Rajjo starlife update Wednesday 12 July 2023

Rajjo 12 July 2023: The Episode starts with doctor treating Madhu. She asks him to bandage her wound, everyone should think the wound is serious. Doctor agrees. He goes out and lies to the family about Madhu’s high bp. He says she may suffer a heart attack, she is missing Rajjo. Everyone asks Rajjo to go to Madhu. Arjun thinks mom is acting to stop Rajjo. Rajjo goes to Madhu and says sorry, this happened because of me. Madhu starts acting in front of her.

Madhu says I m ready to do anything, I m sorry, please don’t go, this is your house, your dreams, academy and Arjun are here, don’t leave them and go. Rajjo recalls Arjun’s words. Mannu also explains Rajjo. Chirag asks Arjun why are you silent, what happened. He asks him to just say it, the entire family is breaking. Madhu says I can’t see a broken marriage or a broken heart, don’t leave him, I beg you for Arjun’s happiness. She cries and threatens of dying. Rajjo says no, don’t say this. Madhu says don’t leave Arjun. Rajjo thinks what to do. Mannu says I suggest you should respect her word right now and stay back.

Rajjo nods. Madhu hugs her. Arjun comes there. He asks Madhu to stop the drama. He says I don’t such life that I have to kill someone. Madhu says one who has come will do. He says this implies to me also. She says no, I have a solution to save you. He says death doesn’t cheat anyone. They argue. He says you aren’t right in my opinion. Rajjo asks how will I face Arjun now, he wanted to get rid of me. She comes to Arjun’s room. He says I will keep your stuff in another room, everyone knows now that we aren’t happy. She says no need, I will do it myself. She leaves. Tu jo nazron ke saamne…plays…

They recall their moments and cry. Rajjo rests in Mannu’s lap. She consoles her. She says the bad times prepare us for the good times. Rajjo says you are my world, nothing else matters to me, I just have one dream now, I run so fast that I win, you took care of me. Rajjo comes for her training. Pushkar comes and encourages the girls. Rajjo claps happily. Pushkar says you didn’t pay the registration fees, your admission happened on my word, I will see everything but I regret I can’t give the coach, if you pay the coach fees then I have no problem, fees isn’t much. Rajjo asks how much is it. He says just one lakh. She asks one lakh. He says yes, don’t worry, Arjun has much money, take it from him, sorry you can’t get the coach if you have no fees.

Mannu comes as Rajjo’s coach. Pushkar is stunned. Rajjo smiles and compliments her. She asks why did you come here for me. Mannu says I want to help you move on. Pushkar says you have to be a part of this academy to become a coach. Mannu reminds that she was a part of this academy 20 years back, she was the first woman athlete to get a gold medal for this state. Madhu talks to Gurumaa. She asks what shall I do now. Arjun comes and asks Gurumaa to explain him the plan. He scolds her. He says I won’t leave you, you can’t put your death on someone else’s head, until I m alive, I won’t let anything happen to Rajjo, you can’t cause any harm to her.

Arjun scolding Madhu. She scolds him back. He says you are wrong, I will talk to you in this manner, if you don’t stop this planning and plotting, then it will result really bad, you will see me dead. He removes the l andline phone. He goes. Pushkar says you should have experience to teach here, you can’t become a coach just like that. Rajjo says being a mum is the world’s biggest experience, I respect all the coaches here, but I don’t hope to see my mum’s insult, she is my mum, she knows my strength and weakness, she will be the best coach for me. Mannu smiles. Rajjo defends her mum.

She asks them to check Manorama’s past records. She says I won’t ask her why she stopped running, its her story, its her choice to say it or not. Coach says when Mannu left the sports,it came in the news. Rajjo says she has come back to fulfil my dreams and I will fulfil her dreams, she will be the best coach and I will become the best player. Everyone claps. Pushkar stops them. He says you can get applaud by saying emotional things, but not a coach’s position. Mannu asks why not, I have won a gold medal, why can’t I become a coach, maybe you don’t like me, that’s not imp, you have nothing to argue, I can become Rajjo’s coach and tell her the game. Pushkar hears the men talking about Mannu.

Rajjo says congrats and hugs Mannu. Mannu says congrats, your dream will get fulfilled now, I will make you a big athlete. Rajjo says now no one can defeat me. They hug.Jhilmil meets Gurumaa outside the house. She says Arjun didn’t allow you to come inside, give me what you wanted, I will give it to Madhu. They see Arjun coming and hide. Chirag sees them and says don’t know what goes on. Madhu gives a bottle to Jhilmil. Jhilmil asks what is in it. Rajjo runs and comes to Mannu. She says I feel happy that you are coaching me. Mannu says sorry, I was so scared, now I get courage seeing you. Arjun records their video. He smiles. He says I can do anything for Rajjo, I can’t risk her life.

Mannu asks Rajjo to have water. She goes to see what other coaches are teaching. Rajjo says its Arjun’s perfume smell. She sees Arjun. Arjun acts that his car broke down. He asks the guard to get help. Guard goes. Rajjo comes to Arjun. He says my car broke down. She says I don’t understand what to believe and what to not, you don’t lie, right. She says I have to tolerate all this alone, this is my punishment for having one sided feelings. Arjun thinks no, its not one sided feelings, I wish I could say it.

She asks him to say. She says I was wrong that you also love me, anyways forget it, you said you want to see me on my foot, then let me do it. Arjun says I didn’t stop you, just go. She says I know why you came here, don’t care for me, don’t talk to me but don’t keep anger in your heart, you aren’t such a person, don’t act like this, you are really nice and true at heart, don’t change for anyone, I think your car will work now. She goes. Jhilmil gets hot soup for Madhu. Madhu says I m worried for Arjun. Jhilmil shows the bottle. She says Gurumaa gave this. Madhu asks what to do. The man says all the athletes will have a physical examination tomorrow. Rajjo says Arjun said he comes here every day. The man says no, he came after many months. She says it means he was lying, if he came for me, then why did he hide, why did his behavior change.

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