Rajjo starlife update Monday 24 July 2023

Rajjo 24 July 2023: The Episode starts with Pushkar asking Arjun to take Rajjo inside and look after her. Arjun says I would do that anyway. He takes Rajjo. He asks Rajjo to have juice. He says you didn’t eat anything. He asks why did you run away from there, is everything fine, why did you faint. Rajjo lies down and cries. Madhu asks why did you take Rajjo’s side. Pushkar says Mannu’s ghost is after me. She doesn’t believe him and argues. She leaves. He says I will shut the windows and doors, the ghost can come here. He gets shocked seeing Mannu’s ghost. He says don’t do anything to me, I m Rajjo’s dad, Rajjo will become an orphan, she will stay safe here, I will ensure this.

Mannu scolds him. She asks him to go and tell Rajjo their relation’s truth, that he is Rajjo’s dad, admit his crimes. He says stay away. She threatens him. He throws things at her. She says you forgot that you had sent me in front of the crocodiles, you think any pain can touch me now. He throws the lantern. The place catches fire. He gets scared. He runs outside. She worries. She says I will get caught if I shout. She sees the burning wood falling over her. Rajjo comes there and pulls her. She saves Mannu. They smile and hug. Mannu asks are you fine. Rajjo says yes, I m fine until I found you, did our plan work. Mannu says yes, Pushkar got scared. They hear someone’s footsteps. They hide. They put the water and put off the fire. Rajjo says I couldn’t sleep in tension.

She hugs Mannu. She says when that woman gave me your shoes, I fell down. She recalls Mannu coming there and saving her. Rajjo hugs her. Mannu says don’t cry I m fine. Rajjo asks why did you come here. Mannu says Pushkar tried to kill me. Rajjo asks Pushkar. Mannu cries. Rajjo asks how did you get saved from the crocodiles. Mannu says Bholenath sent some angels, they saved my life, else don’t know what would have happened with me. She recalls the lady saving her and treating her. She says I got conscious after 3 days. Rajjo thanks the lady. The lady says its your goodness, truth, devotion and strength that your mum got saved. She goes. Rajjo asks why does Pushkar want to kill you, what’s your enmity with him.

She says thanks you didn’t ask this before. The man asks was someone coming to meet you, a young guy has come. Rajjo says Arjun has come, I will get him, wait here. Mannu says you distract them for some time, we will come. Rajjo says but… Mannu says everyone loves Arjun a lot, Pushkar is their relative, Kalindi is Arjun’s Bhabhi, you think he will trust you, do you want to hurt his heart. Arjun asks the man about Rajjo. The man says go that side. Arjun runs. Rajjo looks on sadly. Mannu says your relation is on love, I don’t want that trust to break, we have to get proof against Pushkar first, then we can tell Arjun.

Rajjo saying Sia had heard Madhu talking about Magar taal, and Mannu is saying about Pushkar. Mannu asks why would Madhu do this. Rajjo says she had tried to prove me mentally unstable, Nanku helped me, Pushkar might be threatening Madhu, or maybe they both are together, come, we will go and tell his truth to the police and family. Madhu says no, they are powerful people, they have money and power, we have just our truth, the truth is enough to make them lose, we need proof. Rajjo says fine, we will get Pushkar’s truth his own way, we will make him accept his truth. Mannu asks but how. Rajjo says we will not clear his misunderstanding, he thinks he killed you, ghosts come back and can make one admit a lot, we have to do the same. Mannu says promise me, you won’t tell Arjun.

Rajjo promises her and hugs. She thinks what happened in the past, I won’t ask mum. Madhu says listen to me, go to that jungle side, until Arjun finds you, act unconscious, else they will send you back to hospital, you have to go home, I have to find a way to enter Pushkar’s house. Rajjo agrees. FB ends. Rajjo says our plan will work, you are with me, I m worried that I m lying to Arjun. Mannu says it’s a matter of some time, then truth will come out, you and Arjun can start your new life. Rajjo says I have kept the food in the room, I will go now. She asks Mannu to take care.

Arjun sees Rajjo and takes care of her. She feels bad to lie to him. He says I m getting food for you like before. He feeds her the soup. He asks her not to worry, they will find out Mannu. Rajjo thinks I will tell the truth to Arjun, even if it breaks Mannu’s promise. She tries to say. Chirag asks Arjun to come out. Arjun says I will come after feeding her the food. She says I will have it myself. Arjun goes to Chirag.

Chirag asks why did you get Rajjo home, can you take care of her, tell me. Arjun says I have no other way. Chirag says I m not trying to separate you, you can’t deny that Rajjo’s presence is a threat to everyone’s lives, she is my sister, I m saying that for her betterment. Arjun asks what betterment, you are seeing her state. Rajjo gets sad. Arjun says so sorry, look at her, she is shattered, how shall I leave her, she can’t think of harming anyone. Chirag says don’t lecture me, old things shouldn’t repeat, can you guarantee. Arjun says nothing has a guarantee. Chirag says even Sia has to pay a price for your mistake. Niharika says its time to help Arjun and support him, you are scolding him. She asks Arjun to smile and cut his birthday cake, Rajjo has come back. Rajjo thinks I didn’t know about your birthday, I wish I didn’t hurt you, I m helpless. Niharika says we will celebrate your birthday today. Arjun asks what celebration. Rajjo makes a flower for Arjun. She keeps it on the bed. Arjun smiles seeing the flower. She recalls Arjun’s words. He thinks he remembers that. She thinks I didn’t forget it. He holds her hand. Niharika comes and says I got a gift for you, I won’t take it back. She shows the gift box. Arjun sees the flower. He says so Niharika gave this to me. He thinks why would Rajjo give me a flower. Madhu asks Pushkar to stay in their house. Pushkar says Arjun won’t leave me. She asks him to go and stay in his house. He gets scared. He says I got a solution to save myself. He shows the gun. She says you can’t kill ghosts by a gun, calm your mind, if Kalindi and Sia see you in this state, then… we will keep a havan for your mental peace, sleep well. She goes. Arjun gets a dupatta and ties to his hand.

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