Staying true zeeworld update Monday 29 May 2023


Staying true 29 May 2023: The Episode starts with Paragi asking Parashar to get up and says you have promised me to make me eat sweets with your hands. She holds his hands and asks him to get up. She says I have come to you first and says your Parru became IAS. She asks him to get up and hugs him crying. She says it is not just my only dream, but our dream is fulfilled and asks him to get up and live the dream. Sanju distributes sweets to everyone on the road for Paragi’s success. Paragi sees sweets in his hand and also car made of sweets. She asks him to make her have bondi laddoo with his hand. She says you can’t cheat with your daughter and eats sweet which was in his hand.

She hugs him. Sanju comes there and finds Paragi hugging Parashar. He calls Paragi. Paragi says Papa broke his promise and went. Sanju is shocked and drops the sweets box.Nutan says don’t know what is Paragi’s result. Sushma says yes. Pramod says I will enquire. Vinod puts the poster of Paragi from the balcony, and says our Paragi have become IAS. He says Sanju was sure, and that’s why he got this banner made. He says I know Pramod will not keep the banner outside the institute, but I will keep the banner outside the book shop and also in all Bhopal.

Paragi cries. Sanju says we have to inform everyone, first of all your Tai ji. Paragi says how will I tell Badi Mummy? She says today is her anniversary, and shows the jewellery box which Papa bought for her. She says Papa always take care about everyone. Sanju says Papa went, but his goodness is with us, and asks her to go and inform them. He says he will do all the arrangements.Vinod asks Abhay to get 25-30 posters made of this size and says everyone shall know that Paragi has become IAS and asks him to welcome her grandly. Abhay says ok and goes.

Vinod says I will not force anyone, but if you all become part of their happiness, then it would be good. Baby says I have a strong feeling that everything will change. Sanju calls Vinod. Vinod asks him to bring Paragi home and says we have started the celebration. Sanju informs him about Parashar’s death. Vinod and others are shocked.Atul informs Chanda that he has checked online and Paragi has become IAS officer. Chanda says that’s why your Papa haven’t come for breakfast. She tells Shiva that her sister in law became IAS officer. Aditi says I came for your anniversary. Chanda says he doesn’t care for me, I am dead for him. Paragi comes inside and gives necklace box in her hand. Chanda asks what is it, and asks where did your voice go, it seems your Papa fed with many laddoos that you couldn’t speak.

She asks if this is IAS medal and asks why are you crying? She asks her to say, opens the box and sees the chain and pendant with earrings. She says I had liked it for myself when we went to jewellery store for your marriage shopping, but your Papa refuses to get it for me. She asks again, if you have bought it for me. Paragi says it is papa’s last gift for you. Chanda says your attitude changed after becoming IAS and asks if you are taking him with you to stay in govt bungalow. She asks if he will leave me today itself. Paragi says Papa….has left us for forever. Chanda is taken aback.

Vinod and Sanju come inside with hospital staff bringing Parashar’s dead body and keeping on the floor. Chanda and her family are shocked to see his dead body. She drops the jewellery box and sits down shockingly. Paragi holds her.Pramod tells Baby that he had gone to Parashar’s shop in the morning and had an argument with him. Baby is shocked and says whatever you have done is drama. He says I got angry seeing him buying jewellery for his wife, with our money. Baby says if he died due to this. Pramod says I was feeling strange and that’s why told this. Baby says I hope nobody blame you for this. Pathak family is also there. Chanda keeps her mangalsutra on Parashar’s body and cries. Paragi makes Chanda wear the chain and pendant. Chanda cries. Paragi says Papa haven’t gone anywhere, he will be with us always. Chanda hugs her and cries.

Sushma comes to console Chanda and gives her water. Paragi takes the glass and makes Chanda drink. Vinod tells Atul, Kinkar and Paragi that they have to do last rites before sunset, says we have to leave now. Paragi looks on.Vinod telling Kinkar and Atul that they have to go for Parashar’s last rites. Nutan asks Paragi to keep her Tawo ji’s dear stuff near him, for his farewell. Chanda says there was something dear to him, I will bring it. She brings something and says near his heart, was two things, one is you and your dream, which is fulfilled now, and the second one was the blue light car. Paragi cries seeing it. Chanda says your name’s blue light car if stays with him, then he will feel good. Paragi cries and recalls Parashar’s love for her. Mere Aasman hai Papa plays….She reminisces their moments and keeps the car on Parashar’s dead body.


Everyone cries. Sushma feels bad. Baby stops her. Sushma says today Paragi has lost her father, I shall keep my hand on her head.Baby says her family is with her, and even Sanju and Bhai Saheb. Vinod looks at Sanju. Sanju, Kinkar and Atul come forward to give shoulder to the dead body. Vinod says someone has to come forward to give the 4th shoulder. Abhay and Vinod are about to come forward. Paragi holds it and says even daughters have right to give shoulder to their father’s last journey.

After 3 days, Pandit ji tells that pagdi rasam is done with the person, who can wear it and fulfill all his duties towards the house. Atul is about to get up. Chanda asks him to stop and says after Parashar, only Paragi has the right to take up his responsibility. She holds Paragi’s hand and says till today, your bade papa has done the duties for the house and after him, you have to handle this house. Paragi is surprise with Chanda’s change of heart. Chanda requests Vinod to tie turban to Paragi as per the rasam. Vinod says I will tie the turban, but before that, I have to complete a rasam. He folds his hands before Parashar’s photo frame and comes to Paragi. He ties thread to his hand and says I swear to become her father instead of her father in law. He says I will regard her as my daughter and not daughter in law, I will not let her miss Parashar Bhai saheb.

He says this kalawa needs to be tied to my hand, now I am ready to tie the turban. He ties turban to Paragi’s head. Atul gets upset and goes. Kinkar gets upset too. Paragi folds her hand before Parashar’s photo frame and says Papa, you made me ready for IAS and wanted me to be responsible, as you have wanted to handle the house responsibility to me, and asks him to bless her so that she can fulfill all her responsibilities. She says I am ready.

On 13th day, Chanda tells Paragi that today is her Papa’s 13th day and says may God give peace to his dead body. She asks Paragi to take steel box to her house, filled with sweets. She asks did you get appointed letter and asks when she has to join? Paragi says tomorrow morning. Chanda asks her to do training thinking about Parashar also. Paragi says ok. Chanda recalls her words and says relations can be changed by new life or death. She asks Paragi to call her Mummy from today itself and says Please. Paragi gets emotional and calls her Mummy. Atul, Kinkar and Shiva get upset. Atul says Maa made Paragi as her own child and made us strangers. Chanda asks Paragi to take care of herself during the training and don’t worry for them. Paragi says you will stay without Papa for the first time, and I will be worried for you all. Sanju comes there and says I am here to take care of badi mummy and all. Paragi asks Atul, Kinkar and Shiva to take care of themselves, Chanda and the shop.

Chanda asks Paragi to take a step towards her new life. Paragi touches her feet. Chanda asks her to go. Paragi goes. Chanda prays for Paragi’s success. Kinkar gets upset.Nutan asks Sushma if this is for Paragi. Sushma says Paragi is going to Mussorie for training. Nutan says Paragi has lost her Tai ji, now Vinod has sworn to take up her father’s responsibility, she has become dear to him and we have become strangers. Baby says don’t know what magic she does on Vinod, Abhay and Ashi. Nutan says after training, she will become IAS Madam and our Sanjay will be nothing, and says his head will be lowered. Paragi comes there with Sanju. She asks Sanju to give the box to Maa and goes to her room. Sanju tells Sushma that this box is sent from Paragi’s house for the 13th day. He says there is some sweets in it, and asks her to ask bua ji to have it, so that she can get rid of her bitterness.

Nutan says you have been forgetting your values. Sanju says may be it is side effect of your bitter words which I try to forget daily.

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