body can accept it. Varad says we can’t keep it in room always, he can go out and anyone can tell him. The doctor says we have to keep Anjali and Astha alive in his memories and also his life. Shlok comes down and hears it. He asks keeping alive, what does this mean. Varad asks him to come. Shlok asks where are they, are they fine, so they did not come to meet me.

He is shocked seeing Anjali’s pic with flowers over it. He says why is the garlands put on this pic. Varad says come to room, we will talk. Shlok asks is he mad and tears the garlands away. Shlok cries and asks where are Anjali and Astha. Varad and everyone cry. Varad folds hands. Shlok asks him to say. He asks Varad to tell him where are Aai and Astha.Shlok says I m asking for the last time, don’t lie to me, I can’t bear it. Varad says I will say. He says you three met with an accident. FB shows Shlok taken to hospital. Varad and Sojal come there. Varad says nothing will happen to you Shlok and doctor says he looks critical and takes him to operation theatre. Varad asks inspector about Aai and Astha. The inspector turns and they see the white covered body on the stretcher. They panic and walk to see who is it.

Sojal cries seeing and Varad says nothing can happen to Aai. They break down and cry. Shlok says you are lying right. Varad says I wish. Shlok says nothing can happen to Aai and shouts. Varad says I wish this was lie. Shlok says its all my mistake and cries seeing Anjali’s pic. He says I was with you, and still could not save you, I hate myself. He slaps himself and shouts Aai. They stop him. Shlok asks about Astha. They all get tensed to tell him. Shlok keeps on asking. Varad says after the accident, she is missing. Shlok asks what. Varad says we did not get her. Shlok asks what does this mean, I want to meet her, where is she, I want to talk to her. He says he was in coma, not him, why did he not get Astha.Jyoti asks how can he think that Varad did not try to get her. Shlok says if he found by heart, they would have got her, they are living well at home, and saying they did not get Astha, its 6 months, 180 days and shouts on Varad. The doctor asks him to relax and not take stress. Shlok says where is Astha, is she alive or dead and in what state, I have to find her. Varad says we are still finding her, you won’t get her. Shlok shouts how can you know I won’t get her. Varad says come with me. Shlok says enough, you did not get her, now I will find her. He says you tried and now I will try.

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