Ring Of Fire Update Sunday 14 March 2021

Ring Of Fire 14 March 2021: Psycho insurance agent reaches Vidhvan’s house and tries to sell policy to Brij. Rohini walks in telling she is feeling boring without children.

Agent asks if they went via some train, it met with an accident and all passengers died, life is risky and insurance agents secure them. Divya says her bhaiya and bhabbhi are safe and have gone to Udaipur. Psycho agent grins.Anurag tells Ragini this is not honeymoon. She asks then how should they celebrate. He says she has to go to shai kaksh/bed room with him. She asks what…He tries to explain, then says forget it. Dulari enjoys snacks. Revathi yells how much she eats. Anurag tricks Ragini and is about to kiss him when Revathi runs and stops them. Vishu kisses Shristi on the other side. Anurag and Ragini throw water on each other on lake bed. Vishu and Shristi join them. Revathi comes and spoils Anurag and Ragini’s enjoyment. She thinks Vishu and Shristi look a perfect couple and they should not separate, she will separate Anurag and Ragini though.

Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi get wet playing in lake water and go in search of tea near huts. Anurag and Ragini get into hut. Vishu and Shristi see that and insist Revathi for tea. Dulari also insists. Anurag throws bead on Ragini. Ragini shouts insect insect….Anurag touches her sensuously. She realizes his trick and bites his finger. Dulari sees them going in and informs Revathi. When they are about to hug each other, Revathi opens door. They nervously walk out saying they get good tea here. Dulari asks to buy snacks also. Revathi fumes… Vishu and Shrhisti walk behind them.

Psycho insurance agent befriends Brij and Rohini and continue to question them about Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi. Divya says they are safe and have gone to Udaipur. Psycho says insurance agent can reach anywhere, who knows he will reach their children also. He walks out and making psychic expression thinks Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi he is coming to Udaipur to meet them.Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi walk feeling chilly. Vishu sees photographer and says they can dry their cloth while they click pics in Rajasthani attire. They walk in to change their dresses. Photographer steals their clothes, mobiles, money, etc., and escapes. They come out and see him missing. Anurag scolds Vishu that they lost everything because of him. Ragini asks him not to scold devarji. They walk around lake.

Foreigners click pics with them. Chinese lady asks Anurag if he is a king. He says yes. She asks if Ragini is his queen. He says yes. Ragini gets jealous seeing lady touching Anurag and scolds her in Hindi. Lady asks what is she telling. Anurag says she likes her. Jokergiri continues. Revathi and Dulari watch them from distance.They reach near hotel. Revathi asks Vishu to go and rest in hotel room with Shristi. Vishu says if he had to rest in room, they why did he come to Udiapur. Revathi sends him aside and tells Shristi that Vishu is innocent and does not know anything, she has to do everything. They both reach hotel. Anurag with Ragini reaches hotel and sees his old London school friend and converses with her. Raginni feels jealous.

Anurag says good bye to his friend and take Ragini to hotel room. Dulari tells Revathi let us go and find them before they romance again. Ragini says she will take a bath. Anurag says okay, he will watch then. She gets nervous. He says he means TV. She forgets towel and walks into bathroom. Anurag gets into bathroom in lieu of giving towel and gets romantic with her..Psycho insurance agent reaches Udadipur and grins thinking he will meet Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi soon.

Ragini gets ready in a beautiful red sari and red lipstick and thinks Misterji will fall flat seeing her beauty. In next room, Vishu gets severe cold. Shristi scolds him for playing in water. Their romance continues. He sees single bed and asks where will they sleep. She says on same bed. He gets shy. Rohini calls him and gives him some tips. Vishu gifts shristi a beautiful red nightie and asks her to try it. Ragini on the other side walks near pool side restaurant searching her misterji. Anurag comes and hugs her from behind and praises her beauty. Anurag makes her sit and shows champagne bottle. She says because of it, they were scolded a lot.

Vishu eagerly waits for Shristi. Shristi comes wearing red gown nervously. Vishu looks into her eyes and says she is looking very beautiful. She gets shy. Tinka Tinka Zara Zara…song..plays in the background. He lifts her, looking into her eyes and makes her sleep on bed, removes her slippers, goes and sleeps on the other side of bed and asks her to come near him. She shyingly moves. He holds her hand and pulls blanket over them then rolls on her…Song continues in the background. He switches off light and goes back to his side, says let us sleep, good night, he does not want any problem for her because of him. Shristi feels disappointed.

Anurag fills champagne in glasses and tells Ragini that they have come for honeymoon and he wants them to fly in air. She walks aside and says she wants to tell him. He holds her from behind and says he knows her nervousness, even he wants them to become two bodies and one soul and understand each other. Ragini says she does not want to spoil is beautiful evening and walks away sorry. He signs Aye Mere Humsafar Aye Mere jaane Jaan..song. She runs and hugs him and their romance starts. They continue their burning romance in swimming pool.

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