Rajjo starlife update Monday 29 May 2023

Rajjo 29 May 2023: The Episode starts with Madhu saying I m not Rajjo’s Saas. Jhilmil says I will torture her a lot. Chirag asks how can you think of torturing her. Urvashi says you can never bring out my truth that I m after Arjun’s property. Rajjo scolds her. Arjun hears the family arguing about Rajjo. Madhu says just I decide things in this house, don’t fall to that girl’s level, let her stay here as some useless thing, tolerate her for some months. She sees Rajjo coming and gets angry. She asks what do you want. Rajjo says Arjun.

Urvashi says you have no family, you didn’t get values. Rajjo says I have to talk something imp. Madhu asks her to say. Rajjo says I have to talk to Arjun in private. Arjun asks what do you want to say, you can’t stay with me, don’t dare to enter my room, I won’t do as you want. Rajjo says when we used to play a game in village, we used to decide the rules first, come, we will also decide the rules of this game. She gives him a paper and pen. She says don’t worry, I will return the pen, I won’t steal anything, we will make the rules. He says its called contract. She says we will make the rules before our relation spoils. He says I will do it later. She says fine, I m going to sleep now. He says that’s not your room.

She says its my room. She lights the diyas and sits crying thinking of Arjun. She calls Kaka and asks how is Maai. He says Mannu didn’t get conscious, don’t worry, I m with her, but you would be alone there, don’t know how they are behaving with you. She says Mannu asked me to fight and do the right thing, I will save Arjun from Urvashi, I won’t lose.Kalindi comes to meet Urvashi. She pities Urvashi. Urvashi scolds her and says I will tell your truth to everyone, I have no secret now. Kalindi says you felt bad, I blindly trust you. Urvashi says you shouldn’t blindly trust anyone. Kalindi goes. Arjun and Rajjo pen down the rules. She says you have to listen to me first.

Arjun says I will read the conditions, you won’t publicize this marriage anywhere, you are no one to me and I m no one to you. Rajjo says I agree. He says my room is just mine, you won’t come in my room. She agrees. He says I want my personal space, don’t roam around me. She says I won’t roam. He says you will go away silently, you won’t have any rights on me, family and property. She says I agree. He says you won’t try to put hurdles in front of my family. She says I agree to all the conditions without hearing it. Arjun asks her to read her conditions. He says I will listen to all your conditions. She didn’t write any condition. She says I just have one condition, Urvashi won’t stay in this house. They all get shocked. Madhu asks how can you keep such a condition, Urvashi is a part of the family. Rajjo says fine, if you don’t agree to my one condition, I won’t accept any of your conditions. She tears the paper. Arjun gets angry and asks how dare you…

Chirag asking Arjun to calm down. Jhilmil says its strange that the bride and Sautan are under the same roof. Kalindi stops her. Urvashi thinks they are thinking to send me away. Kalindi smiles. Arjun says I will not bend down, Rajjo has to go, not Urvashi. Pushkar comes home. Bunty says there is a big news, Rajjo has come back to Thakur Nivas, Kalindi called me. Pushkar worries and says Mannu was threatening me, did she tell the truth to Rajjo, what does Rajj want to do, did she go to tell my truth to Thakurs, I have to find out, they both are troubling me. Urvashi gets angry and says Rajjo wants me to leave. She decorates Arjun’s room. Rajjo comes and asks her to leave. She says don’t come to my and my husband’s room next time. Arjun comes and looks on. Urvashi leaves.

Arjun slips and falls. Rajjo also falls beside him. Mana ke hum yaar nahi….plays… They have an eyelock.Arjun asks her to leave the room. She says if you agreed to one condition of mine then I would have agreed to you. Arjun asks her to leave. She refuses and sits there. He says I won’t stay here, I m still paying a price for my mistake. He goes out and sleeps. He feels cold. She covers him up with the quilt. She takes care of him. She also sits there and sleeps. Its morning, Arjun wakes up and says I had a good sleep. Madhu comes and asks why were you sleeping in balcony. He says Rajjo has taken my room, bed and cupboard, so I came to sleep here, I had a good sleep here. She says it’s a big house, many rooms are there, you could have slept anywhere. He says yes, but Rajjo would have followed me.

She asks where is Rajjo, she is troubling you a lot. He looks for Rajjo in the room. He says its good she isn’t here. She asks how will we get rid of her, where did she go, maybe she went to spend the money and enjoy. He gets Shekhar’s call. She says tell him that you can’t come. Shekhar says sorry, we couldn’t come in your marriage, anyways, we will meet you now at your house and meet you, Harish and I are coming, we will have breakfast prepared by Bhabhi. Arjun worries. Madhu asks what happened. He says my friends are coming to meet their Bhabhi, they are good, they don’t know anything, I don’t want to tell them about Rajjo.

Rajjo meets Mannu and shows the flowers. Kaka and Rajjo ask the doctor when will Mannu get conscious. Doctor says I can’t say that. Pushkar looks on and says Mannu is in coma, I m safe right now, but I have to be alert. Doctor says I know your situation, you see how you will manage. Kaka says I got job somewhere, but how will we pay the medical bills. Rajjo says we will try, its my turn to struggle now. Madhu says we will never give her the bahu status. Arjun says yes. The family discusses. Madhu argues with Jhilmil. Kartik asks Madhu not to take Jhilmil’s words seriously. Urvashi says I m ready to become Arjun’s wife in front of his friends.

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