Aparajita zeeworld update Tuesday 25 July 2023

Aparajita 25 July 2023: Akshay is waiting outside the washroom for Aparajita but Mohini comes there and says she is not at home. She smirks and thinks to tell him the truth. Akshay says what do you mean? Mohini says I am just asking.Aparajita runs to the police station and looks around for her daughters. They are locked in the cell with others harassing them. Aparajita comes there and is hurt seeing them like this. She asks what happened? Disha cries and says that driver left us in the middle, we were looking for a taxi but the police arrived and took us here.

Mohini tells Akshay that Aparajita left her anniversary celebrations? Akshay says she is in the washroom only. Mohini grabs his hand and says do you trust her this much? Akshay says yes. Mohini comes closer and says yes trust brings people closer. Goggu comes there and the flashback shows how Aparajita called him to be with Akshay. He asks if Aparajita is at home? Akshay says she is in the washroom. Guggo says I need Aparajita’s help in filling out a form, he asks Akshay if he can help him? Mohini asks him to leave but Akshay says I will help you.

In the police station, Chhavi cries but Aparajita says don’t worry. Asha says I am feeling very dizzy. Aparajita asks what happened? The inspector comes there and asks what’s going on? Aparajita says these are my daughters, I will show their IDs, she looks in her purse but can’t find their IDs. The flashback shows how Mohini stole it from her bag.

Scene 2
Guggo is keeping Akshay busy by making him fill out the form while Mohini waits. She says Aparajita will be begging in the police station while I will tell everything to Akshay.The inspector tells Aparajita to stop lying. She thinks I am sure Mohini is behind all this. Aparajita tells the inspector that her younger daughter is not well, let them go. The inspector says she took drugs. Aparajita says she is my daughter, don’t you have humanity? she is not feeling well. The inspector asks her to shut up otherwise they will throw her out. Aparajita says fine, I won’t say anything. The inspector asks her to bring her husband so he can free them. Aparajita is shocked and thinks what will she do now? she can’t bring Akshay here.

Akshay completes the form and is going to check on Aparajita but Guggo hurts himself so Akshay rushes to him. He asks Mohini to bring first-aid. Mohini is angry and thinks he is keeping him busy.Aparajita tells her daughters to not worry, there is always a way out of troubles. She tells them stories to keep them distracted from stress. Asha says you are our lioness. Aparajita says you are my cubs, don’t worry about anything and don’t lose hope.

Aparajita calls Mohini and says I know you have framed my kids to send them to the jail, your fight is with me so stop punishing my daughters, I am begging you to come here with their IDs, help me. Mohini says begging? Aparajita says I know you made Asha drink something, she is dizzy, what have you done with her? Mohini thinks she didn’t do anything with her.. it means Asha wore the ring. Mohini says I don’t know what happened with Asha but you really think I will help you when you are trying to steal my husband? she ends the call. Aparajita thinks I have to do something as Asha is not weel.

Mohini says Aparajita will be busy in the police station and till then I will make Akshay mine again. She turns off the house electricity.AAparajitahears a female officer curing her senior Singh as he is making her make tea for him. Aparajita says why don’t you take a stand against him? the officer says he has something against the girls, I know your daughters are innocent but this Singh won’t leave them easily. Aparajita says I need your help, can you do it?

Mohini comes to Akshay and says I called Aparajita but she is not answering from the washroom, ther eis no electricity. She asks Guggo to go and check on the electricity. He is reluctant but leaves. Mohini thinks now he will know that Aparajita is not here. Akshay knocks on the washroom door and asks Aparajita to open it.Aparajita is thinking of a way to save her daughters. Singh says we will file a drug case on Asha. Aparajita brings a doctor there, Aparajita silently thanks the female office who helped her. The doctor tells Singh that a girl is not well but you didn’t call me?

Akshay comes in the washroom and doesn’t find Aparajita there. Mohini says it seems like she left from the window, she lied to you and left you alone on your anniversary? Akshay is in shock and recalls Aparajita ignoring him. Guggo comes there so Mohini asks where is Aparajita? tell us.The doctor treats Asha and tells Singh that this girl didn’t consume any drugs, it seems like she touched a chemical which made her like this. He tells Singh that I will complain about you, he leaves. Singh tells Aparajita that I got insulted because of you, I will not spare your daughters now. He drags Asha back in the cell. Aparajita says why are you doing this? Singh asks her to shut up and leave otherwise he will arrest her too. He takes her phone and says you can’t call the doctor again. Guggo is calling Aparajita but she can’t pick up. Aparajita says I have a video with the MLA, maybe I can show it to him. She asks the female officer if she can give her phone? she says my phone’s battery died. Aparajita asks if she can give her phone back for a minute.

The female officer brings her Singh’s room and asks her to get her phone quickly. Aparajita is searching for her phone in the room and Singh is coming there. Singh asks the female officer where is their mother? She says maybe she left. Singh nods and starts going to his room but Aparajita comes there with her phone and says please check this video, you will know that my daughters are innocent. He says how did you get your phone? did you steal it from my room? Aparajita says its my phone. Please check the video. Singh says this doesn’t prove anything. Aparajita says it proves that I am their mother and they are innocent. Singh says you brought a doctor here so now I don’t care, I just know that I will throw them in the jail at any cost. Aparajita says why? you can’t do this. Singh ignores her and asks if she doesn’t have a husband? are you all involved in s*x trafficking? Akshay comes there and says be careful, I am her husband.

Aparajita is stunned to see him. He tells Singh that she is my wife and you should know how to talk to women and these girls are my daughters. Aparajita is shocked and thinks if Mohini told him everything?

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