Strange Love update Thursday 25 November 2021

Strange Love 25 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok taking Astha’s name. He realizes she is not there. Varad and Sojal look at him. Shlok leaves. Sojal asks Varad to let him go and be with Astha’s memories. Sid and Renuka take Jyoti to the hospital and doctor says they have to do delivery now, her state is critical, she is too weak. Renuka asks about baby and Sid asks her to save Jyoti. Renuka says yes, bahu should be fine. The doctor says we will try that both are fine. Sid prays for Jyoti. They hear the baby cry and nurse congratulates them for a son. Renuka thanks Bappa that she got the heir. Sid asks about Jyoti. The nurse says she is stable, and we are shifting her. She gives money to nurse being happy and they smile. Shlok comes to his room and shuts the door. Shlok recalls how rude he was with Anjali always and how he saw Niranjan’s dark truth.

He cries seeing Astha and Anjali’s pic. He thinks what will he do without them. Ankush talks to his uncle and tries to take his help. Mala comes to him.She says they will find Astha. He says he is feeling helpless, its 6 months and they could not find her, Kalindi is sad, he is sure Astha is fine, life changes in some time. She says don’t worry.Kavya tells Sojal that she is selected for dance, and they have to go Mumbai. Sojal says she will talk to Varad. Varad comes and says he can’t leave Shlok alone. Sojal says he will take Shlok along, he will get a change. Sid calls him and says congrats, Jyoti gave birth to a son. Varad gets glad and asks is Jyoti and baby fine, was it normal delivery. Sid says she is fine. Varad says we will come to see them. Sojal says thank Lord. Kavya says I will tell Shlok and goes.Renuka gets glad seeing the baby. She says today she became Dadi. Sid asks what is she saying, Anaya made her Dadi and she is lucky for us. Shlok sees Astha’s pic and thinks she went so far, how to find her, there is no aim in his life without her. Kavya comes and asks him not to cry.

Sojal and Varad come and ask him to come along to Mumbai, as they are going Mumbai for Kavya’s dance classes. Shlok refuses and asks them to go.Ankush tells Kalindi that he is trying his best to find Astha. She asks where did she go, why are we not able to find her. Avdhoot pacifies her. Varad and Sojal come to see Jyoti. He asks her to smile, and says Shlok was very happy with your news. He says he slept while making Kavya sleep, he is very weak. He tells that they are going Mumbai tomorrow. She asks about Shlok.Kavya asks Sojal and Varad to come soon, and Sojal asks Varad to ask Shlok again. Shlok joins them saying he has some pending work there and wants to fulfill Astha’s wish. He goes to temple and asks how can Lord separate him and Astha and prays that he meets her. A car comes and a lady gets down. Shlok walks barefoot in the temple.

Its Astha in Bengali attire. Astha picks a flower and her face is shown, smiling. She stands behind Shlok. The pandit asks them to come for aarti. Astha comes and stands behind Shlok. She gives her aarti plate to the pandit. They close eyes and pray standing next to each other. She takes back the plate and leaves.Shlok feels Astha is close to him, and turns. Astha also turns and smiles. He does not see her. The pandit gives Prasad and blesses her. Shlok thinks he came here to fulfill Astha’s wish, and prays to meet her.Shlok hears Astha’s voice as she is nearby and talks to a kid. He says I can’t be wrong in identifying her voice and looks for her. He looks for her everywhere. Astha leaves. He calls out Astha. Kavya practices dance. Varad asks Sojal did Shlok not come back. She says he went to temple, she could not leave Kavya alone and he said he wants to go alone. He says fine and calls Shlok. He says why is Shlok not taking my call. He says Shlok has always wanted Aai’s love and lost her, and even lost Astha and Baba, how can Lord give so much pain to him, Astha would have managed her, I worry that Shlok can break down and do something wrong.

Sojal says he came here, its ray of hope, see we will get Astha, Shlok will find her if he said so, we should trust him.He says you also know we tried finding Astha everywhere, we did not get her at accident place, why did she not call us if she is fine. Shlok looks for Astha. Astha calls someone and says she is coming home, why does he get worried so much, she is reaching now, he told her that her day starts with temple since years, so she has come here. She leaves in the car. Shlok sees Astha and gets stunned. He runs after the car and the car leaves far.Renuka shows the cradle to Sid and Jyoti. Sid asks her to rest. Renuka says yes, how will you manage both, I will manage one. Jyoti asks her to manage Anaya. Renuka asks for the baby and says he is her blood. Sid says its small baby, you can’t manage, let Jyoti manage baby, you see Anaya. Jyoti says you can keep him when he gets somewhat older. Renuka says you snatched one and want to take this baby also, and takes baby saying he is Sid’s son, she will manage him, as its premature baby. She leaves. Jyoti gets sad. Sid says I know baby needs you the most, and he will bring baby to her. He makes her smile.

Varad waits for Sojal. He says I will go and see where is he. Shlok comes home and says I saw Astha. They smile. Varad asks where is she. Astha says temple, I heard her and saw her too, don’t know where did she go then. Shlok says I m glad that she is alive. Varad says why did she not come to us, I will be glad if we get her, think if she is here, why did she not contact us. Shlok says I don’t know, I want my Astha. Varad says even I wish the same, lets go and find her. Shlok says not now, we will go tomorrow to temple, she will come there. Varad says I will come. Shlok says no, you have work, I will go, I know I will get her tomorrow.

Renuka asks baby to keep quiet. Jyoti says he is crying, he is hungry, give me. Renuka says I can manage and tells Sid that they will do the baby’s naming ceremony. Sid asks whats the hurry, we will do after things get fine in Jyoti’s Maayka. Renuka says she will have problems, it does not mean we stop living. Jyoti signs Sid to let it be. Kalindi wakes up by a bad dream that Astha is stuck somewhere and shouting for her help. She tells Avdhoot that Astha is shouting for help and calling her. He says you got bad dream. She says she is calling us. He says we will get her soon, she is fine, nothing will happen to her. She worries. Shlok and Varad waiting for Astha at the temple. Shlok prays to Lord that he meets Astha today. Astha arrives there and gets a call. She says what, fine, I will come back right away. She asks driver to keep car ready and she will just come. Varad gets a call and goes. Shlok waits at the entrance. Shlok helps an old lady and takes her inside the temple. Astha comes near stairs and apologizes for Lord for not coming inside to visit. She leaves and Varad comes there. He prays that Shlok meets his Astha today.

Shlok comes back to the stairs and asks Varad did he find anything. Astha leaves in the car. Varad and Shlok wait there. Varad says its evening now, she did not come, lets go back. Shlok says I have seen her here and I will not go before meeting her, I will wait, you go to hotel, Sojal and Kavya are waiting. Varad says I will stay here. He gets call that Kavya got hurt. Shlok asks Varad to go and do his duty, he will do his duty here. Varad says call me if there is any problem and leaves. Shlok sits there and tells Lord that he is stubborn and will wait here till Lord make him meet Astha.The temple closes and Shlok sits outside crying at night. Astha holds his tear and says she can’t see him crying. He asks is she really here or any dream. She says she is really here, as she promised to be with him always, and asks him to open eyes. He says no, I m scared, you will go. She says promise, I m with you, open your eyes now. He opens eyes and sees her gone. He asks her to come back to him.

Its morning, Sojal asks Kavya to have haldi milk and take her of her health. Kavya says she has to take part in dance competition, she is sad. Varad says Kavya is strong, she will be fine till tomorrow, and take part in competition. Sojal says Shlok did not come home. Varad says I don’t know, Shlok was sure Astha will come, but its not possible. If Astha is here, why will she not call us, I think he regards someone else as Astha. Astha’s home is shown. The servant says kids’ tuition teacher wants to talk. She talks to the lady. The lady says kids are sweet and good in studies. Astha says yes, they are my world. The teacher says I know and says her daughter has dance interest. Astha says she told me about dance competition and I would wish she wins. The lady says great, you are promoting her talents. She leaves.

Jyoti takes care of Anaya and baby cries. Renuka scolds her saying she is being biased towards her children. Jyoti defends herself and says why will she differentiate, both are my children. Renuka says I know why you went, as Anaya’s father….. Jyoti says they are my children, I can never differentiate between them. The servant tells Astha that he made food ready for sir and shows her. She says he does not like lady’s finger dish, she will make his lunch. She gets her call when she was messaging him.

She says she was calling him to say his tiffin will get late and asks him to take work stress less and come home soon, she is waiting. Its night, Varad is worried for Shlok. He says he did not come till now, he is in temple since yesterday and not talking on phone. Sojal says his phone is switched off. He says whats this madness. She says don’t be angry, we know he is stubborn, he will not come till he gets Astha. Varad says I m not angry, I m worried, I will go and see him once. He asks her to take care of Kavya and leaves. Sojal prays for Shlok and Astha’s union. ‘Sid comes and says Anaya slept, I got chocolate for her, I will give in morning. Jyoti looks on. He says he had office work and came late, why is she sad. She says baby is with mum, I m tired explain mum, she always sees my mistakes, she feels I m biased between my kids, when they grow up, what will I do, they will get affected. Sid says he trusts her and her upbringing, he is with her. Its morning, Shlok walks on road aimlessly. Varad pulls him and saves him from getting hit from bike. Varad asks him to come back to hotel. Shlok says Astha did not come today. Varad gets Sojal’s call and says I got Shlok, keep Kavya ready, we are coming.

Sojal makes Kavya ready and feels unwell. She says she is feeling a bit weak. Varad says she has high fever. Kavya asks what about my dance competition. Varad asks Shlok to take Kavya and he will take Sojal to doctor. Kavya insists and says Astha would have taken her, if she was here. Shlok says fine, I will take you. They leave. Astha is also present there and cheers her daughter, whose face is hidden by the mask. A lady asks is she her daughter. Astha says yes, I m here to cheer her as kids gets nervous. Shlok sits in back chairs. The girl tells Astha that she will sit with her friends. Kavya comes and Astha looks on, hearing her name.

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