Razia Sultan update Wednesday 22 March 2023

Razia Sultan 22 March 2023: Razia tells Fathima to stop Mirza as she cannot meet him,Mirza comes with a gift..Fathima comes in between and stand..Mirza tells that one who come between their love will be punished,

Fathima tells that Mirza cannot go inside as Razia is changing dress,Mirza tells that this is very good time..Fathima tells He is soo shameless..Mirza tells that he will find some other way to express his feelings..He writes a letter to Razia and gives to fathima,Razia reads it and gets happy..Fathima tells to say whole truth to Mirza..Razia tells she cannot do that..

Yaqut comes and is shocked to see Razia,,She tells to give her letter to Mirza..Yaqut agrees..Later Yaqut throws the letter aside..Mirza comes and ask Yaqut what he is doing here..Mirza tells that he wanted to meet Razia..Yaqut tells that He dont have permission..Mirza tells not to forget his standard..Razia calls Yaqut..Razia sees Mirza and hides..Mirza goes angrily..

She asks Yaqut about Mirza..He tells that Mirza was annoyed..Mirza’s mother tell him that she bought sweet for him,He eats and tells that it is tasty..Mirza eats all..Mother asks Mirza If he would be happy marrying Razia,Mirza tells that he cannot leave without her..Mother tells that Razia is Princess as well as Ruler and its tough for them to manage home.

.He tells that Razia is very good..Mother tells that she dont have any objection If he is happy..Mirza thanks mother for making sweet..Next morning Razia gets up and is shocked to see Naser,Shazia and Fathima..Shazia tells that still marks on her face..Razia is shocked and tells that she want to meet Mirza..She tells that
Yaqut comes.

.Razia tells to bring Mirror,She tells that her face has become very bad..Yaqut is about to tell but Shazia stops him,Yaqut tells that fishes are hungry in lake..Razia goes and checks herself and tells that Shazia,Naser and Fathima was making her fool..Yaqut tells yes..Razia gives food to fish,She tells Yaqut that she Promised to meet Mirza,Yaqut too throw food to fish..Mirza comes and sees both of them..

Fathima tells Mirza that Razia’s skin was burnt due to HALDHI that was bought by his mother,Mirza is shocked..He search Razia..Yaqut sees and tells that Mirza should never meet Razia..Yaqut comes..Yaqut tells Mirza cannot meet Razia..Mirza tells that he know the secret atleast Yaqut can send message..Yaqut tells that he is Razia’s bodyguard not his..

Razia tells Yaqut to mind his tongue as it is Mirza,She tells to apologise..Mirza tells to forget it..She tells that Mirza is her world and Yaqut behaved very inproper..Yaqut apologises and goes..Mirza tells Razia that she even not behave properly,as she hide the secret from him..Razia tells already his mother is annoyed and If she said that the situation would have have been worse..He tells Razia to get closer..

Both of them get close..Razia smile goes away,Mirza follows her and tells wanted to hug otherwise will be annoyed..Razia hugs Mirza..He tells that Razia is looking very beautiful..Razia smiles and runs..Mirza tell its now his turn to hug..She tells that he is very shameless and runs..

Mirza catches and tells that is not scared of anyone,Yaqut hides and sees and gets jealous..Mirza’s mother tells Yaqut that she was wrong and Razia is a good girl..Yaqut tells that she cannot refuse that Razia’s father is a murder..She tells that there will be a new beginning with the Love..Yaqut tells that he want to see her happy..

Shamshad tells Razia that Mirza cannot stay away..She smiles and tell that will not do anything..Mirza slowly peeps through te curtain..Razia catches him and scolds..He tells that cannot stay away from her..Razia tells will meet after sometime in room but he should not peep..Mirza agrees..Mirza kiss Razia but she goes away..Mirza waits..Yaqut tells Mirza have to wait forever..

Next Thursday update broken Bonds


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