Rajjo starlife update Thursday 13 July 2023

Rajjo 13 July 2023: The Episode starts with Pushkar hearing the coaches talking about him. He thinks no, I have to make Mannu and Rajjo out of here. He signs a lady. Mannu and Rajjo come home. Rajjo says I will meet Madhu and come. She comes to Madhu. Madhu acts unwell. Rajjo asks is it your birthday today, we will go out or celebrate at home. Madhu says no, its Makar Sankranti, so gifts have come. Madhu says I want you to get decked up. Rajjo says you look better now, I want to tell you about Arjun and me. Madhu says I forgot to take bp medicines, you are my medicine, I want to see you decked up, just listen to me. Rajjo gets ready in a red dress. She says its too much. Madhu says its nice, I forgot to put the gajra. Rajjo says no, don’t do this. Madhu says you listen to me now. She applies the perfume on Rajjo’s hands.

Rajjo sneezes. She says it has a strong smell. Madhu says its special perfume. She recalls Jhilmil’s words. She asks Rajjo to keep the oil bottle in Arjun’s washroom. Rajjo says I will keep it. Madhu praises her and sends her. She smiles. Pushkar asks the lady to give injection of steroids. The lady asks how will I get it. He says I will get it, this should be a secret, I will take care of your family, if you go against me, then you know what I can do. She says I won’t say this to anyone.Pushkar says I will see them tomorrow. Rajjo goes to the washroom to keep the bottle. Arjun is there. Jhilmil locks the door. She says the door won’t open until everything happens.

Arjun and Rajjo have a moment. He laughs seeing her spilled kajal. She checks the door and knocks. She asks why are you laughing, you don’t find me pretty, you can’t make fun of me, why did you come to see me at the academy and lie about the car. He says no, car really broke down, Pushkar and I are working together. She says you are lying, you came there for me. She shows her face. She gets scared. He laughs. He cleans the kajal. Rozana…plays… They get close. She faints in his arms. He asks her to open eyes. He lifts her. He breaks the door and gets her out. He shouts to Chirag. Chirag and Kalindi come. They ask what happened. Arjun says call the doctor. Chirag calls the doctor and asks him to come soon for the emergency. Mannu and everyone come and see Rajjo. Madhu asks did anything happen. Jhilmil says don’t worry, I just locked the door. Madhu and Mannu ask what’s happening.

Mannu says I feel someone is doing this with her. Arjun asks did this happen with her before. Mannu says no, its happening only here with her, someone is after her. Arjun sees Madhu. Mannu says Pushkar is doing this. Madhu says no, calm down. Chirag says doctor is on the way. Jhilmil says he is a nice man. Mannu says I know his truth, don’t make me say. Kalindi asks what is she saying, think and talk about her dad. Madhu says calm down. Doctor comes and checks Rajjo.

He says she has an allergy, she found it difficult to breathe, she would have died if the treatment got delayed. Mannu asks what was that thing, tell me what did you give her, say something. Swara says Rajjo had normal breakfast. Mannu says she didn’t eat anything in the academy, she came home with me, she went to meet Madhu. She asks Madhu what did you give to Rajjo. Arjun also asks Madhu.Madhu lying to Arjun. Arjun asks is there anything else. Chirag asks doctor about the allergy. Doctor says its not about food, maybe she has an allergy to any perfume or dust, she might have smelled something that caused this. Arjun asks Madhu what did she feed to his Rajjo. Rajjo hears him. Arjun says my Rajjo was nearly dying, tell me what is it.

Madhu says she was ready and then she was seeing my perfumes. Madhu says maybe she had an allergy with the floral perfume. Rajjo gets conscious. Arjun holds her hand. He gets away. He sees Madhu. Mannu says I feel scared about Rajjo, I can’t leave her alone until she gets completely fine, she will stay with me, she won’t meet anyone in private. Arjun rushes. Chirag says something is strange. Arjun searches Madhu’s room. He

gets the perfume bottle and recalls Rajjo. Madhu comes. She says okay, so you will now check my room. He shows the perfume and says you did this. They argue. He asks how did you get this perfume, I know you, you don’t use this, I told you, I don’t want Gurumaa here, you didn’t listen to me. Madhu says don’t drag her in between. He says she gave this perfume to you, you have blind belief, you don’t care for anyone’s life, you will not take Rajjo’s life for any reason, because she should die while saving me, now I understand why Rajjo is getting decked up, you are doing this, what are you doing this. Madhu says don’t shout, I admit I have applied her the perfume, I love you a lot, what’s wrong, you are my son. He says this love would take Rajjo’s life. She says I didn’t know this would happen. He says you were planning to kill her.

She says if its in her fate to die, then what can I do. Chirag comes there and hears Arjun and Madhu arguing. He thinks did Arjun take Gurumaa’s name. Kalindi asks him to get the ointment for Rajjo. Chirag goes. Arjun says if your Gurumaa’s prediction is right, if anything happens to Rajjo, then you will be responsible. Madhu asks what do you want to do. He says you will know it soon. He goes. She worries.

Pushkar asks the nurse to go to Rajjo’s house, she isn’t well, she won’t come here, ask her to come to academy in an hour, else she will have to sit at home. Nurse goes. Niharika asks is it imp to go. Arjun says thanks, you are my best friend, you helped me in booking the US ticket and keeping this a secret, give these blank cheques to Rajjo, it will help her, don’t tell her that I gave this, she has much esteem and ego also. She asks if she asks about the money. He says I don’t know how you do this, I know you can manage, just handle this. She says I know you love Rajjo a lot, then why are you leaving her, don’t punish her, please don’t go. Arjun says please, I have to go. Mannu worries for Rajjo. Rajjo says I m not unwell. Mannu asks her to have some fruits. Nurse comes and lies to her. Rajjo asks will she give me an injection now. Mannu says nothing will happen. Rajjo gets injected. The bottle falls there. Nurse asks Rajjo to come for the blood tests. Mannu says she will come tomorrow, she isn’t well. Nurse says no, it’s a free test today, else you will have to pay for the tests, you decide, you won’t be allowed to run without the tests. Rajjo says I will go for the blood tests. Mannu asks her to have the fruits. Rajjo says Arjun saved my life, I didn’t even say thanks. She goes to Arjun’s room. She sees him and says I had to say thanks. Arjun says anyone would have done the same. She sees his toe hurt and cares for him. He stops her. He says I m fine. She asks why did you save me. He asks her to do a favor and stay away. She scolds him.

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