The Rules of Love update Friday 24 May 2024

The rules of love 24 May 2024: Jhumki is being forced to wear anklets by Kusum. Kusum informs Jhumki that it is a rite and that she should not leave the house until her marriage is consummated. Jhumki concurs. Maitree expresses her desire to be a part of Jhumki’s happiness.

Jhumki warns her not to plot against the marriage. Harsh claims Maitree is powerless to halt their marriage. Jhumki beams. Maitree tries to trim Jhumki’s hair covertly. Harsh is aware of it. Maitree inadvertently drops the scissors. Harsh assists Maitree by kicking scissors to her side. Jhumki walks over to Maitree’s side. Maitree conceals the scissors from Jhumki.

Nandini leads Jhumki to his room. She puts on jewels and compliments her appearance. Kusum summons Nandini downstairs. Nandini walks away. Harsh walks into the room. He compliments Jhumki on her beauty. He forces her to wear the chunri and collects her hair. Maitree sees it with joy. Jhumki requests that Harsh not betray her again. Harsh claims he will not. Jhumki notices Maitree standing outside her door. She takes Harsh’s hand in hers and tells her that she can’t take Harsh away from her. Harsh offers Maitree Jhumki’s hair without Jhumki’s knowledge.

Maitree secures Jhumki’s hair. She believes Jhumki’s game will be over once she has Jhumki’s snake skin. Midnight Maitree arrives in the storage area in search of Jhumki’s Kechli. Jhumki becomes suspicious and approaches the storeroom. Harsh arrives and takes Jhumki with him.

Maitree discovers and grabs Jhumki’s snake skin. Jhumki appears in the storage area as a snake. Maitree notices Jhumki and tells her that she knows Jhumki will never let her get to anything that could be used against Jhumki. Maitree tells Jhumki that she arrived well prepared this time. Maitree sends a mongoose after Jhumki. Snake and Mongoose have a fight. Snake is defeated by Mongoose. Maitree believes Yajna will end the Jhumki game tomorrow.

Maitree approaches Harsh and informs him that she has obtained Jhumki’s snake skin. She informs him that they must keep their family members away from the house tomorrow. Harsh concurs.

Harsh enters the room. Jhumki notices him and inquires if he is sleeping. She says, “I know you’re nervous about marrying a snake, but I promise you that I will be the best wife.” She says she is looking forward to tomorrow. Harsh sees Maitree and says he, too, is looking forward to tomorrow.

The next day, Maitree gives everyone juice. She invites Pandit to sip the juice, but he refuses because the marriage is not yet consummated. Harsh and Jhumki enter the room. Everyone compliments their jodi. Pandit motions for Harsh and Jhumki to take a seat in the mandap. Jhumki informs Maitree that she will be unable to prevent Harsh from becoming a snake following their marriage. Jhumki receives Harsh’s hand and the house keys from Maitree. She begs Jhumki not to harm her family.

Jhumki is given duty by Maitree for family members and Triveni Sadan. Maitree tells Harsh that Jhumki will look after him and leaves the house. Maitree accepts the blessings of the elder. She embraces the kids and Nandini. She is on her way out. Jhumki intervenes and warns Maitree not to conspire against her. Maitree blossoms.

Pandit motions for Jhumki and Harsh to take a seat on the mandap. They are seated on the mandap. Pandit begins the wedding ceremonies. Children make noises. Pandit requests that Om and Kusum take the children inside for a while. They bring children inside. Pandit instructs Harsh to do the rite after various ceremonies. Harsh brings Nandini along to perform the rite. Om, Kusum, and the children pass out. Nandini is also knocked out. Harsh recounts how they worked out the details with Pandit. Jhumki is forced to execute the ceremonies by Pandit. Maitree walks in via the window. She and Harsh fled with their family members from there.

Jhumki feels suspicious. She goes upstairs to call Harsh. She notices no one is at home. Jhumki understands that she got cheated again. She decides to not leave Maitree and her family. She sees a letter there. She sees it’s Maitree’s letter in which Maitree mentions that it’s tough to snatch the husband of Pativrata. Jhumki tears the letter and decides to teach a lesson to Maitree.

Maitree instructs Harsh to drive quickly. Jhumki tells herself that she will not let Maitree carry out her plan. She decides to find out what Maitree’s plan is. Harsh and Maitree have arrived at the godown. They meet Baba and express their gratitude for his assistance. Jhumki confronts Pandit and demands that he tell the truth. Pandit claims to know nothing. In her snake shape, she frightens him. Pandit claims it’s all part of Maitree’s strategy. She requests that he inform her of Maitree’s whereabouts.

Maitree inquires of Baba whether her family will be safe after Yajna. Everything will be alright, according to Baba, and Jhumki will lose her authority after we finish this yajna. Jhumki discovers Maitree’s location and murders Pandit. Baba begins the Yajna. Family members become aware. Maitree is relieved to find that they are all right. They participate in the Yajna. Baba instructs Maitree to immerse Jhumki’s hair and skin in the Yajna. Jhumki approaches Godown. Maitree hurls Jhumki objects at Agni. Jhumki collapses in agony, convinced that she would not let Maitree carry out her plan.

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