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This is fate 24 September 2021: Shrishti doesnot understand what Janki is saying, she pleads for water and then requests her to calm down and sit up, she makes her drink the water, Janki is perplexed after injury. Janki mentions that she did not like Prithvi because he and Sherlin planned, Pawan asks her how she knows Sherlin.

Shrishti also questions her but Pawan says that she should never talk against his brother, Janki says that she knows he is the same as his brother who is a bad person but they will never be able to ruin their lives.

Preeta stops Prithvi, he exclaims that she has amazed him, Preeta answers that she ahs to be strong and he must not try to hit any other girl, she mentions that he has lost the respect which she had for him but now she knows what kind of a person he really is, she turns exclaiming that Karan was right when he told her that Prithvi is doesnot have the right character, she would have to witness this day if she had listened to him, she tries to leave however he forcefully makes her sit on the bed,

exclaiming that she should not talk of Karan in front of him as she will marry him and then they both will be husband and wife. Prithvi forces her to accept that they both will be married but she explains that she has been married twice to Karan, she starts hitting him with a rod.

Pawan hearing the voice of his brother run to help him, seeing the opportunity the Pandit also runs away, the goons go after him to catch him, Janki and Shrishti also go to help Preeta because she is a women who needs their help, Gabbar comes with his men then they all go outside to search for everyone.

Prithvi takes the rod from Preeta exclaiming that she should stop hitting him, Pawan comes so tries to help Prithvi when Preeta locks them both in the room. She bumps into Shrishti and Janki, she asks Janki if she is alright who explains that she has remembered each and

everything and now remembers what is the relation between Prithvi and Sherlin, she explains how they hit her in the head when she found them hugging, she also remembers all the times when they both tried to kill her, she mentions that the only reason she was kept alive was because god wanted her to remember everything. Preeta says that she will make them pay for what they have done, then they plan to escape, Shrishti mentions that they have to use the back door to get out.

Maira is walking when Sherlin stops her asking that if she wants Karan then should say it to her, Maira mentions that she cannot help her, Sherlin mentions that her mother would be the one to make sure that she gets married to Karan, Maira doesnot believe that her mother would accept to help her, Sherlin mentions that she would force her mother to talk with Karina only then will she get married to karan. Sherlin exclaims that they were not able to create difference between Karan and Preeta even when they tried so the only thing which they could do now is to stop them both as if they get together then nothing could happen which they desire.

Prithvi exclaims that Pawan cannot even break a door, Pawan asks him to come if he thinks that he can, Prithvi tries to get up however is not able to and is hurt, Pawan sits with him mentioning that he is making fun of him because Preeta hit him with a rod, she was able to run away after locking thjem both in the room, Prithvi tries to cover explaining that he let her hit him as if it had been some other women she would be dead, Pawan doesnot believe his words and is shocked when Prithvi is still adamant to marry Preeta even after she has no interest in marrying him.

Prithvi inquires If Pawan has the number of Gabbar then he should call him to open the door, Pawan explains that the phone is in the hall, Prithvi mentions that they both should try to open the door. Pawan starts calling Gabbar and they all are sitting outside, Gabbar goes inside mentioning that the Pandit should not leave as he would come back really soon.

Gabbar goes to open the door but is not able to as it is stuck, they then push from outside, Prithvi orders them to catch the women. Preeta, Shrishti and Janki are not able to run very far, they get confused about the way where they have to go, Shrishti explain that they can ride a bicycle however they then see the car so go to sit in it. Janki sits in the driving seat but doesnot know how to drive so Preeta orders Shrishti to come and drive the car, Prithvi sees them but Janki starts hitting them with stones.

Sanjana is shocked when she comes to know that Maira has come to seek her help, Sanjana mentions that when she came to Maira and gave her a small advise, she cannot forget how rudely she talked with her, now she wants her help, Maira mentions that she was really tensed and that is why she was rude but now she should help her, Ramona stops her saying that she should not steep so low as when Karina did not listen to her then how will she accept Sanjana’s request,

Sherlin mentions that her mother is the best friend of Karina and she is sure that Karina would never turn down her request, Sanjana mentions that when Sherlin came to her saying that she wants to marry Rishab, she only had to call Karina and now they are happily married, Sherlin thinks that they only reason she married Rishab was because of the revenge which she and Prithvi had planned.

Preeta gets off the car to get Janki inside. Janki was still throwing bricks towards Prithvi and Pawan’s men. Shrishti notices there was new petrol in the car. Preeta and Janki tell her to find another car, until they tackle these men.

Sherlin and Maira stood outside the room. Sanjana wanted to talk to Karina. Maira gets a sneeze, Ramuna and Sherlin send her away. Sanjana discusses with Karina that Preeta left on her own Munh Dikhai ritual. They must think about marrying Maira to Karan, she belongs to a good family and loves Karan as well. Karina says she selected Maira and was sure Maira will be the best daughter in law choice for Luthra’s, but she was shocked today how Maira presented drinks to guests herself. She behaved really strangely. She did not want to discuss about this anymore.

Her Karan is a good son, he does not deserve either Preeta or Maira. She leaves. Sherlin thinks Maira has adversely affected her repute in everyone’s eye. She must do something. Outside the room, Ramuna argues with Sanjana that she boasted she would convince Karina. Sanjana replies that her daughter is not her responsibility at any cost.

Preeta and Janki continued their attack on Prithvi and Pawan. Preeta turns around, the bricks had ended. Prithvi was happy to see as Preeta walked closer to Prithvi. He was hopeful if she still loved him. She throws a huge stone which hits Prithvi on his knee. Pawan throws a bullet shot in the air. Preeta and Janki raise their hands. Pawan threatens Preeta to marry his brother or die. Prithvi taps Pawan’s back determined to snatch his love. Preeta says if even she dies, she won’t marry him.

Prithvi says he can not let her die. Shrishti came there in the car and shouts for them to come soon. Prithvi attentively looks down. She pushes a bunch of bamboo sticks over the crowd and gets into the car. Pawan shots a bullet. Janki removes Preeta from the way and was herself hit on the hand. Preeta pushes her in the car. Prithvi shouts what if Preeta was hurt. The girls fled. Prithvi shouts at Gabbar to start a car but he says there was no fuel. The goons leave.

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