Razia Sultan update Tuesday 21 March 2023

Razia Sultan 21 March 2023: Razia tells Altamash to pray for her competition..He tells that Razia will win,Razia tells its a new start for her..Fathima tells that Razia have to go for “Haldi” ceremony,Altamash tells that He will post pond the competition..Razia refuses and tells People will think in a wrong way.. Mirza’s mother tells Razia that some relatives came to meet..Shazia tells Shamshad Razia is in problem as that Competition is about to start and “HALDI” ceremony also,Shamshad tells God knows..Altamash asks Mirza about Razia as competition is about to start,Mirza tells he will call..As the next round of Competition starts…Crowd is gathered..Moizuddin beats the wrestler..

Razia Sultan 20 March 2023

But wrestler stands still..The wrestler picks Moizuddin and throws..Ruknuddin and Iqbal is shock..Altamash laughs..Moizuddin looses the fight.. One of the relative of Mirza asks from where did Razia learned “Biryani”,Razia replies that its nothing like that..Mirza comes and sees Razia..Iqbal tries to beat the wrestler,But he picks and throws him..People laugh..Iqbal looses..Next Ruknuddin goes..Ruknuddin tells himself that he has to win the competition..He fight with wrestler..Wrestler beats him..Ruknuddin runs and tries to catch but wrestler beats him hardly and throws..Ruknuddin looses the fight..Minister tells that already three contender’s are out of this round and now the fourth contender Razia’s chance..Altamash wait..Suddenly Mirza comes along with Razia..Altamash gets happy,She comes and stands in front of wrestler.

Yaqut comes and sees..One of the relative tells that are waiting for Bride and she is missing..Wrestler beats Razia and she falls..Ruknuddin laughs..Again Razia gets up and runs to beat him,He picks her and Pushes away..Razia falls in Mud,Whole Crowd laughs..Razia gets up and tells that she have to use brain and power..She jumps with whole strength,Wrestler falls in mud…Razia picks him and beats..Altamash gets happy..She punches him..Wrestler falls..Razia holds his neck and tells that She is a Women but not weak..All people shouts Razia’s name..Altamash tells he is proud of her..One minister tells that Razia defeated the Wrestler and won this Competition…People tell that Razia is brave and kind hearted women..All shouts Razia’s name..Altamash declares Razia as the the next RULER of Delhi as she won the last round of Competition..

Mirza comes and tells everyone that Razia won the competition will be the next ruler od Delhi..One relative come and tells Mirza that Razia cannot handle both as she ignored her HALDHI cermony..Later Razia comes and asks where is everyone..Mirza’s mother scolds her and tells that all relatives were upset..Yaqut comes and tells that Razia is ruler and have many responsibilities..Razia tells Yaqut to shut up..Yaqut tells that Mirza’s mother dont know anything..
Mirza’s mother tells that after sometime Razia will accuse that she spoil her face by HALDI,Razia tells its nothing like that..Turkan mix something in HALDHI..FAthima brings HALDHI..Turkan puts it on Razia’s face and hand..Razia somehow manages..Turkan tells that her hands are Burned but still Razia is controlling..Mirza’s mother tells that her blessings will be always with Razia..Razia thanks..Fathima takes Razia..She shouts in Pain..Fathima is shocked to see rashes on Razia’s hand.

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