Strange Love Update Wednesday 26 May 2021

Strange Love 36 May 2021: Shlok reaching the place. He is shocked to see the valentine’s decorations. He sees Happy Valentine’s day written in a big heart and all the hearts balloons hanging. Shlok looks on. Sojal is getting ready at home happily praising her beauty. jaya comes to her and gives her a perfume asking her to apply it. Sojal says Astha also went out. jaya says don’t think about her, Varad is taking you out, you be happy. The maid Rani comes with the juice for jaya, she slips and the juice falls on Sojal’s saree. Sojal is shocked and scolds her. jaya asks her not to cry and go and change before Varad comes.

Shlok thinks about Swati and the moments he spend with her. Shlok ruins everything getting angry. Astha reaches the venue. Shlok drinks wine, complete bottle. Varad sees Astha’s and Shlok’s marriage album and says today I m very happy, I tried my best to make this day special for them, they have love in their hearts but it needs time, and Shlok made a hatred wall which one day will break by love. One day Shlok will realize the beauty of love. Shlok throws the empty wine bottle. He hears someone coming. He imagines Swati. She runs and he finds out calling out Swati. Just then, Astha enters and is shocked to see everything ruined up and thinks how it happened. Shlok runs after Swati and asks where are you. Astha hears him and turns to see Shlok. She walks towards Shlok. Shlok says where are you. Astha says Shlok. Shlok sees Swati in Astha.

He sees Swati walking towards him but its Astha. He smiles looking at her. He is so drunk that he can’t even see her clearly.

Lightning stucks and rain starts. Sajna Ve…………. plays………….. They have an eyelock. He goes close to her, touches her face and hugs her. AStha feels his love and gets happy. Music plays…………. Shlok closes his eyes and thinks she is Swati.
Astha is about to hold him and forwards her hand. She stops when she hears him saying where did you go leaving me Swati. She moves away shocked. He asks what happened Swati, why are you going far from me. Astha cries and says I m not Swati, I am Astha. Shlok is shocked to see Astha and looks around for Swati. He says what are you doing here, why did you come here. She says happy valentine’s day Shlok. He says don’t expect me to wish you. Love is only in the books and looks good in it, it reality its a lie, cheat. Saiyyan…………. plays………….. Dil se nikle teri aanhen…………… plays………….. Shlok walks away. Astha breaks down standing in the air.

Sojal is ready waiting for Varad. Varad comes and she smiles looking at him. She asks where were you, you made me wait, tell me my surprise, I know its valentine’s day and you planned something for me. He says did we ever celebrate, whats this. They start arguing. Varad’s opinion differs. She asks for whom were you planning. He says it was for Shlok’s office. I hate that you hear me hiding out. Sojal starts crying and says whats wrong if I want to go out with you. She says I want to go out today. He says I don’t want to. She gets angry on him. Varad’s temper too raises. He taunts on her status before marriage and what he has given her after marriage. He leaves.

Sojal says I hate my fate that I got a husband like you, who does not care about me and don’t care about my tears too.Shlok drives to home. He thinks about Swati’s words. He gets angry.Kaka asking Varad why are you worried. He says I know the secret behind your behavior, what do you think, you will lie to me. He says tell me if you want, I want to tell you that you did a good thing for Astha and Shlok. Varad asks how did you come to know. Kaka says I m your Kaka. He says what about your life? You should not ignore your personal life, you have the right to stay happy. Varad says I will try my best. Kaka smiles and says go now, Sojal and Kavya are waiting for you. Sojal is watching Tv on Valentine’s day special. Kavya asks whats valentine’s day. Sojal says I don’t know, go and ask your Papa.

Varad comes to Kavya. Kavya asks whats valentine’s day. Varad says there was a saint Valentine who believed in love, so after his name, this day is name Valentine’s day. He says the people who love each other go out. Kavya asks then why did we not go anywhere. Sojal says shall we go out. Varad says ask Anjali, if she permits, then we will go. Sojal says fine and goes to ask Anjali. Sojal brings jaya with her.
Sojal says its valentine’s day today, can Varad, Kavya and I go for dinner as Kavya wanted to go out, I wish to eat something different, shall we go. Anjali says its a good thing Sojal, even Niranjan and I wish to eat something different, make everything at home. Anjali says whats this valentine’s day, Niranjan does not like it. She says celebrate festivals, not such days. Anjali leaves. Sojal is annoyed.

Avdhoot talks to Kalindi and says you are annoyed with me as I want Astha and Shlok to get united. I want to see my daughter happy. Kalindi says even I want the same, I don’t know how much they will change her. He says her married life can become good, we should be happy.She says I agree but what about the papers they signed in court. He says they signed on the petition, so the court asked them to come after six months. If they are unhappy with each other after six months, they can take divorce, they are still husband and wife, I think you should change your view. Kalindi says I worry about Astha, I don’t know why you and Ajju don’t understand me.

Astha comes home and rests. She thinks about how Shlok hugged her. She thinks about his words about love and Swati. She tries to sleep but can’t. She suddenly gets up and looks at the clock. She thinks why did Shlok not come home till now, but why am I worrying. She says I m not getting sleep because of him. Shlok is driving and thinks about Swati’s words. Swati chose another man and cursed him that he won’t be happy with anyone. Shlok says I hate you Swati and your promises. He says every woman is a liar like you. Astha worried about Shlok. She hears Shlok’s car’s sound. She goes to see. Shlok reaches home and gets out of the car. He drinks wine further. Astha looks at him. Anjali comes and sees Shlok in drunken state. Shlok falls. Anjali leaves. Astha goes to her and says how can I leave like this seeing your son in such state in heavy rain. Anjali says when did I say he is not my son. I took care of him till he was young, now he is married and only your responsibility.

Anjali leaves. Astha runs to Shlok. Mann ke munder pe…………….. plays…………. Astha lifts Shlok and with much difficulty takes him inside the house. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu…………… plays…………… Anjali sees Astha taking Shlok to his room and is happy.Astha says I should change his clothes else he will get ill. She removes his shirt. Music plays…………….. She changes his clothes and covers him with a quilt, She sees her lipstick marks on his neck which got there when she was removing his shirt and got closer to him. She erases that mark. Anjali looks on.Shlok starts feeling cold and gets high fever. Shlok says in sleep, why don’t you go, just go away. Astha is worried seeing his fever. She warms his hand. Khuda……………… plays…………….. She says I will make Kada tea for him.Anjali comes to Astha. Astha says you should have helped Shlok being a mum, anything could have happened, I feel bad when he calls you Mrs. Agnihotri, its wrong what he calls you, Niranjan said elders should forgive children, then why did you not help Shlok, you have bitterness in your heart for him. She says my and Shlok’s relation is breaking, but is your relation with him is so weak that you did not feel his pain. Anjali says leave about us, I am sure your and Shlok’s relation is strong, you worry about him even today so you did not see him in such state and took him to his room. Astha says I did this for humanity, and about our relation, its only for few days, after that it has to break. Astha leaves with the tea. Anjali looks on.

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