Ring Of Fire Update Monday 15 March 2021

Ring Of Fire 15 March 2021: Anurag fills champagne in glasses and tells Ragini that they have come for honeymoon and he wants them to fly in air. She walks aside and says she wants to tell him. He holds her from behind and says he knows her nervousness, even he wants them to become two bodies and one soul and understand each other. Ragini says she does not want to spoil is beautiful evening and walks away sorry. He signs Aye Mere Humsafar Aye Mere jaane Jaan..song. She runs and hugs him and their romance starts. They continue their burning romance in swimming pool.

Anurag takes Ragini to meet his new friend Sangini and says Sangini is beautiful. Ragini acts as jealous. Anurag says Sangini is beautiful as she looks exactly like her. Ragini continues acting. Anurag thinks she is typical wife and tries to convince her.Vishu and Shristi enjoy Udaipur’s sightseeing on the other side. Psycho insurance agent follows them. They look at an empty cart and argue if it is bullock cart or chariot. Psycho insurance agent pulls out poisonous scorpion from his bag and drops it on cart, thinking Shristi will die now. Shristi sits on cart and tells Vishu she is feeling thirsty.

Vishu goes to get water. Scorpion climbs Shristi’s shoulder. People shout it is a poisonous scorpion, don’t move. Vishu comes running. Psycho insurance agent senses an opportunity and throws scorpion away. Vishu thanks him for saving Shristi and introduces himself. Psycho insurance agent says he did not do anything. Revathi joins them and thanks Psycho insurance agent. She insists Vishu and Shristi to return to hotel room. Vishu does not agree and Revathi fails to convince him. They all head towards Udaipur palace.

Ragini tells Shristi that misterji wanted Ragini to meet Sangini, how can they both come together, she is feeling guilty and thinking of informing him everything. Shristi asks her to enjoy the confusion and drama. Revathi hears their and fumes that Ragini is playing prank and will fall flat instead. Guide shows them palace and says Rajas used to have 10 Rani’s minimum. Anurag happily repeats. Ragini says those days rajas used to fight for ranis. Anurag says he would not have. Guide says this palace’s speciality is they will return to the same spot where they go.

Psycho insurance agent reaches palace and thinks he will start killing spree in Udaipur’s palace. He follows them. Whole family enjoy’s palace sight seeing. Psycho insurance agent follows Shristi and imagines throwing her from balcony, but fails. He feels disappointed and thinks he will get many chances again. Family continues enjoying while Revathi continues fuming seeing Anurag and Ragini’s romance.During Udaipur palace sightseeing, guide tells however they go, they will reach same spot in this palace.

Ragini says let us try and disperses family. They all roam around whole palace and clash with each other. Psycho insurance agent follows Shristi and tries to push her from balcony from behind, but she walks away. He thinks he will get many chances again. Finally family reaches at one place.

Ragini and Anurag’s romance continues. Anurag clicks pics with foreigners and flirts with them. Ragini takes him away and asks if he likes glamorous girls looking at him. He says he likes her instead and her nature, he is her personal property and nobody else has right on him. Their romance continues.Family then video chats with Divya. Revathi says she has lost weight and scolds to have food properly. Shristi shows earrings to Divya. Divya says they are very beautiful and asks her to come home soon. She sees Psycho insurance agent peeping from behind and says that man.. Call gets disconnected just then.

Anurag tries to reconnect. Revathi says that is okay, battery is low and she will speak from hotel room.Family reaches hotel rooms. Vishu nervously practices trying to kiss Shristi and telling he wants to clear the distance between them. Shristi walks in and he gets nervous.

She says let her help him, reminiscing Revathi’s words that Vishu is innocent and she has to make a move first.Anurag ties Dulari’s hands and tells Revathi that now Dulari will not move, so she can sleep peacefully. Revathi acts as having headache and insists Ragini to massage her forehead. Anurag disagrees, but Ragini agrees and massages Revathi’s forehead. Once they feel she is asleep and try to leave, she wakes up again and asks Ragini to massage again.

Anurag leaves disappointed. Ragini continues massing Revathi’s forehead. Revathi tells her that she knows she is acting as both Ragini and Sangini to lure Anurag. Ragini says she was just playing a prank. Revathi says she should know if Anurag really loves her and should continue her Sangini’s disguise. Ragini agrees and leaves. Dulari wakes up and praises Revathi’s master plan. Revathi thinks Anurag himself will leave Ragini now and smirks.

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