Ring of fire update Saturday 14 March 2020


Ring of fire 14 March 2020: Goon gets irritated and points gun at Vikral, he orders his friend to take out car and shouts he is finished now and shoots him. Ragini shouts father! However Anurag pulls Vikral and saves him just in time.

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Vikral gives an order to catch the crook. Parag catches him and asks who sent him. Goon says he will not say even if he is killed. Vikral points gun at goon and orders Narad to take him away. He then thanks Anurag fro saving him. Vani says he is god for them. Anurag says he followed son’s duty. Vikral says he is proud of him. Parag says even he is proud to be his brother-in-law. Raginni thanks Anurag for saving his parents and says let us finish pooja and return home. Anurag gets happy.

Shristi studies divorce case file carefully. Shekhar asks what is she reading. Shristi says divorce law should be abolished, why people take divorce. Shekhar one who does not want to take their marriage forward. Vishu calls her. Shekhar insists her not to receive his call and says he is very attached to her, so it is difficult to get rid of him and his family. He brainwashes her to take divorce from Vishu and get rid of him. Shristi says he is right. Shekhar gets happy that his plan is working.

Anurag and Ragini get ready to leave Vikral’s house. Vikral says he felt really good with their stay. Vani gives Anurag shagun. Anurag hesitates. Vikral insists. Anurag walks out. Vani gives Ragini a moral gyaan that Anurag followed duty of a son, now it is her turn to follow her duty and never let damadji complain.

At Purshotam’s house while having dinner, Sumer says babuji walked today without support and is recovering fast. Surekha says with Shristi’s return, he will recover soon. Shristi says she will return to Payal’s house tomorrow as her work is suffering. Sumer tries to speak, but Purshotam stops him. Shristi leaves. Sumer says on rakhi day, sisters come home to tie rakhi, but his sister is leaving home instead, he is so unlucky, it is obvious as he did not protect her. Shristi hears standing near door.

Anurag and Ragni return home. Revati gets very happy seeing Ragini and says she was eager to see him. A bit drama continues. At night, Ragini tries to practice kiss in front of mirror and thinks how people kiss in movies, it is very difficult, misterji has to accept desi Ragini. She sees Anurag sleeping while reading book and says to herself even she will read books and speaks her heart out.

Next morning, Divya and Dulari get to tie rakhi to Vishu and Anurag. Dulari calls Anurag and Vishu. Vishu comes and shows his gift to Divya. Divya asks to give it after she ties rakhi. Dulari asks where is her gift. Vishu taunts him that he will give band for her 2 braids. Revati asks him not to taunt her. Anurag comes and says let Vishu finish ritual first. They both tie Rakhi to Vishu and then Anurag. Divya says Ragini that she needs gift from even her. Ragini says whatever Anurag gave, even some part is hers. Anurag says Ragini is not her bhabhi or bahu of this house. Family is shocked hearing that and look at his face.

Anurag tells Ragini is not anyone’s bhabhi. Family is shocked hearing this. Anruag says Ragini Singh, bahubali Vikral Singh’s daughter, she does not value relationships. Ragini asks why is he telling like this, if she is not this house’s bahu. He says she is not, she is rich family’s daughter for whom human values don’t matter. She asks what is he telling. Anurag says if he will shoot her. Revati asks what his drama, why he is frightening Ragini.

Anurag says Ragini does not get afraid. She asks why did he go to bring her back. He says he went there to bring her back and show how much he suffered. Ragini asks what did she do to him. He says his father could not afford his London eduction, but got him educated with great difficulty. He wanted to earn for his family, but her father got him kidnapped and got him married forcefully to her. He lost his contract because of her and her brother.

Brij interferes and asks Anurag why he is digging old grave, why will Ragini not like him succeed in life. Anurag says Ragini wanted him to return to London, they can ask Ragini if she did not threaten VDO to cancel his contract. She agrees. He says if Vikral had known that his daughter is kicked out, he would have made this house burial ground, goons friendship and enemity are not good, but he did both. If he goes from here, Vikral will not spare them, so he will stay here and protect them. He will make their marriage a hell to her. Revathi says he cannot do this to Ragini bahu. He leaves. Ragini reminisces Anurag acting as changed and trying to convince her to return home.

Family sees Shristi packing her bag silently. Shristi packs her bag and come holding rakhi. Sumer gets happy seeing that. She does his aarti and ties rakhi. Sumer gives her gift. Shristi says she does not need his gift, he can keep it. He says if she cannot take gift, she can give him gift by staying here. She says she will return when she will find answers of her life and leaves.

Ragini reminisces Anurag telling he was using her. She cries reminisces Anurag acting as loving her and then revealing his true plan and saying he will make her life hell. She thinks she will not cry anymore, Anurag made a joke of her life.

Shristi returns to Payal’s house. Payal gets happy seeing her and says she was missing her. Shristi says Vishu had come to her father’s house and still hopes she will return to him, Shekhar suggested rightly to make Vishu hate her so that she can get divorce from him. Payal say Shekhar is right.

Anurag enters room and says Ragini that she must be shocked seeing him defeating her. She says she never intended to harm him at all and wanted to send him to London to save him from Vikral’s wrath. She continues her explanation.

At the signh house, Dulari frightens Revati that Ragini must have complained to her father against Anurag by now and Vikral will kill them anytime. Revati asks her not to frighten. Door bell rings.

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