Close to my Heart update Wednesday 22 March 2023

Close to my heart 22 March 2023: Sharja taunts Ginni that Adi will be free from you by tomorrow. Darji says if Adi announces Sam as his partner then the media will question that he married some other girl and announcing another girl as his partner.

Amber says Adi is ready to destroy our honor. Sharja says it’s all Ginni’s fault. Amber says you are right, this Ginni is the main character and a culprit. Supreet says it’s not Ginni’s fault alone, we have to stop Adi for now. Amber says one minute.. have you accepted this girl Ginni as our daughter-in-law?

I want to know what you are thinking. Sharja says why are you against Adi’s happiness? This Ginni is at fault so just throw her out. Darji says Supreet is right, she is thinking about our honor.

Amber says we are doing the same thing, we can’t allow Ginni to stay in this house so we have to throw her out and end this matter. I am with Adi in this matter, we might get insulted, and people might gossip but we will close this chapter. He tells Supreet that she can try talking to Adi and see if he will listen to her.

He leaves from there. Darji sadly looks at Ginni and asks her to trust God. Ginni thinks this fight is about truth and I won’t back down without a fight. She prays to Lord for strength so she can make truth win.

Adi asks Armaan to arrange designers and everything for Sam. Sam smiles at him and says thank you for taking my side. Adi says tell Armaan if you need anything. Sam pulls him back and says we will finally be married. Adi says tomorrow is a big day so wait till then. He pulls back and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Ginni is talking to her friend Santo and says I have sent divorce papers to you. I have to prove that Adi is not the father. She says I have an idea.

Amber tells Darji that we don’t have a lot of time left before gala dinner. Adi comes there and asks Darji to not worry about the arrangements, he hugs him and says I am your Adi.. people have taken me forgranted, they used me, threw me out of the house, married me to save their brother but I will do what I think is right for me now. Darji says I trust you. Adi says I will be with the person who I deserve tomorrow. I am ready for it. Darji says you are responsible, just remember that I am with you.

Sam is trying on dresses and sees Ginni coming there. She asks her to help her in selecting. Ginni says you shouldn’t celebrate before winning. Sam says you are competing with me so you will lose at any cost. She gives her some ropes and says when Adi accepts me tomorrow as his wife then you use this to kill yourself. Ginni gives it back to her and says you will need it when your truth comes out. Sam gets a call from a woman. The woman says have you forgotten who the real father of the baby is? Sam is shocked.

The woman says I know everything about you, how you trapped Adi, where you lived in Canada. Arrange 15 lacs by tomorrow morning if you don’t want me to tell the truth to Adi. Sam is shocked and drops the phone. She asks Ginni to get lost. Ginni tries to change her phone with Sam. Armaan comes there and silently helps Ginni. She takes Sam’s phone from there.

Armaan comes to Ginni and asks why did she want Sam’s phone? I helped you because I saw you fighting for the truth event against Adi’s anger. I have become your fan.

Ginni calls her friend Santo and says Sam got scared when you called her for money. Santo asks her to check her phone and give it back before Sam gets to know about it. Ginni checks her phone but doesn’t find anything.

Sam opens her phone and realizes it’s not her phone. She screams for Adi.

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