Timeless love update Thursday 25 January 2024

Jai tells Vidhi that you have said that I didn’t know to do business. Vidhi says you break trust. Jai says I have won, I know to do business, just my way is different. He is about to hold her hand to thank the audience, but folds her hand to thanks audience. Anirup tells Dev that the likes and hits are unmarkable.

Amba is upset and asks Yogesh how did they get so many hits on their online portal. She breaks the phone and says you are good for nothing. Yogesh tries to defend himself. Anirup announces celebrities walk with the balghar kids. Yogesh asks Amba to trust her and see this round. He says he has torn the clothes with his hands and shows the video. Amba says all your plans has flopped till now. She says if this walk doesn’t become Dev and Vidhi’s life shameless

walk then you are gone. Vidhi makes the kids ready in other costume and asks them to walk with whoever she says. She sends the kids with all the businessman. Priya asks Abhi and Priya to walk with Simmy. Abhi says I told you that I will not walk with her. Simmy comes there and asks them if they will walk with her. Vidhi asks for Simmy. Abhi says I am doing this for Simmy’s happiness. Vidhi says all the best. Satyavati hugs Vidhi.

Celebrity walk starts.The children come there wearing the outfits of Policeman, Politician, freedom fighters. Amba asks yogesh if you have spoiled these clothes. Yogesh says something is wrong for sure. The kids continue to walk with the celebrities. Abhi and Priya do the ramp walk with Simmy. Amba is angry. Dev and Vidhi comes last as the shop stoppers.

The reporter tells that celeb walk is a hit. Vidhi thanks the God. Dev tells the audience that he is not good at house, but is inspired with his wife and wants to dedicate this dance for her. He appreciates her hardwork for the event and calls her on the stage. Vidhi goes to stage and dances with Dev on the song moorni banke…Amba is angry seeing their dance performance. The reporter says Dev Raichand dedicated a good dance performance to Vidhi and she also supported him. He says the live streaming hits and likes earnings is 9 lakhs and asks the celebrity to give their charity. Amba is infuriated with Yogesh. Yogesh says someone is with them.

Vidhi thinks finally I save Dev ji’s dream. Anirup thanks everyone without whom the event was impossible. Amba is leaving. The reporter stops her, but she goes. Yogesh says someone is with them. Amba says its you and goes in her car. Anirup invites Raichands and Sharma on the stage. The tax dept comes there. Anirup says finally we will tell the amount we got from live streaming.

The tax dept officer tells that they said that they don’t have money. Dev opens the envelope and says it is 10 lakhs amount. Anirup asks Vidhi to check the amount which they collected from donation box. Vidhi says 9 lakhs. Dev says 19 lakhs. They get happy. The tax dept officer comes on the stage and congrats them for the event. He appreciates Vidhi and says your efforts and hardwork will go waste, as you need 20 lakhs to save Balghar, but you have 19 lakhs. Dev is shocked to know about this. Juhi asks if we will be homeless. The IT officer says nobody can help you now. Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi. Mr. Singhania comes there. Satyavati tells them that he is Mr. Singhania, a big businessman and your Papa’s best friend. She says he has set up his business in Europe. Singhania tells that he came to India after 2 years, and says he came to know about the event organized by Raichand family bahu. He gives a cheque to Vidhi. Vidhi opens it and finds the amount 25000 Rs. Everyone get surprised. Mr. Singhania offers her a job and says I couldn’t stop myself seeing your talent. He says this offer will be for you today and tomorrow also. Vidhi thanks him and tells that she couldn’t accept the job offer due to some rules. Dev and Satyavati looks on.

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