Geet starlife Update Friday 13 March 2020


Its morning and MSK is shown asleep outside Geets room and gets up n opens the door!! MSK sees Geet asleep on the floor near the door!! MSK sits next to Geet and admires her and blows air on Geets face! Geet senses something and opens her eyes n turns to face MSK…. n gets shy and says….’What r u doing ??’

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Geet 13 March 2020: maan says I am trying to wake up my dream from sleep. Geet says So u hv kept my name as Dream now? MSK asks ‘Any objection??’ Geet says..’Its better than Mishti…!!’ Geet smiles n then gets up n says..’Btw wat r u doing in my mayka.?!!’ MSK gets up n says..’Ur condition was till nite only..!! Its morning n i dun need ur permission to meet u…!!’ Dadi at mansion n is setting the house in order n asks servant to adjust flowers in the vase…n NT calls Dadi n Dadi says ..’Tell me NT’ n NT says ..’Dadi everything is over..Dev has decided to leave me…!! Dadi please help me…..What big sin have i done that Dev has decided to take such a big step?? I admit i made mistakes…but whatever i have done is for Dev.. his happiness .. !! Dev has decided to divorce me!’

MSK comes in mansion n overhears Dadi… saying that if Dev has decided to divorce u..then its a matter between u both….!! MSK comes n snatches Dadis phone n says…’This is my last warning…so dare u call agan. Dev is divorcing u .. so u have no relation wit this family n house..! After this if u dare to interfere in our lives or use our name then i will make ur condition miserable… last time u got out on the basis of false evidence but this time i wont let that happen’…n cuts down the phone!!

MSK says.. to Dadi….. ‘I know that u still consider NT as part of our family’ n Dadi says ‘No..MSK not at all… i hv seen NTs true colors… !! U all had to tolerate so much for NT… i know..that when i asked u to postpone ur wedding..u felt that i was angry on Geet..!! But actually i did all this for Geets sake only..coz if i had allowed for the wedding then.. then people wuld hv taunted that one Daughter in law is in hospital and they are busy celebrating a wedding.! NT ….well she wuld have blamed whole family..!! In all this situation wuld Geet be happy with the wedding??

No son.. she wuld hv gotten only sadness..!! But now nothing of that sort will happen…!! I wont let any hitch come in between ur happiness….i want myself that both of u get married soon..!!’ MSK surprised n delighted and Dadi tells that she has called Pandit (Priest) to fix out a date for the wedding!! MSK tells that he will go and share the happy news with Geet. rightaway….she has been waiting for this since long..!

MSK comes to outhouse n knocks on the door n Geet asks ..’Who is it??’ MSK says …’Postman!!’ Geet opens the door ..but doesnt see anyone and turns and then sees a chit on the floor..with Maan weds Geet written…n MSK comes from behind near Geet and Geet feels his presence and turns around!! Geet shows the chit to him and asks..’What is this??’ MSK says…’This is called Wedding card and on the occassion of marriage.. Grooms side gives this first to Brides side!! Now look at the walls n doors of ur mayka (brides house) properly…coz once u come to ur sasural (hubbys place) u are gonna miss these !!’

Geet says.. i m not able to understand what ur saying! MSK says..’Whats there to not understand..! Geet says..dun play around with words.. ‘ MSK says… ‘This is true Geet… Dadi has called Pandit to fix our wedding date..!! We are getting married Geet… n very soon..!!’ Geet is delighted and smiles and with tears in her eyes hugs Maan!!

Geet breaks the hug and looks down and MSK wipes…n asks ..Wats the matter Geet?? Geet says …Nothing..n MSK says..’When did i say ..that theres something..!!’ Geet turns and says..’U teasing me??’ MSK says……’I dun hv that much guts to tease u…. now everything will be in ur hands Geet..!!’ Geet says…’Dun say that..i feel scared…coz i m not used to so much happiness..!! I cant believe all this is happening with me..!! It feels like a dream….. and when i will take a turn..everything will break..!!’

MSK says…’Make a habit of happiness..coz after this..there will be only happiness…Just forget all that bitterness in ur life..!!’ Geet says…’ I want to forget but i dun have belief in my destiny!!’ MSK says… ‘ U will have belief …i will make u have belief …Dressed in the red wedding attire when u will seek Dadis blessings and take the 7 pheras around the holy fire with me before all with full rituals n rites ..u will believe it all !!’ Geet asks.. ‘All rituals n rites?’ MSK says..’Yes all rites…all Delhi will know how happy i m…. how lucky i m to have u in my life..!! And after that.. u too will believe’

Geet smiles and hugs Maan n sees Dadi coming…!! Maneet break the hug..!! Dadi comes n says…’From the day i saw u first….i knew that ur made for my Maan…. tho it took time..but finally my hearts desire got fulfilled..!! U hv no idea how happy i m to hv u as Khurana bahu..’ n tells MSK that ‘U should be happy coz despite of both of u alls countless fights i din let Geet go and made u from Dusht Danav to Geets hubby!!’ MSK gets embarassed..

Geet smiles and MSK leaves on the pretext of going to office..!! Dadi tells Geet to tell her if she needs anything..n that she doesnt want Geet to feel lonely in her own house…and Geet nods.. n hugs Dadi!!
MSK comes back…n is searching for Geet… and wonders where Geet is and that they are getting late for office..!!Geet in kitchen n breaks a bottle!!

MSK hears the sound and rushes and asks ‘What are u doing Geet??’ and shouts to call NaKewl and Mohan to come quickly and Geet says…Why are u after the servants?? MSK says…’I havent gotten after them… Let them come and then see what i do..Despite of them ..u have to work?’ Geet says..’They are not at fault …i was working on my own..!’ MSK tells Geet…’I will tell something to u in anger and u will not like it.. How many times have i told u that its not right for u to work in this situation??’

Geet says..’I know that… and i m not doing any laborious work ..and u dont need any reason to get angry… Getting angry is ur hobby!!’ MSK fumes.. Geet says..’Aint u getting late for office..’ MSK says..’Btw we both are working in the same office so if i m getting late are u..!!’ Geet says..’If i were coming to office today then i wuld be getting late…’ MSK asks ‘Ur not coming to office..but why?’ Geet says..’What do u mean by Why?? I cant take a leave for one day?? If i feel like not going to office and stay at home and rest..then also u have a problem??’

MSK says.’Where did i say anything’ and Geet says..’U din say now go to office..its already late’ n MSK quitely cribs..’Well she has already started to show the colors of a wife’ and Geet asks..’Did u say something’ MSK says..’Nothing…only saying Bye Geet..we shall meet in the evening’.MSK turns around n leaves!!

Part 2
Geet in kitchen n Dadi comes along with the servants…n asks ‘Whats the matter Geet? Why was MSK shouting on the servants??’ Geet stammers and says…’Well i wanted to make something for Maan sir….with my own hands …something that he likes! But the problem is that he likes Foreign type foods ..which i dunno how to make!!’ Dadi says..’Ohh.. this is a big problem now’ and Geet says..’Yes Dadi..i dunno..’ and Dadi says ‘U want MSKs fave dishes right?? U will get it by next time..!! U just go and sit in ur room all decked up for Maan..! Gopal will make the food!!’ And Geet tries to protest but Dadi insists and Geet leaves!!

Dev comes to Meeras house n Meera asks ‘Where did u go??’ Dev says..’There was a long pending work..which i had gone to finish!’ Meera says..’Dun talk in riddles…where did u go?’ Dev says….’Its not important where i went what is important is that.. after today no one will dare to trouble u or call u names…… coz after today ur not gonna stay wit a married man… i have divorced NT… !!’ Meera shocked n asks

‘What!! Dev… suddenly all this?? But why??’ Dev says putting his hand on Meeras shoulder…’U know Meera u have always helped me..stood by me.. so it was time i did something for u!!’ And Meera says..’So to help me u divorced ur wife??’ Dev says..’No Meera…dun blame urself… for our Divorce.. this was to happen today or tomorrow…!! Our wedding had become a sham … our wedding remained only for the sake of it…!! I dun want a relationship for the sake of it..!! I want a companion ..a partner..who understands me… whom i understand..!! Without speaking ..we would know about each others hearts desire..!!’ Meera stares at Dev..!!Geet in her room in white designer salwar suite….sitting before the mirror n starts to get ready…!! Geet is putting eyeliner and lipstick

Part 3
MSK returns home early n Nakewl is surprised and comments that… ‘U r back early .. forgot something?? Oh…oh wait…today Geet madam din go to office na’ n MSK stares….n says….. well i forgot a file..!! Nakewl asks whether the file was kept in his room and MSK nods and MSK walks towards his room and is shown walking in the alley…….n Geet shown getting ready..!! Screen freezes!!

IN THE NEXT EPISODE: Meera tells Dev who is ready to leave wit a bag… that ‘Ur life..ur decision..Everything starts and ends with u?? And all this talk of leaving for the sake of my defamation..!! Dun try and act with me..!! U want to go…then just go… but dun say ur doing all this for my sake!!’

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