Staying true zeeworld update 30 May 2023

Staying true 30 May 2023: Pramod defends Nutan saying that she cares about the family that’s why she said all that. He asks Sanjay to not support Paragi blindly. Vinod says that elders also should not forget their responsibilities and it’s not like elders are always right and youngsters are wrong always. He says that he don’t think that Sanjay said anything wrong. He informs Nutan that he booked a ticket for her return which shocks everyone. Sushma asks him that what is he saying. He tells her that Nutan has her own family and she need to take care of them too. He tells Nutan that Driver will drop her.

He tells Sushma that tomorrow Paragi leaving for training so they has to bless their daughter in law and leaves from there. Sushma apologizes to Nutan. Nutan tells her that woman knows about family’s responsibilities more than men so men won’t realise her point now but will understand when Paragi beats Sanjay in life after becoming an IAS officer. And Paragi won’t be recognised as Sanjay’s wife but Sanjay will be recognised as an IAS officer Paragi’s husband. She asks her to save Sanjay from heart break and goes inside.

After some time, Paragi packs her stuff. Sanjay asks her that if she is upset with Nutan and Sushma’s conversation. She denies and says that she will miss him. He helps her in packing. She hugs him and says that she want to stay like this till tomorrow. He hugs her back saying that he don’t have any problem with it. They lays down on the bed hugging each other. He tells her that he is going to miss her so much. She tells him that she will miss him and others. He says that he will drop her in the institute tomorrow and he won’t let her go away from him once she becomes an IAS officer. She tells him that for her too only the latter and her duty matters.

Next day, Pramod asks Sanjay that who will handle the project if the latter leaves then. Sanjay informs him that he finished the work already. Sushma tells him that it’s Paragi’s training then why he is going. Vinod tells her that Sanjay supporting his wife that’s why. Abhay wishes all the best to Paragi. Aashi gives gift to Paragi. She also gives the cookies she made for her. Paragi thanks her and hugs her. Then she hugs Sushma saying that she has the rights to hug her and the latter also has the rights to scold her. She bids bye to everyone and leaves from there.

Later, Paragi and Sanjay reaches Mussoorie. She tells him that she is getting late for orientation. He apologizes to her. She asks him to not feel guilty because it’s not his mistake that cab broke down. He stops the cab and the driver asks for extra money. But Paragi refuses to give it. Sanjay tells her that she has to become an IAS officer to fight against corruption. He stops another car and tells Driver to drop them at IAS training institute and he is ready to pay extra money. Driver looks at the car owner. Car owner scolds Sanjay. Paragi defends Sanjay.

After some time, Paragi reaches the training institute. Sanjay asks her to go for orientation and he will take care of other formalities. He wishes all the best to her and tells her to fly high.Paragi enters her class room. IAS officer Mr. Batra comes to the class room. Both of them gets shocked seeing each other and recalls the bribe incident. He tells trainees that he don’t believe in introduction and their performance should speak for themselves. He says that he don’t like to repeat the same thing again so he will say just once. He tells them that he don’t care about their religion, their native and their family background. And also he don’t care about their gender because he believes that boys and girls are equal and they should get equal opportunities which they will get here.

Paragi thinks that he talks about equal rights but she don’t think that he believes that girls and boys are equal. He tells them that they are special that’s why they reached here after passing difficult exams. He says that their new journey begins from now on so past achievements don’t matter now and this new journey is going to be the most difficult one. He says that he is not here to make them happy but to train them and he will train them hard so they can hate him how much they wants. He wishes best of luck to them.
Meanwhile, Sanjay calls Vinod and informs him that Paragi left for orientation and he is waiting outside. Vinod asks him to return once Paragi settles there very well. Sushma and Baby overhears Vinod’s conversation with Sanjay. Baby tells Sushma that like Nutan said Paragi’s training started and Sanjay waiting outside like watchman.

Mr. Batra tells trainees that they will get power and also responsibilities. He asks question to Paragi and she fails to satisfy him with her answer so he taunts her. He tells trainees that he will meet them later for physical training and leaves from there.
Pramod tells Sushma that Sanjay wasting his time instead of focusing on his project. Vinod tells him that he will handle the project until Sanjay returns and leaves from there. Pramod tells Sushma that this is not the solution for the problem. She tells him that it’s difficult to make Vinod understand. She hopes that this project gives new identity to Sanjay. He tells her that Sanjay will become successful.

Chanda talks to Paragi and asks to take care of herself. Atul scolds her for behaving sweetly with Paragi. She tells him that she was blind till now and treated Paragi badly. She says that she is facing the consequences of her wrongdoings.Mr. Batra sees Paragi’s documents. Paragi informs Sanjay about Mr. Batra. She gives rose to him. Rumi comes there and teases them. Paragi tells her that it would have been good if they are roommates then but someone else going to stay with her. Rumi tells her that she shifted to her room. Paragi asks her that what if it becomes an issue in the future. Rumi asks her to relax and these things are common in girls hostel and leaves from there. Sanjay takes Paragi’s luggage and moves towards the hostel. Mr. Batra sees them together.

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