Rajjo starlife update Friday 28 July 2023

Rajjo 28 July 2023: The Episode starts with Niharika saying I got these flowers for Rajjo. She apologizes. Arjun says you don’t need to say sorry, you did a lot for us. She gets the decorations box. She says just think of Rajjo and make a new start with her, if you both come close, then the misunderstandings will end. Arjun asks how will it happen. Chirag says go and apologize to her, learn to express if you love her. Arjun says she will get angry on me. Rajjo says his love and my love are different. Arjun says I had to explain her what does a date mean, I should explain her. Rajjo says I have to go and talk to him. Mannu asks will you go this way, get ready and come. Arjun says I should talk to her. Niharika asks him to go and take a bath, till then they will decorate the room. Arjun says no need.

Madhu argues with Jhilmil and Mukund. She says Swara can’t give a child to Mukund, break their relation and get him married to someone else, I would have done this with Rajjo if she was in this place. Mukund says there is nothing between Swara and me, just free me from this marriage. Madhu says I have to tolerate Rajjo with Arjun, but Mukund is ready, listen to me, throw out Swara from his life, get someone who can keep Mukund happy. Swara comes and says I have to say something. Chirag applies perfume to Arjun and says everything will be fine, you have to express love to Rajjo, go and tell her how much do you love. Niharika asks them to come inside. Mannu and Pankhudi make Rajjo ready. Rajjo laughs and jokes on Arjun.

Arjun and Chirag enter the room, and like the decorations. Arjun says I m lucky that you are my friend. Niharika says I m lucky, go and start a new life with Rajjo. Chirag says he isn’t ready yet, I will come. Mannu finds Rajjo tensed. Chirag comes and gives a bottle of champagne to Arjun. Arjun says I don’t drink. Chirag says it’s a medicine for your fear, you will speak up, else you will become a cat in front of our lioness, Rajjo. Arjun says don’t joke. She says you really need this. Chirag hugs Arjun.

Kalindi gets Niharika to the storeroom. She says you want to help Rajjo, dad is in jail, Bunty is so scared, police got the car accident cctv footage also, his tough to get his bail, Rajjo and Mannu did this. Niharika says they did it for money, dad is a true and good man, I know he went after someone, it wasn’t his mistake alone, Mannu was also responsible, I m national champion, I will teach a lesson to Rajjo and Mannu, what will they do without Arjun, then dad will come back home. She shows the drugs. She goes to Arjun. He says please don’t scold me, Rajjo. She laughs. She advises him to confess his feelings. She gives him a glass of wine. She spikes the drink. She says you have to drink this now. She insists and makes him drink. They hug. Mannu says you and Arjun can overcome any problem, its okay, go now. Rajjo goes to her room. She sees the decorations and smiles. She gets shocked seeing Arjun and Niharika in bed. Niharika gets up and says sorry, forgive us for this. Arjun wakes up.

Rajjo asking Swara why are you worried. Swara says Mukund didn’t beat me, but he hurts me with his words, it breaks my heart, he shouts on me, I don’t understand how to keep him happy, our relation wasn’t strong, it got better after you came here, you stay worried, what could I tell you. Rajjo says yes, we women see other’s problems first, we have to change this, we have to fight. Swara says its easy to say, you always fight for Arjun. Rajjo thinks of Arjun.

Rajjo says we will talk later about it, what did the doctor say. Rajjo says talk to Mukund. Swara says nothing is going fine. Swara says they think I m lacking something, Mukund and Jhilmil were deciding to divorce me and Mukund. Rajjo gets shocked. Madhu asks Mukund to understand his responsibility and take care

of Swara. Swara says I was scared, I didn’t understand what to do. Rajjo calms her down. Jhilmil asks Mukund to change, he is going to become a dad. Madhu says I will also talk to Swara. Mukund says don’t worry. Jhilmil says there is much work, we will welcome the baby well. She says it will be a grandson for me. Swara asks how will I hide this truth for long, sorry, I made you promise that you will help me, don’t break this promise, don’t leave me alone. Rajjo thinks I know to fight but Swara is innocent, how will she fight them alone. Swara says I can’t fight alone, I really need your help, please stay back for my sake, help me. Madhu asks what help do you want from her. Swara says I m pregnant, so I asked her to help to encourage me, I feel tensed. Mukund gets angry.

Madhu asks him to behave well. Mukund says sorry, I know you need rest in this condition, I m there with you, tell me your sorrow, I will end it. Rajjo thinks we all are fools, we didn’t see what she is going through. Mukund asks Swara why is she tensed. Rajjo says no, we were just sharing our joy and sorrow, we are friends. Jhilmil says we are with you, I called a big doctor for your checkup tomorrow, everything will be fine. Mukund says yes. Rajjo hugs Swara. She asks Swara to go and sleep. Arjun comes to Rajjo. She goes and shuts the door. He puts his hand between the door and gets hurt. He says I thought you will shout on me and scold me. She comes out and holds his hand to save him from falling. They both have an eyelock.

Hamari adhuri kahani…plays.. She says you have snatched my dreams, you think everything will be fine. He holds her close. He says please try to understand, I didn’t cheat you, I made a mistake, but I was drunk, I m really ashamed for this. She says such incidents happen in life, person gets saved but doesn’t stay alive, this incident is such for me, you took my life and left me alive, I was so foolish, Niharika was much more than a friend for you, you don’t deny it now, you have always trusted her more than me. Arjun asks her to understand. He says I don’t want to force you to stop, I can’t let you go, I have realized that I can’t live without you. Rajjo says you won’t get another chance now. He says please listen to me. She says how many times, you had ruined our relation easily, there is nothing to save, you are the reason that I m here, the relation was one sided. She says you didn’t support me when I needed you, whatever happened today, its over, we will end everything, don’t keep a burden on your heart, even I won’t keep, I never loved you, I loved the person which you pretended to be.

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