Radha Mohan Zee world update Monday 4 March 2024

Radha Mohan 4 March 2024: Radha while shivering thinks that Mohan jee would be worried so she has to go and be with him, Radha turns however is shocked to find out that her hand is stuck against the metal frame, she tries pulling it but is not successful. Radha gets worried.

Damini mentions that she has now even turned off her phone suggesting she should have gone back home, Damini explains that Radha has see the inside of any office for the first time in her life and it is very different from cooking, Kadambari holds Damini by her shoulder demanding that she should come with her, seeing this everyone in the office is worried.

Radha is trying her best to remove her hand however it s completely stuck, she starts crying but does not lose hope, she gathers all the courage she has and then pulls her hand so she falls on the floor. Gungun suddenly wakes up siting on the bed, she sees Dulari so asks her if Radha came back, when Dulari replies she has not come back till now, Dulari asks what happened when Gungun informs she felt that Radha was screaming, Dulari informs that it happens when they worry for someone they love, she explains Gungun is angry with Mohan so is feeling like this, she however suggests that Gungun should not be angry with him since he really loves. Gungun sees the time on the wall clock, she starts searching for her phone and then remembers how Mohan angrily threw it in the hall, she thinks of bringing it.

Radha sits in the freezer only to see that even the left wrist has gotten injured, she gest really shocked seeing it and looking at the metal frame sees the skin still attached there along with her blood, Radha once again screams due to the pain, however there is no one present there to hear her screams and cry, Radha places the wrist around her chest while crying.

Mohan thinks he will call Radha right now, Gungun coming explains there is no need, mentioning how he first hurt her but now thinks he will make it up to her, Gungun informs that Radha does not say anything to him but it does not mean she does not feel pain, Gungun threatens to reply him on behalf of Radha, because she does not say anything to him. Gungun angrily warns him to not say anything against Radha, saying she will once again become the same old Gungun which no one would be able to handle. Kaveri prays that the war between them should become permeant otherwise it would cause problems for them, Mohan apologizes to Gungun asking if she talked with Radha,

Gungun says he will lecturing her about the parenting rights threw her phone in the hall, Gungun asks him to help her search for phone mentioning if it would have broken then he will have to purchase a new phone for her and that too the latest model. Mohan agrees but says he must first call Radha, however the battery of his phone dies so it powers off. Gungun mentions his phone is also like him and then asks him to help her find her phone. Mohan asks her to first look under the sofa then say she must look on the ceiling, he finally agrees to also help her. Kaveri thinks if they find the phone of Gungun then would realize that Radha is calling and she might have even left them a message, Kaveri slowly comes behind them both and kneeling tries to pick the phone, Mohan suddenly turn along with Gungun asking what is she doing here.

Kadambari demands Damini to tell the truth about what she has done with Radha, Damini says she has not done anything, Kadambari informs Radha came after her and since that time no one has seen her, she informs that when she tried calling Radha her phone got switched off and at that time she could see the fear in the eyes of Damini. She asks if Kadambari suspects her, who replies she know that Damini does not like Radha and loves Mohan so she could do anything for him, she asks her what has she done with Radha.

Kaveri informs she is really hurting so thought of performing yoga, Mohan asks in the hall when she says she it is very hot outside, Mohan and Gungun both asks if she is feeling hot in the night. Mohan asks her to get aside when she informs that she cannot move even a bit since her knees are not moving, Mohan and Gungun both are searching for the phone when Kaveri immediately sits down, Mohan asks how did she sit when she was saying she cannot even move just a moment ago, Kaveri says Mohan should search for the phone, she slowly tries to hide the phone when Gungun sees her asking if she is trying to hide her phone, Kaveri exclaims she is putting such a big blame on this innocent widow.

Mohan asks what is the phone of Gungun doing in her hands, he asks if she would like to stand up when she explains her phone was old and he said that children should not use the phones, so he threw it and she thought she will put her own sim, Mohan says she can go and buy it when Kaveri replies she is a poor widow.

Gungun is shocked to see the missed calls of Radha when she exclaims Radha would have called to inform that she will be coming late, Kaveri gets worried thinking their plan would be ruined if Radha answers the call. Gungun mentions her phone is switched off, she informs Radha never turns off her phone and keeps it charged, Kaveri suggests what if there is some problem.

Tulsi standing mentions Radha wanted to call Mohan but now even her phone is switched off, she mentions they cannot even understand what Damini might have done to her.

Radha while crying the freezer asks someone to help her come out of the freezer, she says that Bihari jee had helped others get out from their problems, then he should also help her in this situation. Radha sees the blowers constantly throwing air in the cold storage.

Kadambari says she is asking Damini what has she done to Radha as she is capable of doing anything, Kadambari mentions there is no need to act innocent as she has seen all of her plans and knows what she can do, she threatens to tell Mohan the entire truth after which she will not be able to explain herself, Kadambari mentions it is the last chance so she asks what has Damini done to Radha hearing which she gets worried, Kadambari mentions after this Damini should not say she was never given a chance to explain herself, she explains she will call and tell Mohan the entire truth who is going to make Damini reveal it, Damini stops her saying that she wants to know if she has done anything to her, Damini explains she has killed Radha, Kadambari is shocked when Damini reveals now no one is going to be able to save her. Kadambari leans against the desk and angrily stares at Damini who gets worried.

Damini asks Kadambari if she wants to know weather she has done anything to Radha, Damini angrily accepts she has killed her and now no one is going to be able to save her, Kadambari gets shocked so she kneels against the desk, asking what has she done to Radha. Damini gets startled when Kadambari furiously demands the truth, Damini starts crying saying she has not done anything as she is not that bad, mentioning everyone thinks the same about her and believe she can kill anyone. Kadambari warns her to not change the topic mentioning that she herself said she has done something to Radha, she keeps asking what ahs she done to her.

Damini replies she said it because this is what Kadambari wanted to hear, she tries to plead her innocence mentioning she herself was ill and vomiting in the bathroom but even
than Maa is blaming her. Damini says she was not bothered when she was ill however got tensed when Radha is not in front of her, Kadambari mentions she has gotten tired with all this drama of Damini but just wants to know what she has done to Radha. Damini says she will right now prove se has not done anything to Radha, so she leaves with Kadambari.

Radha is still shivering in the freezer and trying her best to walk so she can stay warm however she falls on the floor after hitting a basket.

Radha once again starts shivering so covers herself, she sees the blowers on top if her, thinking it is really cold so she wonders what can she do now. Radha once again starts shivering so she starts walking away, Radha hits against the corner of the bench but then goes to the corner, she tries pushing it however it is off no use. Radha tries to hide in the corner but is she is not able to remain calm so starts coughing.

Radha does not know what do, she tries to push the box however is struggling since both of her hands are injured, she finally manages to push it away. Radha thinks that she cannot even call anyone for help so there is not point in calling anyone. Radha stands up however is once again hurt.

Damini asks the operator to show them the CCTV footage of what happened in the office when the employee informs that the cameras are broken so nothing could be recorded. Damini threatens to fire him if he does not show them the truth, Kadambari signals Damini to stop and warns the person for his irresponsible behavior, she sends him away and going to Damini warns her to stop this act since she knew she would be caught so has broken all of the cameras as she never leaves any proof. Kadambari mentions she is giving her the last chance to explain herself, about the location of Radha otherwise she threatens to call Mohan and tell the entire truth, because she is not telling her anything so now Mohan is going to force her to speak the truth.

Radha while walking once again stares at the blowers, she requests for some help since se cannot think of anything, Radha remembers when Mohan jee said, she remembers when Gungun came running to the cold storage desiring an ice cream, he said this is where they store the ice creams and then supply it to the shops. Radha and Gungun both asked why they could not buy it from here, he said they sell a lot of ice creams together, Gungun and Radha both agreed to it however he informed that a lot of trucks come at seven o clock to distribute the ice cream. Radha and Gungun start smiling when Mohan said that she will get late for the office and if that happens then Damini will surely punish her, she then kissed Gungun before leaving who asked what about one for Mohan, hearing she got tensed while Mohan leaned towards her however she went away.

Radha thinks Mohan je always come as a light of hope for him, and today this cold storage closed at eight o clock and right now it is nine in the night, by this she would have to stay alive for another ten hours as only then someone is going to come and help her. Radha thinks there is no way to go outside so what can she do, she thinks that first she would have to stop this room from getting colder. Radha prepares to execute her plan.

Mohan gets tensed exclaiming the phone of Radha is still switched off, Ketki and Ajeet are also very tensed when Tulsi prays to Bihari jee that Radha shod come back safe and sound. Gungun requests Mohan to do something since Radha is some sort of problem.

Kaveri prays that her phone should stay off and then she will also die very soon. Mohan thinks of calling maa, Kadambari staring at Damini thinks now she will call Mohan, he is trying to contact her using the phone of Gungun when he himself receives a call from her. Kadambari asks if Radha came back home but he says that she has not returned, Kadambari informs she has searched the entire office but is not able to find her, and she feels Damini is involved in it. Gungun says she knows something wrong has happened to Radha, she asks Damini to reveal if she has done something threatening to not let her come back if something happens to Radha.

Kaveri gets worried thinking now Kadambari has caught her daughter, Damini tries to inform Mohan that she is innocent, Mohan says that Maa would not be blaming her without any reason, so he asks if Radha is fine.

Radha thinks she has to close the blower under any circumstance so the cold air stops from flowing into this cold storage. Radha tries to look for a tool however is not able to find anything useful, she finally sees the duct tape placed over a shelf, so thinks she might try and use it as a tool to stop the blower.

Radha while being really dizzy starts waking towards the blower, she stands below them and then tries to remove the boxes of ice cream however her hands start hurting as they both are injured, she starts screaming from pain so starts blowing on the wounds. Radha tries to pick the heaviest of the boxes however falls from the weight while her hand gets trapped below it so she screams.

Mohan asks Damini to tell the truth when she starts crying saying she thought he would believe her but even he suspects her, she calls the employee asking him to check the camera in her cabin as it was locked so no one would be able to destroy it, the person says that it is indeed working so he plays the recording. Damini informs Mohan wanted to know the truth so she will make a video call, she explains that she first came into the cabin then Radha also followed her there but she does not know where Radha went from there, she only came out when Maa herself came to call her. Damini once again shows the video to prove herself, explaining she never even came out of the bathroom so if she was not even with Radha then how could have she harmed her. Tulsi says the way Damini is talking proves that she is lying, she requests him to search for Radha as something might have happened to her. Mohan is really tensed looking at the video while Radha is screaming from pain in the cold storage.

Radha falls while trying to pick the box due to which her hand gets stuck under it, she screams from pain seeing the blood flowing from her hand. Radha slowly tries to lift the box using her other hand however it is really hurting so she keeps screaming. Radha slowly removes her hand which has gotten even more injured. She manages to gather her breath before reciting the Mantar so she could get the courage to remain stead fast and keep fighting. Radha exclaims that Damini cannot stop her with these plans and stop her with any to her means which she uses, she explains that the soul is not bound by this body and this is pain is only to her body while her soul is the same, as Bihari jee says that their soul is even more powerful which is still inside her even at this time, she just has to find her.

Radha starts reciting the prayers which she taught Gungun, she is not even ale to touch anything to stand up as both of her wrists re injured, she while reciting the Mantar finally manages to stand up. Radha is shivering from the intense cold however she starts staring at the blowers thinking she must close them, she vows to not let anything happen and has to stay alive for Gungun and Mohan jee, thinking if she dies then Mohan jee would not be able to forgive himself so due to this reason she will surely not let anything happen to her. Radha mentions she is coming back to Gungun and Mohan jee because she has to live.

Kadambari mentions it is enough asking how much is she going to lie, she informs that Damini threatened to kill Radha and even slapped her, she asks how is it possible that all the cameras of the office are broken while only the camera of her cabin is working and showing the video which is proving her innocence. Kaveri thinks today Kadambari has trapped Damini and she would also have to go to jail with her daughter.

Damini requests Kadambari to trust her when she asks Damini for one reason questioning how could she have not known who broke the cameras, Mohan remembers when Radha informed him how she was being followed so she broke the cameras, he informs that Radha is the one who broke them hearing which everyone is shocked.

Radha is screaming from pain while trying to throw the boxes from the shelf, she is using all her strength even when both of her wrists are injured, she does not notice that the shelf is lose and might fall. Radha walks to the other side, she thinks she will not let anything happen to Mohan jee, Radha tries her best to push the shelf to the other side of the wall which has the blowers, she gets worried when the shelf begins to fall over her, Radha does not lose hope and is finally able to place it against the wall. Radha while standing under the shelf sees at the blowers constantly throwing the cold air.

Mohan mentions it is not right to blame Damini and worry for Radha since she is the one who gives pain. Ketki asks Mohan why would Radha do anything of the sort, he says that she used a very cheap trick to make him join the office. Damini gets worried when Mohan informs about the incident when he fought with the criminals who informed that someone gave them the instructions and he has her contact number, Mohan reveals that the number belonged to Radha. Kaveri starts smiling. Tulsi mentions Mohan knows Radha can never do anything of the sort.

Kadambari informs that it is not the time to talk about such things and they must search for Radha, she is sure that Radha can never think wrong of anything and even she has done then it would be for his betterment. Kadambari demands that Mohan should come to the office right away. Tulsi agrees mentioning he must go, Gungun tries to pull him but Mohan refuses saying he will not go anywhere, hearing this Kadambari is shocked.

Radha in the cold storage tears the double tape which she ties against the cover of the box, Radha places it on the top part of the shelf before correcting her own dress, Radha places her hands on the card board using it as a shield with which she can climb on top of it, Radha starts using all of her force however does not notice that the shelf is lose and it might cause her to lose the balance, Radha finally climbs on the top of the shelf, she picks the part of the box on which she has tied the tape, Radha starts placing it in front of the blower, she has to stand on her toes since it is very far away, the shelf starts swinging. Radha is able to cover one of the blowers with the cover, she keeps staring at it however the cover removes after few seconds due to the immense pressure of the blower. Radha thinks of using some more tape to place around the cover so it could become even stronger. Radha once again stands up to try and cover it, the shelf is still in place but swinging really badly, she places the cover for the second time but the cover still falls off, it even hits Radha before falling on the floor. The temperature has reached mines seventeen degrees.

Ketki informs Mohan that Radha could be in danger, Mohan says these are all her plans to make him come to the office, Mohan asks Gungun to tell him where is Radha when he says that she even did it to him the last time, by making him feel embarrassed after he came to the school. Mohan mentions he is not going to trust her so asks where is Radha. Kadambari also asks Mohan what is he saying. Gungun tries to assure she does not know where is Radha but Mohan refuses to believe her, he asks both Damini and Maa to come back home mentioning there is no reason to be worried for Radha, he explains now no one would look for her, explaining she is doing all this so he joins the office but now she will come back herself.

Radha covers her ears due to the cold thinking she cannot stop fighting since Mohan jee would be really worried for her.

Mohan mentions now no one is going to look for Radha and he asks both Maa and Damini to come back home, Damini thinks everything is going to happen according to her plan, Kaveri starts smiling thinking that now Radha will die and Gungun is going to blame Mohan for it after which they both will start hating each other once again, Mohan ends the call when Gungun requests him to not do this suggesting they have to search for Radha because if anything happens to her then it will cause a lot of problems. Mohan gets a bit worried.

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