Blindspot: Season 3, Episode 12 Spoilers

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As viewers look forward to the televising of Blindspot season 3:12 later today, they sure can expect another suspenseful, action packed and thrilling episode.

This episode titled ‘Two legendary Chums’ would have viewers wondering how the mother daughter saga would play on, especially as Jane doesn’t seem to trust her own daughter.

“I don’t know who Avery is, or what she’s capable of” This is said by Jane, captured from the promotional trailer.

Another  romance conflict that still needs resolution in our minds, is how Zapata would feel about Reade’s upcoming marriage proposal to his girlfriend. Especially as the viewers and even Patterson know that Zapata has always had a soft spot for Reade beyond the best friend façade she puts on.

Would she still go ahead and tell him how she felt about him, all consequence damned? And would Jane still insist on pushing Weller away for his betrayal and lie despite discovering that her daughter was indeed alive?

We look forward to getting some answers  by 8/7 on NBC.




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