Strange Love Update 22 September Wednesday 2021

Strange Love 22 September 2021: The episode starts with Chowksi’s son birthday celebrations. Rekha Bhabhi asks Astha will everything be fine. Astha asks her not take tension. Rekha and Astha cook many snacks. She says Shlok has entertained all kids well. Astha says I made such food that everyone will lick fingers. Chowksi comes and asks what is this, only the wada. Astha says there are other things, I did not taste it. He gets worried. Astha asks them to go and call the guests. He asks her is she sure and prays to Lord. Astha makes jalebis quickly. He thanks Shlok and says Astha did not taste food. Shlok says Astha cooks well at home, don’t worry I m sure she will make it nice. They ask the kids to come and have food. Astha and Rekha serve the kids. The kids start eating. Sachin watches them. Astha tells Shlok she did not cook for numerous people before.

The guests like the food and praises it. Chowksi thanks Astha by blessing her. Shlok also praises her and is happy seeing everyone liking food. Chowksi says my sister made the food and she made the party successful. Apsara tells Shanta about no news till now from Sachin. He comes and tells how Astha managed to cook food and she got praised by all. He says Apsara’s planning has failed. Apsara says Sachin is not saying right. Shanta says Astha always failed you, we will go and see. The guests leave happily. Sachin hides and watches them. Astha finds him and calls him to give food. Sachin likes the food and unknowingly tells them that Apsara planned to send halwai to ruin the party by giving stomach upset medicines. They all get shocked. Apsara and Shanta hear this. Sachin realizes what he said as they all surround him. Chowksi scolds Apsara and Rekha also gets angry. Apsara is ashamed. She argues with Rekha and tells why she has spoiled their party, for not getting invitation.

Chowski tells Astha and Shlok that he will send food for them at their house and he can do this as a return favor. They thank him. He asks his wife to send them tiffin. Ankush argues with Mala to show Kalindi and worries her by showing financial problems between husband and wife. Mala says she will leave the house and go. Varad sees Niranjan looking at Shlok’s pic. He gets a call and scolds the person for getting Shlok back.Niranjan hears him and says he always misunderstood him as he was not interested in family business. He says when I need someone now, you are with me as my shadow. He says you left your work to support me and I know you worked hard to find Shlok. He gives all credit to Varad and thanks him. Niranjan hugs him. Shlok and Astha spend romantic moments and laugh. They like each other’s efforts. Shlok goes to kiss her and Rekha knocks the door. Rekha and Chowksi bring tiffin and thank them. Rekha says such food is not found in hotel and gives idea to Astha that she can open a hotel. Shlok says we don’t have experience, and doing business is difficult. Astha tells Shlok the idea is not bad. Chowksi asks them to use the food truck and start small hotel. Astha says nothing is impossible.

Chowksi asking Shlok and Astha to take rest and leaving. Astha tells Shlok that it is a good idea and we should think. Shlok says we don’t have knowledge to open it. Sojal thinks why did Baba call Varad at this time. Varad comes and tells her that Baba hugged me and thanked me for the first time. He says I realized he considers me too. He says you are taking Aai’s place and doing her duties and I m sure we both will maturely do our duties. He says you did not tell me anything when I gave costly gift to Jyoti without asking why did I give her, you are a very good wife. He says I want you to do all duties well and take care of family.

She says she will do as he says. He thanks her and gifts her a necklace. She likes it and thanks him. He asks shall I help you in wearing it and she is stunned seeing him change so much.Varad puts the necklace around her neck. He says he ordered a set similar to Jyoti. She thanks and hugs him. She thinks she wants a good husband as he is now, so much caring and loving. Kavya gets ready in morning and tells Sojal about talking to old aunty who gave her icecream. She wants to thank him. Sojal calls matron and tells Kavya likes all of them and wants to talk. Matron says sure and talks to Kavya. Sojal goes. Kavya talks to Anjali and asks when will she come. Anjali says very soon, I will come like fairy and don’t tell anyone. She talks to her giving some instructions. Kavya asks her to come soon.

Sojal tells Jaya that Kavya is taking to ashram Aaji. Jaya asks is Astha and Anjali there. Sojal says this can’t be possible. Jaya asks her to be sure of things. Sojal asks Kavya did she end talking and whom did she talk. Kavya says Aaji. Jaya tells Sojal to notice this and Sojal disagrees. She asks Kavya why is she so happy and is Astha and Anjali there is ashram.Kavya lies to her and Sojal believes her. She asks Jaya not to doubt again and not be a spy in her family. Kavya laughs. Renuka gets Radhika’s call and asks their decision. She gets sad knowing it and asks the reason for it. She says my daughter is of good values and she is one in millions. Sid asks what happened. Renuka tells him that Radhika said they like Riya but can’t do relation as we are modern to make Jyoti our bahu. She says they don’t want Riya to become their bahu because of Jyoti. Sid says we should not send Riya to them, cheap people to think anything. He says we will get good proposal for Riya.

Varad talks to his friend and looks happy as he can fulfill his dream by this project. Astha cooks food and Shlok talks to her. She argues about the way he rejected the idea. She says you can’t get job without certificates. She says we have to earn money by some other way and do you have any other idea. Shlok says we don’t have knowledge about it. Apsara hears them fighting. Shlok asks you want me to sell food on roads. Shlok gets annoyed and Apsara comes to hold him. She speaks against Astha and he asks her not to come in this matter. Apsara says she came to share his pain and tries to flirt.Shlok asks her to go from here. She asks him to have lassi by her hand. Astha says Shlok went in anger. She says I did not say wrong but maybe my way to tell him was wrong. Sid finds a proposal for Riya and calls the man Ankur. Varad meets Sid and appreciates his work. He doubles his salary. Sid says you trust me and I worked hard not to let you down and I can’t take money for help. Varad really thanks him and making him help Baba. Apsara still flirts with Shlok and sees Astha. Apsara feels Shlok is first man to refuse her. Shlok leaves in anger while Astha runs to stop him. She gets hurt and gets wounded.

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