Razia Sultan update Monday 20 March 2023

Razia Sultan 20 March 2023: Yaqut throws all things,Turkan tells is gone does not belong to God as well as Lover..Ruknuddin tells Turkan that Razia is getting all things that she wished,Turkan tells that Razia have to sacrifice..Yaqut tells that the wedding should never be happened,Turkan tells that she know that Yaqut loves Razia,Ruknuddin is shocked..She tells that Love is not a bad thing,Yaqut tells that he will anything for his love..Turkan tells he have to fight for his love..Razia tells Fathima that wedding ritual has been starting and she will try every possible way to convince mirza’s mother…Altamash prays to God to bless Razia with joy and happiness..As wedding decoration has started,Shamshad tells Fathima to help,Razia is upset..Shamshad asks what happened?Razia tells that she is confused whether Mirza’s mother will come or not..

Razia Sultan 19 March 2023

Shamshad tells its nothing like that..Turkan and Mirza’s mother come..Turkan tells Razia she worked very hard to bring her..Razia thanks Mirza’s mother for Coming,Shamshad request to sit..As Razia dances,Turkan sees..Yaqut bribes one person..Mirza sees Dance and tells Zaroon that he is Bored and Razia is dancing its not fair,,Zaroon tells they will do something.. Ruknuddin asks Yaqut about his plan,,Ruknuddin sees two person going in Burqa..He shouts..Yaqut tells its good If Mirza went…Mirza and Zaroon comes and sees dance..Mirza holds Razia’s hand…she is shocked..Mirza removes his naqaab,Razia is shocked..One Person leaves Snake in the room…Turkan sees..Razia dance,,Turkan tells Mirza’s mother to come and see the wedding outfit of Razia,As Snake follows Mirza’s mother..Turkan gets happy..Razia notices

Rewa tells Umang that she will write Ritika’s name on her legal guidance paper’s,Umang asks How mother will allow,Rewa tells she have to do all for Swimming..Umang tells he is very happy to see her back,Rewa tells she have to tell TK about her asthma..
Rewa stops TK and tells she have to say something important But he tells later and goes..At night Rewa cooks food for mother and leaves a note..She thinks about Jai and Bhagat..Ritika calls Rewa and tells that she is doing good and following her dream,Ritika tells that she will sign the “NOC”..Next morning Rewa sleeps,Umang comes and removes the bed sheet..Rewa tells after soo many days she slept in peace..As she didn’t said any lies and no tension..And her new life is started,Umang tells she is very happy..Rewa plays the music and dance along with Umang..Song goes on background “ABB TOH HUM CHAL PADAY”..Both of them dance and Enjoy..

Rewa’s mother tells she dont want to talk to anyone of them..Jai tells Rewa that he came to take back the Cheese cake reciepe book..Rewa tells that she dont have anytime..Rewa’s mother tells she will give..At canteen kanika eat Sandwhich order’s for Jai..Umang comes and eat cookies..Kanika shouts..Umang tells that Jai already had coffee with Jai..Umang tells Kanika will never have Jai,Kanika tells that she is lying,Umang tells Rewa is Jai’s first love..Kanika tells Umang to shut up as she will destroy her life,Umang tells that Kanika that she is a backup option for Jai and goes..Kanika tells she will destroy Rewa,,Kanika comes out of TK’s office and tells Rewa that TK called her.

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