Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 26 May 2021


Sacred Relationship 26 May 2021: start with Abir asking Meenakshi what’s the condition he has to fulfill. She says inspector, arrest Parul. Parul says I didn’t know anything about the scam. Meenakshi says Parul, Mehul and entire village knows it. Abir says its about me, tell me what do you want. Kaushal asks Meenakshi what is she doing. Nidhi stops her. Meenakshi says arrest her. Nanu says I will go with Parul. Kunal asks why are you doing this. Meenakshi says Parul and Mehul did everything, Babu ji stop, no use to go there.

Kunal says I will take you Nanu. They go. Abir asks what’s the condition, tell me. She says I don’t threaten everything, I will do things that you understand that I m not just threatening, if Mishti comes in this house, then this house will suffer. Mishti says Abir won’t come, I tried to get his love, but he doesn’t love me, or maybe he loves me but doesn’t trust me, I told Kunal unknowingly, he didn’t ask me once about it, I don’t know anything, I can choose if I love him or not, I won’t love him now. They see Nannu. Kuhu calls Abir. Meenakshi asks is that Mishti’s call. He says you have sent Parul to jail to keep me away from Mishti.She says nothing is imp to me than family. Abir says Meenakshi has sent Parul to jail, she will not leave everyone, I don’t want to be part of this family. Kaushal asks Meenakshi why did she do this. She scolds him. Nidhi asks them to stop it, they can’t understand a woman’s heart, Parul had snatched Meenakshi’s husband. Abir says stop it.

Ketki says we were always together. Meenakshi says yes, everything got ruined with Mishti’s coming, Ketki’s alliance broke, Mishti didn’t know Mehul’s truth and got him home, she told the truth to Kunal, my family has shattered, I m helpless to do this with Parul. Abir shouts you are wrong. Sh says no, I m right today, I did similar mistake 25 years back, I didn’t hear my dad and got a wrong man in my life, you are doing the same mistake by choosing a wrong life partner. He says you are comparing me with you, I m not like you, you are comparing Mishti with Mehul, she isn’t like him, Mishti saved Ketki’s life, Mehul is in jail today, thank God she told the truth to Kunal, he takes his own decisions, wrong happened with Mishti, she loved someone whose mum has a wrong thinking. She says Mishti is wrong, not your mom, you listen to me carefully, I have chosen a girl for you. He asks what.

She says you will marry her in the evening, I called the registrar, Parul’s fate is in your hand, think, its your decision. Kuhu asks what’s Nanchak doing here. Mishti thinks I won’t lie to him. Nannu asks them what’s happening. Mishti says Nannu. He says call me Nishant. Kuhu lies. He says I m so proud of you. Mishti says actually, I came here because.. Kuhu stops her and says don’t be jealous. He says I spoiled your plan. Mishti says it doesn’t happen as we want, I will go to NGO. He asks shall I come along. Kuhu says go with her, I will go home. Kunal and Nanu try to help Parul. Nanu asks Parul not to worry. Abir comes. Nanu says Kaushal told me what Meenu wants. Abir says I will tell you. Mishti shows the bangles to Nannu. He likes it. She says the women here make beautiful bangles. The lady reminds about Abir. She says sorry. She goes. Nannu asks Mishti not to act strong, does she still love Abir.

She says there is no use to wait for him, I m going to start a new life with you, I promise, I won’t disappoint you. Nanu asks how will we win. Kunal says Abir can’t sacrifice his love, I will talk to Meenakshi, but she won’t listen to me. Abir thinks Meenakshi wants me to marry someone and ruin life. Parul asks what did Meenakshi ask you, tell me. Abir says sorry. She says you won’t do anything for me, Meenakshi will never accept Mishti, I m no one to you. He says don’t say this. She asks him to never lose Mishti. He asks her not to worry, he will make everything fine. She cries.Kuhu comes to Abir and asks where were you. He says there was a problem. She says you didn’t answer my call, you are playing games here. He says I was doing some work, sorry, I know how would Mishti feel. She says she is tired waiting for you. He says she can’t lose, I need your help. She says I can’t help you more. Ketki stops Kuhu and says you know what happened here, police arrested Parul.

Kuhu gets shocked. Abir says find some way to get Maasi out. Nanu says lawyer said we can’t get Parul out of the jail, Meenakshi didn’t leave any option, if you don’t marry, then Parul will be in jail forever, forgive me, your and Mishti’s togetherness was till here. Abir says I have to talk to Mishti. Nanu says Kuhu won’t help you, how will you meet her.Kuhu and Ketki hear Kunal and Meenakshi talking. Meenakshi says if Abir marries today, I will take the complaint back. Kunal says please, he won’t be happy. Ketki stops Kuhu. Meenakshi asks him is he not happy. He says don’t do this with Abir. She asks did you come to plead for your brother or Parul. He says you know I can’t call anyone else Maa, if you regarded me a son, then don’t force Abir to marry someone else. She says if you are my son, then why are you pleading for Mishti. Kuhu cries. Nanu says don’t go today, its Mishti’s sangeet. Abir says just Mishti can save me from this problem. Kuhu says I can make you meet Mishti, I m sorry, I didn’t know this is happening. He says I just want to meet Mishti once.Mishti seeing the bangle and recalling a moment with Abir. FB shows Abir acting and saying you can’t even make a roti and bangle round. Mishti says its my dream to run away and marry. Abir says none will marry you for less, you have to give my dowry. Mishti says these bangles are the dowry, its not so bad. He makes her wear the bangles. They smile. FB ends.


Varsha comes and asks Mishti to try bangles. The bangles fall. Varsha and Mishti pick the bangles. Varsha makes her wear it. She says you decided to marry Nannu, its good. Mishti wears Abir’s bangle also. Varsha asks her to get ready and come. Nannu asks where is mom.Mishti thinks where is everyone. Vishwamber says I don’t know, I was waiting for dhol. They all come and dance on London Thumakda…. Mishti laughs. Mishti and Nannu dance. She thinks everyone is so happy, I won’t let them get more hurt. Nannu gives her a juice drink. She thanks him. He asks what are you thinking. She says I will never let your trust break. Kunal asks what do you think. Abir says I think she will agree.

Kunal says Kuhu would never listen. Abir says I m lucky to have everyone. Abir says you have no idea how much lucky are we. Kuhu asks are you ready. Kunal says I m scared of Vishwamber, he acts like villain. Kuhu says your mum is also a villain. Abir says its fine, you are in our team now. Shaurya calls out Kuhu and says get them in. Kuhu asks are you sure. Shaurya says yes, Ketki is your Nanand and friend. Kuhu sees Ketki and says Ketki has come. Shaurya asks them to come soon. Kuhu asks where did they go. Ketki says they went in. Meenakshi comes to meet Parul.
She says I had to take special permission to get food. Parul cries and says I didn’t think ever, you have sent me to jail, what was my mistake, I always said I will support you. Meenakshi says you are supporting me, come here, you think I came here to give food, I came to say thank you, you are here, Abir has no option than to marry the girl of my choice, really sorry, I know Abir loves you more than me, he can’t see Kunal and you in trouble.

Parul asks how long will you threaten him. Meenakshi says until he gets married.. my worry will end, he is not like his dad, he won’t see any other woman, Mishti’s matter will end, my family will be happy, have food. Parul says I don’t want any food, I beg you, let me be here all life, don’t do this with Abir, Mishti always supported truth, she is Abir’s happiness. Meenakshi shouts enough, you proved that shadow also leaves in darkness, Mishti just got darkness, today we will get light in our lives, Abir will marry the girl of my choice, Mishti will go away from our lives, no one will take her name with my son’s name. Kuhu says Ketki got a surprise for us. Kuhu says songs will play in headphones, Rangeelo Rameo troupe will be coming, get ready. Abir gives headphones to Mishti. He says nice bangle and goes. She thanks and turns to see. Everyone wears headphone and dance.

Abir and Kunal take the Gujarati disguise. They play dhol and dance with Kuhu. Mishti dances and throws dupatta. Abir catches it. Ketki and others joins. Say na say na….plays…. Mishti stumbles. Abir holds her. Saathiya…..plays… Abir removes his glasses. She sees him. She takes him aside. She sees Kunal. Abir dances with Mishti. She asks him to go. He says I need to talk, come with me, else I will come in front of your Bade Papa/Vishwamber. She worries. He goes to Vishwamber. Mishti says Nannu, I will just come in two mins. Abir and Mishti go out. Abir says I just have half an hour. Meenakshi calls Abir and says marriage registrar is on the way, girl’s family is here, come home soon, its not late for Parul. Mishti comes. Abir says I got late, I m sorry. Mishti says we both got late, Abir.

She returns the bangle. She says nothing was normal in our story, I don’t want to live with old memories, I cried a lot, I want to move on, please go from here. Abir says I came to ask your help, I should have done this before, I made you away. She says I can’t help you. He says you don’t do my mistake, thanks, I m going to take a big decision for someone I love. She says I m marrying Nannu. He says I know, like your decision will change your life, my decision will change my life, tell me what shall I do. Mishti says you fought for family, I fought for the right, don’t know who won. Abir says I lost everything, even you, I can’t fight more, did you ever feel that you lost courage. She recalls Mehul kidnapping her.
She says you were my courage, but not now, I stopped thinking from heart, you want advice, my help, never take decision from heart, feelings are wrong, there is no logic, truth never changes, truth is you left me, you don’t trust me, this truth will never change, my heart wants me to talk to you, but no, I won’t listen to my heart and you.He stops her and says thanks for helping, take your truth with you. He makes her wear bangle. He says this will remind you, you can never accept defeat. She smiles. Dheere dheere….plays…. She goes. He thinks you are right like always, whatever my heart says, I won’t listen to it.

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