Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Friday 9 February 2024

Radha Mohan 9 February 2024: Kadambari demands Radha should apologize to his brother right now, Radha says she will not apologize when she has not done anything wrong, Kadambari says then Radha should leave this house right now, Radha asks why everyone is always instructing her to leave as she is not some grocery which they can return but she has been married to Mohan and so has the same right over this house as Kadambari Maa.

She says Radha must not forget she got this right because of her but she has today realized she made a very big mistake.

Kaveri informs Bhushan that he has made a mistake but at the right moment, he cannot realize when Damini informs they both are on his side, she asks why was he trying to run away after committing such a big thing when Radha has humiliated him while slapping him with a slipper, she

instigates him asking if he does not want to take his revenge, Bhushan says he does not know what he would do with Radha, but informs that things have gotten way out of hand because if Radha tells Mohan the truth then he would lose his respect. Damini assures Mohan would not find the truth, he cannot understand when Damini slowly informs him about the entire truth hearing which Bhushan starts smiling, Kaveri is also glad they would surely succeed.

Ketki comes to the hall when Radha informs that Kadambari has made a mistake because she is believing Bhushan just because he is her brother while she is her daughter in law, Radha explains it is wrong to say but today Kadambari has lost the respect in her eyes and only Mohan jee is going to decide who lives in this house or leaves.

Bhushan while angrily walking explains he can no longer live in this house, Kaveri acts as if she is trying to stop him, Kadambari also says that she should at least get one chance to correct her wrongs, Bhushan says the time has gone when Radha refused to apologize when she asked her to, he explains what would all the others think about him including Rahul, Vishwanath Trivedi and even Ajeet, he explains he cannot ruin his reputation in the eyes of Mohan.

Kadambari angrily instructs that today no one is going to say anything to the men of this house, including Mohan, his father and even Rahul. Radha apologizes saying that she is going to tell Mohan the entire truth, Kadambari once again instructs Radha to not say anything, Radha replies even if Mohan is always furious with her but still has the right to know what happened to his wife. Kadambari walking to Radha explains that her family has already been broken so Radha must not break it, she holds her hand requesting Radha when Radha says that she must not humiliate her.

Kadambari explains that she has requested her brother to stay for two days so Radha must stay quiet till then. Radha asks why Kadambari is protecting this person when she knows they are a threat to not only this house but the entire society. Radha is adamant she will tell Mohan jee the entire truth as she cannot stay quiet, Kadambari once again requests her. Mohan asks what has happened, seeing whom everyone is shocked as he is angrily standing at the door.

Mohan walks to Radha and notices how everyone is tensed, he asks if anyone would tell him what has happened but they all are quiet. Mohan asks Radha if she has once again argued with Maa, he also sees the suitcase and questions where is Bhushan uncle going. Radha explains she is going to tell Mohan jee the entire truth, she mentions she wanted to tell him that Gungun is going to have her exams very soon, so is it necessary to celebrate the event of Holi as then Gungun would stop studying, she explains this is what she was requesting Maa jee but she did not listen to her.

Kadambari mentions that Radha was insisting to not celebrate Holi, Mohan explains she does not need to take the decision of this house because they still have Maa and now even Uncle, he informs that Gungun’s exams are after a week and she can still celebrate the Holi with her family as it is also important. Radha agrees with him when Mohan leaves saying he would hide the bag of Bhushan uncle.

Kadambari apologizes to Bhushan uncle explaining that Radha has gotten habitual of ruining each and every event or function so he must stay away from her, Bhushan says that he is her brother and came here to celebrate the function with them so nothing wrong is going to happen. He leaves with a smile on his face when Damini thinks that Radha has no idea that tomorrow is going to be the last Holi of her life.

Radha entering the room asks Tulsi if she is here, she questions why did Tulsi jee signaled her that something is wrong, she remembers when Tulsi broke the photo of Gungun. Tulsi wonders how can she inform Radha, she uses the photo frames of Radha, Mohan and Gungun to inform they want to create differences between them and ruin her family.

Radha wonders who would do it, Tulsi then uses the photos of Radha and Kadambari to signal that Damini wants to create a fight between Radha and Kadambari after which she would be ousted from this house. Radha realizes that she is only in this house because of Maa je and if she gets angry with her then she would be thrown out of this house, even the judge would give the decision regarding Gungun’s custody case in favor of her Grandmother, she vows to not let it happen.

Damini praises Bhushan uncle for being a very good actor saying he is even better then her mother. Kaveri questions but why is she so happy when her plan failed, she was not even able to cause a proper argument between Kadambari and Radha let alone a fight, Damini pulls Kaveri aside asking if she did not see the floating photo of Gungun which means that Tulsi stopped Radha. Bhushan asks what are they whispering.

Damini reveals that today it was not her real plan but it will start now, she explains that when tomorrow during the Holika Dahan, everyone would be outside only Radha will be in this house and at that time her real plan would start due to which Radha will be thrown out of this house.

Bhushan asks why would Radha be alone because she will have to perform the pooja with Mohan, Kaveri also says that she will be eager to be with Mohan. Damini is sure that tomorrow Radha will fight with the entire family, Bhushan asks how will it happen, Damini suggests that he should only think about his revenge from Radha because tomorrow she will perform the pooja with Mohan.

Radha appreciates Tulsi for informing her about the truth otherwise everything would have ruined, she assures that she will not let Damini fulfill her desires.

Radha is sitting beside Gungun exclaiming they say that children never grow up for children but thee truth is that they tend to grow so she is really worried Gungun whenever she is not around her, Tulsi mentions that the mother of a daughter is always really worried, Radha exclaims she has started to get really worried these days, Tulsi replies because the enemies are also in their house. Radha mentions she knows Tulsi really cares for Gungun and is always present to protect her but they can not always remain by her side, so she has to tell Gungun all those things which would ensure she remains protected, it is time that a mother tells all those things to her daughter. Tulsi is glad that Radha is with Gungun.

Radha while preparing to sleep tries to correct the bed sheet however she screams from pain, Mohan wakes up hearing her scream so he starts looking at her and sees that she angrily throws the bracelet, Mohan walking up to her exclaims she was really polite when she first came here but is now always ready to fight with him. Mohan notices the injury on her hand so walks to bring the medicine, Radha staring at him exclaims he is always ready to fight with her but she really likes when cares for her, Radha closes her eyes just as Mohan comes to sit by her side, he starts applying the ointment. Mohan remembers the night when Radha was also applying it on his ack injuries and was even crying. Mohan notices that she is still crying and wonders if he has given her any pain, Radha thinks he can never give her pain, he thinks he would wake her but then refuses to do so because he does not know what might happen if she starts fighting with him, Mohan goes to sleep after praying to Bihari jee.

In the morning Gungun is playing in her room when Radha comes to sit in front of her, Radha picking her doll exclaims she feels they can give her doll to Tina, Gungun angrily refuses saying that she tends to ruin everything then Radha asks if they can give it to her other friend, Gungun agrees to allow it, Radha asks the reason so Gungun replies because she is sensible and would take care of it.

Radha then informs just like this Gungun is also growing so she has to take care of herself, Gungun asks what has happened to her as she is safe, Radha asks how does she feel when her father hugs her, Gungun replies she feels nice, Radha then asks how does she feel when her Grandmother hugs her and her uncle take her for the walk, Radha says she feels nice because these people are pure at heart but not all people are like this, Gungun asks if she means the bad touch, Radha agrees with her, she picks the doll asking Gungun if she hugged it politely then how would it feel, Gungun replies it would feel nice and Radha aks how would it feel if she holds her tightly, Gungun says that she would get tensed, Radha replies just as she cares for her doll and no one has any right to touch her, Kadambari is shocked to see Mohan standing at the door, they all get tensed. Radha hesitantly replies and no one has any right to touch the special part of her body,

Gungun after a while understands it, Radha starts explaining everything, Kadambari is furious so thinks she should go and stop it but Mohan stops her explaining that Gungun is growing and it is time that parents learn to talk about such things with her parents, so she should know the truth. Radha asks when she takes a shower what does she tell her, Gungun says she asks her to come after covering her body, Radha replies this means that they are some parts which she cannot show anyone, Gungun questions why would the elders touch her, Mohan entering sits beside her explaining that he has brought her Pichkari and he slowly starts explaining that some people are bad but he is not able to explain it, Radha holds his hand so Mohan gets the strength to explain certain outsiders are not good when Radha replies even some family members are not nice.

Gungun asks if she means Bhushan uncle but Radha picking the doll asks what would she do if her doll is in danger, Gungun says she will scream and take it back, Radha says that she must also scream like this if she feels anyone has touched her, Mohan suggests sh should go and hide in a safe place, Radha informs then she can tell it to someone whom she trusts, like her father, Grandmother and even her own Radha.

Gungun asks why would anyone believe her because they only tend to believe the elder people. Radha and Mohan are stunned but then inform Gungun that there is no reason to be worried about, Mohan explains that if anyone ever touches her then she should just come and tell the entire truth about what has happened to her, there is no reason to hide the truth or be worried, Ketki standing at the window is also emotional. Mohan assures they are always going to stand by her side, Radha explains even if they are not by her side she has to know who is Tina and who is Jhanvi, picking the doll she says Gungun should know who would break her doll and who will keep it safe. Mohan asks if they can once again repeat what they have learned today, he starts making a song and singing it to Gungun, Damini is furious. Gungun rushes to hug Mohan and Radha, they both also start smiling staring each other but Damini and Kaveri cannot see it. Ketki leaves after wiping off her tears.

Mohan starts playing with Gungun, who is also smiling. Kadambari is also glad witnessing it from the door of the room, Tulsi exclaims Gungun is fortunate to have parents like Radha and Mohan and she feels that all the children should have parents like them. Damini thinks that Radha should celebrate her family as she would only be able to do it today while after today their family is also going to be broken.

Damini asks Kaveri to come otherwise someone would see them quickly, Radha leans against the door to hear what they are saying, Damini explains they also have to hide these papers just as they did the older papers and if anyone finds out the truth about them then their secret would be revealed, Damini explains she doensot have time to take care of these papers so has hid them in the room of Bhushan uncle as she is sure Radha would never go into his room.

Kaveri exclaims that Radha always runs away from him, Damini explains she is going to burn them after she comes back from the pooja, Radha thinks she has to read these papers as the proof she is searching for might be in them, Damini thinks Radha can act to be really clever but today is going to be her last day in this house.

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