Snippet on upcoming series!

Kamal gently peeled out the hands of his sleeping night companion from his form. They were two blonde call girls he had picked up at the club yester night and they had kept him busy all through the night with their insatiable sexual drive. What were these girls on? He wondered as he pulled the drape over the stark naked blond sleeping by his left and hopped down.

They had tired him out, true, but not without his consent. At the gloomy state he was yesterday, he really needed their companionship but now that it was morning, he felt even worse than before.  The continuous pang of pain in his head and the emptiness deep in his heart were his true companions. Kamal knew his life was a mess; he knew that no amount of time spent in the best clubs UAE had to offer; or the big sized bottle of expensive booze he consumed or the amount of young and beautiful female that graced his bed would make up for what he truly wanted:

True happiness.

It was the happiness he would get only from reuniting with his 10 year old son and maybe his mother, if she still wanted him back. He loved them both but time had passed so much that he didn’t know how they would take his return. His son didn’t even know that his father was alive!

Plus he didn’t know what Zinny had told his son about him. He didn’t know if she was yet going to try for another marriage after the first had failed. She was all shade of beauty and never aged that even in her late 30’s men never stopped coming. He knew they didn’t because he had men in Nigeria keeping tabs on his son and by extension, her.

Instinctively, he opened his tablet to the recent picture of his son that had been sent to him. Caleb was the exact copy of him; the only difference being the copious and curly black hair that gave away his Fulani descent. He on his part had never been blessed with hair so he had kept it clean shaven ever since.

Just looking at his picture made him smile and filled some of his empty heart with warmth; he flipped through more array of his pictures till he sopped on her image – Zinny, the only woman he had ever truly loved. His finger reached to caress her face through the screen of the phone and his mind took him to another place, over a decade ago when all had been rosy between them.

He longed for that time, but felt his heart wash over again with the hurt of her lies and betrayal. She had not been with him sincerely then, had only been after what he could offer her in monetary terms, yet he had made a great sacrifice for her life and the life of his son.

His son, he thought again. He was going back to Nigeria to get him. Caleb was now old enough to stay without his mother and he was capable of giving him the best life had to offer without stress. He had been patient enough with Zinny and allowed the boy to grow up with motherly love, but now she had to give him up either peacefully or with war. But whichever way, he would not leave the country without his son.

And that was his final decision.


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