Ring of fire update Sunday 15 March 2020

Ring of fire 15 March 2020: Revati tell Dulari that her black tongue is vey bad and already someone came to hurt them. Divya opens door and sees Parag standing. Divya says even he came here after so much drama. Parag says he played song for Ragini, but she came.

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Revati greets Parag in loudly. Ragini hears that and rushes down thinking Anurag will create drama again but relaxes seeing Anurag laughing hearing Parag praising him that he is family’s favorite now. Narad also comments. Parag asks him to keep quiet.

Revati get tensed thinking Ragini will complain against Anruag and asks Ragini to tie rakhi to her brother soon. Ragini ties rakhi to Parag. Parag gives her money. Ragini hesitates, but Revati insists her to take it.

Vidhvan returns home late night and sees Daadi awake. She says she was waiting for him and sees rakhi in his hand. He nervously says he got late in panchayat work. She thinks if she should inform him what happened today or not and holds her hand again. He says Rohini had sent rakhi, so he wore it. He says he is very tried now and goes to sleep.

Anurag returns to his room and seeing Ragini on bed asks her to sleep on floor, it is his bed. She does not deter. He drops water on bed. She says he wet his side of bed. He continues yelling, but Ragini is undeterred.

Shekhar sees Shristi reading file carefully and asks which file is it. Shristi says her family file, then says Vishu’s family’s and says she is thinking of reopening cases. Shekhar says for that she has to file petition in court and take owner’s permission. Shristi says most lands are in daadi’s name and she has to take Daadi’s permission and meet her.

Next morning, Ragini serves breakfast to Anurag and Vidhvan and then serves tea. Vidhvan praises that tea is really good. Anurag yells it is very bad. Vidhvan says he is tasty and to stop pestering bahu. Ragini says she will do what Anruag likes from hereon. Anruag leaves angrily. Ragini thinks of teaching him a lesson and over phone asks Narad to get her gun. She takes gun to Vishu’s room and asks how is he. He says he is fine. She sees him repairing something and asks if he is inventing something again. He says he is keeping himself busy as he is missing Shristi. Ragini says he should learn to shoot gun to protect himself and Shristi. He agrees and she gives him gun. He points at target. Anurag enters and gets tensed. He scolds Ragini that she gave gun to innocent boy. Ragini says she was teaching him self-defense to fight with 2-faced people like him. She continues confronting him and he leaves angrily. Drama continues.

Anurag goes to Shristi’s office to bring back Vishu and says he should not have come without informing family, family is waiting for him. Vishu says he will not go without Shristi. Anurag says janmastami is coming and he arranges it every year. Vishu says he becomes Krishna every year and says Shristi he will go only if she promises to become Radha tomorrow. She hesitates. Anurag requests her. She agrees. Shekhar gets jealous.

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Anurag takes Vishu home and informs about Vishu’s wish. Revati fumes that she will not let Shristi back in this house. Anurag requests her. He sees Divya taking hot water to Ragini’s room and asks what is happening. Revati says Ragini fell and sprained her leg. Anurag angrily goes to Ragini and says he knows she is making drama and is fine. Revati enters. Ragini complains that she was preparing food for him and slipped, so it is not her mistake. Revati scolds Anurag. Ragini says she needs towel. Revathi asks Anurag to help bahu.

Shristi reminisces Vishu’s request to become Radha on janmastami function. Shekhar says if she fulfills Visuhu’s illegal demands, she won’t be about to get rid of Vishu.

Divya brings food for Ragini and asks her to have it before it cools down. Once she leaves, Ragini tells Anurag that his family loves her so much. Anurag says she is well and is just acting. She stands and says she is following him. He angrily twists her hand. She sees Vidhvan and Brij passing by and acts as in pain, shouts it is huring. Vidhvan scolds Anurag how dare he is to touch his wife, he is insulting their family lineage.

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