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As part of more entertainment line up for the ardent viewers of Zee World, the Bollywood channel has added three new shows to its Prime Time line up from 4pm to 10pm WAT.  The series include Gangaa, Young Dreams and Laali. While Young dreams will be showing by 4pm, Laalii will follow suit, showing by 5pm WAT.

About the show Laali,

The show was produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Pictures. It is translated in India as Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo and has a total of 423 episodes and one season. It stars Ratan Rajput as Laali and Abhishek Rawat as Shekar.

Laali and Shekar

Full story and plot of Laali

Laali, a very poor teenaged girl, lives in a small village in the Indian state of Bihar with her parents, two younger sisters, and a brother. They belong to the Musahar caste and live at the bottom of the social hierarchy. They go through many trials and tribulations. Laali and her father have to support the family with little or no money.

Laali was married as a child and had not yet had her gauna (the ritual in which a married woman leaves her parents and goes to live with her husband). A strong-man named Balli goes around her village, offering money in return for poor girls.

He tries to buy Laali and eventually succeeds. He sells her to a rich zamindar named Thakur Loha Singh. Laali’s parents lie to her that she is being sent to her husband through a gauna ceremony.

Loha Singh intends to give Laali to a businessman in exchange for a business deal, which, however, is not successful. Therefore, Laali is kept by Loha Singh. He instead wants to use her to birth a grandson that will carry on his family name.

Both his sons are married, but the elder one, Ranvijay, has daughters while the younger, Shekhar has a barren wife. Loha orders Shekhar to get intimate with Laali in order to produce a male heir. At first Shekhar dislikes the idea but, after a few days, starts to respect and care for her. He tells her to stop waiting for her husband Ganesiya, who will never come.

Ratan Rajput as Laali

From the beginning, Laali likes Shekhar but feels sad for Siddheshwari, his wife. Shekhar also tells Laali that Siddeshwari wants them to get intimate for the sake of having an heir. At that same time Shekhar, encouraged by his mother, fights his father’s ill-treatment of Laali, whom he sometimes keeps tied in the cowshed, and other poor villagers, especially women.

In the meantime, Loha Singh decides to relegate Siddheswari to the outhouse where Laali is kept and gives Laali Siddheswari’s chamber to live in. This move is opposed by all the members of the family, including his wife Sumitra, Ranvijay’s wife Nandini, and Shekhar.

Enraged at this insult of his wife, Shekhar plans the theft of the jewels on the body of Lord Shiva in the mansion’s puja room. He intends to use the money to take Siddheswari away from his father’s house, which he finds oppressive.

Abhishek Rawat As Shekar

He manages to take her out of the house but fails to take the jewels which fall on the ground outside the house. Laali takes the blame for the theft to save Shekhar.

Siddheswari is dismayed by Shekhar’s decision to run away with no money in his pocket and forces him to return home. There he finds his brother trying to mutilate Laali’s fingers on theft charges. All this happens when Loha Singh is away on a thirthayatra.

In the meantime, Ratna arrives with her aunt (bua) to her parental home for a vacation. Ratna takes an instant dislike for Laali, sensing her control over her brother, Shekhar, to whom she is extremely close.

She wants to join a college for higher studies but is prevented from doing so by her aunt and father, who start looking for a groom for her.

He soon finds one – the son of a state-level minister, who is a criminal and is an old friend of Shekhar’s. At first Ratna, attracted by his parents’ wealth and prestige, wants to marry him, but on the day of the wedding realises the mistake she had made.

A fight ensues in which Mukul, to whom Ratna is engaged, brandishes a knife at Ratna. Her mother, Sumitra, by mistake shoots Mukul and Ratna, killing them. Laali, who is witness to the scene, once again takes the blame and is arrested.

Shekhar at first believes the charges against her but later realises that she had taken the blame to save his mother. She is jailed and is presumed dead in a car accident. Eventually, Shekhar saves her but continues to dislike her, hurt by her complicity in his sister’s death.

Sometime later, Sumitra is kidnapped by kidnapped by Gangiya, Siddeshwari, and Ranvijay because she had eaves dropped on their conversation.

One day at a mandir, Nandini is shocked to see Laali; she tells Laali about Sumitra and takes her to her in-laws’ mansion as a servant. Laali attempts to find Sumitra. Gangiya, Siddeshwari, and Ranvijay go in to kill Sumitra, who is now hidden in a storeroom, but find that she has left.

Laali then shows herself to Shekhar, who is shocked and tries to throw her out. She swears by her unborn child that she is only here to find Sumitra. Shekhar is shocked to know that Laali is pregnant and decides to help her by forcing Siddeshwari out of the house.

Soon Laali has her son. Ranvijay and Gangiya plan to kill the baby but fail. Laali wants to breastfeed her son, but Loha Singh refuses to allow that. In anger Laali threatens Loha Singh with a knife, to which he responds by threatening her with a gun; the situation is resolved when Loha Singh eventually gives his permission.

Shekhar then invites Laali’s family to live in the mansion because of a misunderstanding regarding the death of Laali’s sister Rekha’s husband. Rekha then meets Shekhar’s cousin, Madhur, who falls in love with her, and they plan to marry.

In the meantime, Gangiya plots to burn down the mansion, she instigates Jamuni and tells her to marry Ranvijay. Jamuni follows her mother’s orders and she burns the mansion. She escapes while everyone else tries to get out. Laali and Loha Singh know that Gangiya is responsible.

They find her and threaten her with a gun, but she throws chili powder in Loha’s eyes and blinds him temporarily. Shekhar seeing Loha Singh with the gun in his hands wrongly thinks that he means to shoot Laali.

He tries to shoot his father but accidentally shoots Laali. She falls down a cliff and is presumed dead. But she is actually alive. The next day, a funeral is held for Nandini, Siddhi, the younger of her twin daughters, and Laali.

Shekhar is mentally ill because of losing Laali. Although it is revealed that Seven years later, she is alive but has no memory of the past. she was rescued by some villagers and a doctor whose wife later dies. But before she does she tells him to marry Laali because she is a good woman and had helped them a lot.

The doctor however does not because he doesn’t know of her past. Laali begins to think that the story of the patient the doctor told her has something to do with her and somehow finds the flute familiar, after then she begins to remember some bits of her past.

Time passes but in the end Laali after going to Loha’s Mansion asks him to tell him the truth about her past if he knew about it but he says that he knows nothing, but then she pushes him into telling her and he agrees and suggest to re-act what happened in order to make her remember.

Loha Singh now wants to become the Sarpanch of the village, for which he lobbies the MLA of the constituency into which his village falls. The MLA is first skeptical of him, but Loha Singh promises mucle power to the MLA, who comes to his house for dinner and demands either Laali and Jamuni in return for the post of Sarpanch.

Eventually, Sumitra comes out of her hiding, forcing her husband to confess to all his crimes. He is sent to jail by the present Sarpanch, an elderly man of the village, and Laali is elected as the Sarpanch unopposed.

Loha however is now helped by the MLA who brings him out of jail, and asks him to deal with Laali. He returns to his home and instigates the villagers against her, causing a rift between Laali and her sister Rekha.

But the rift does not last long since Siddheswari’s sister, Surabhi Singh, the only surviving member of her family, which had been burnt in a fire, comes to Loha Singh’s house in the guise of a doctor who had been injecting Laali with syringes that makes her mentally insane and thinking that she’s Siddheswari, conspires to set the house on fire once again.

The house is set on fire, killing Surabhi, and no one else. Suman who had been behaving oddly with Laali comes to her senses, and agrees to return to her father’s home, leaving Madhur to marry Rekha finally.

Ratan Rajput As Laali

In the middle of all this Laali again gets pregnant. A dance party comes to their house to celebrate the occasion. In that dance party is Riddhi, Ranvijay’s long-lost elder daughter, who was removed from the mansion when Ranvijay and Jamuni took it over.

At first, Loha Singh and Ranvijay, not knowing who she is, try to shoo her away with some money. But she refuses to go. Laali finds out about her from an orphanage where she had been staying in earlier and rescues her with the help of Shekhar from a local goon called Kallu Bajrangi.

In the ensuing fight Loha Singh, who had earlier shown her the door even after knowing who she was, is finally overcome by emotion and shoots Kallu Bajrangi, who had in a show of power burnt down Loha’s anaj.

The show ends with Laali and Shekhar and their two children sitting in front of a tree with “Shekhar-Laali” curved into its bark.

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