Want to own a Blog like this? Then Consider These 5 Tips Before You start

They are trillions of hyperlinks stemming from a billion plus website all around the globe. Fortunately for us, this trend is not blowing over anytime soon as new websites are still being created every day to join in the trend.

And because the funds needed to host a site keeps becoming cheaper, it has become easy for anyone who have a little knowledge of what websites are about and how to put pen to paper to dabble into one. Some hosting companies even let you host for free on their servers for a year, as long as you pay for the domain name.


Internet and domain names concept

This prevailing situation has enticed individuals so much so that most people think registering a domain name and keeping a website running is as easy as it gets. But thousands of abandoned sites on the web, providing a fertile ground for spammers and abandoned spaces have shown otherwise.

Owning a site in its totality isn’t a bad thing, it is an encouraging idea to want to lend a hand towards further shrinking the world into a global village, but this should result from a well-planned decision, and not just a whim, a passing idea that may end up in the gutters sooner than later. So, to be sure you have what it takes to register a domain, you need to check with the below list.

  1. Have you yet discovered your niche?

A niche in content writing represents an area of interest. It is characterized by a focused content generation and development towards a particular subject matter. In niche writing, you don’t write about sports today and tomorrow write about mathematics education. You are required to dwell and flesh out sports topic and other closely related materials that compliment it.



Niche writing makes it easier for bots to index your site, plus your readers would have a sense of belonging, a trust that they can get all the information they need about sports on your website. It also makes you a serious, business oriented and knowledgeable blogger in a field. What’s more, your site can easily become an authority on your niche and other similar sites can easily back-link to yours. So take some time to discover your interest, see what other bloggers are writing on it and start mapping out how you would approach yours.

  1. Do you have the wrong motive?

Well, every human one way or the other is profit motivated. Everything we put our hands to, we do with a subconscious thought that there is something to gain from it, if not, it wouldn’t be done.

ex amine-your-motives


However, if profit is the only motive for wanting to run a personal blog you can easily get disillusioned when it doesn’t come quickly. Everything has to be gotten through hard work, patience and consistence. To build a followership to your blog, or increase traffic or attract advert or have an AdSense running, your site must prove its onions. And that automatically means that you should put wrong motives like popularity, making a profit far away from your consciousness as you work consistently towards enriching your blog.

  1. Do you yet understand the responsibility?

Just like having a child is a big responsibility, so does running a successful blog. A successful blog needs consistency, quality contents, patience, extensive research, and broad ideas. Your site doesn’t just exist as a name; it exists to meet a need. Such need could be educational, informational or entertaining. Whichever way, you should understand that you’ve taken up the responsibility to meet a need, so work toward being responsible towards visitors who you entice to your site, or who may stumble upon it.



You also have the responsibility to ensure that your contents are accurate, consistent and not plagiarized. To keep your site running also, you need to keep to your timing and promises to readers.

  1. Do you know you may leave it halfway?

When the whole excitement for owning and running a blog hits you, it’s always hard to imagine that someday in the nearest future, something else may take up your time and take that excitement away.

It could be your permanent job (if you aren’t a full time blogger), it could also be getting frustrated along the line especially when your followership hasn’t yet increased, or they are no comments pouring in or purchases on your product. This things takes time, they are not automatic, especially since there are so many competitions out there.


What then you ask? You should set your mind that one day the excitement would die down, brace yourself up for that disillusionment and accept that it would only happen if you let it affect you. With this safely tucked away at a corner of your mind, you are ready to go.

  1. You may not have started writing?

Well what are you waiting for? Start writing already! Even if you haven’t processed your domain name and hosting yet, have a trail of articles already in your wake. It doesn’t matter that they are incomplete, just put your pen to paper and jot the points down as they come. Matter is, your adrenaline is still pumped on and the excitement is pushing your brain to rack up likely articles that would find their way to your site. so its all good right?



They are good for the drought days too when you’ve gone blank but need to put up something on your blog to keep it running. Plus subsequently, you could get fresh perspectives and flesh them out. Either ways, writing even before the site is launched will do you all the good.


in all, blogging offers a whole new exciting experience, and if done right, has benefits in the short and long run. You not only have a side income while pursuing a passion, but who knows popularity may come knocking at your door. However, this can only be gotten if done right; do not force it if you’ve yet considered all sides to the coin. This article is therefore meant to give you a better insight before you contact that hosting site and get your domain running.


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