The Rules of Love update Wednesday 6 March 2024

The rules of love 6 march 2024: Maitree searches around the hospital for Saransh. On the other hand, Ashish searches for Maitree. He notices Sona and asks if she saw Maitree. Sona informs him of Saransh’s condition and states that he must be found immediately for surgery. Ashish assures her that he will go in search of Saransh. When Ashish sees Saransh, he calls him. Saransh turns around and calls out to his mother. Saransh’s condition astounds Sona and Ashish. Saransh collapses in his mother’s and Ashish’s arms. Saransh is taken to the operating room by Ashish.

Saransh is undergoing surgery. Sona is confident that her son will be fine. Maitree looks for Saransh. The blind lady requests that Maitree assist her by transporting her to Dr. Kavitha’s room. Maitree assists her. The elderly lady requests that she smile more. Ashish gathers his friends and attempts B- blind. The doctor examines Nandu and believes it will be difficult to save her if she does not receive blood. Doctors work hard to resurrect Saransh’s heartbeat, but they are unsuccessful. They emerge from the operating room and inform Saransh’s family that they were unable to save him. Everyone is taken aback. Sona claims they are deceiving her. She enters the operating room and collapses upon seeing her son’s body. Everyone is in a bad mood. Om orders Ashish to look for Maitree right away in order to save Nandu. Ashish wonders how he can ask her to donate blood. Om claims that it is necessary to save Nandu.

Ashish sobs as he recalls his moments with his brother and how the accident upended their lives. Maitree approaches Ashish and inquires if he has seen Saransh, as she has been unable to locate him. They found Saransh, according to Ashish. Maitree inquires whether he will be taken to the operation or not. Ashish is hesitant to tell Maitree the truth. Maitree inquires of Ashish whether he is keeping something from her. Nandu’s doctor arrives, expresses gratitude for her presence, and orders her to donate blood. Maitree inquires as to who requires blood. Nandu has entered a coma, according to Ashish, and she requires blood to recover.

Maitree chastises him for not telling her right away. She joins Doctor in donating blood to Nandu. When Ashish sees Maitree, he sobs. Maitree’s parents arrive. Dinesh claims Maitree adores red and that it has been eradicated from her life. Maitree’s mother believes her daughter must live in a colour she despises. Maitree signs to say she’s fine. Maitree’s parents are heartbroken about their daughter’s fate. Ashish instructs them to keep their cool. He assures them that he will not allow anything bad to happen to Maitree.

Vasundhara requests that his brother begin the investigation. Vasundhara receives a text message informing her that her daughter is fighting for her life. Vasundhara is concerned. Everyone enters Nandu’s room. Sona is being treated with saline, according to Kusum. Nandu does not come out of don’t even after a blood transfusion, according to the doctor, and it may take days or years for Nandu to come out of don’t. The baby is crying uncontrollably. The doctor requests that the baby be placed in an incubator by the Nurse. Ashish mulls over how to inform Maitree about Saransh. Maitree insists on meeting Saransh. She requests that Ashish drive her to Saransh.

Ashish, in tears, accepts her. Everyone sobs uncontrollably. Ashish transports Maitree to the mortuary. When Maitree sees Saransh, she asks why they didn’t move him to the ward after the operation was completed. She inquires about it with her family members. Sona slaps Maitree and informs her that Saransh is no longer alive. Maitree sobs as she hugs Sona. Everyone is sorry for her.

PreCap: Vasundhara comes inside the hospital along with her brother. Dinesh and Ashish sees her. Vasundhara starts yelling at Ashish and asks him, whether he didn’t find it important to inform her about Nandu’s condition, and asks him, how is her daughter doing? Ashish tells her that Nandu’s in coma. Vasundhara gets devastated. Ashish is sitting inside a room and regrets about his decision for letting Saransh to drive. Vasundhara listens to and asks him that why did he even let that drug addict drive? Ashish gets confused.

Sona has returned home with her family. Maitree reflects on her time with Saransh as she enters the house. She bursts into tears. On-call Ashish requests that the doctor come check on his wife, but the doctor declines, stating that he cannot and that they can contact him online. He informs Dinesh of the situation.

Vasundhara and her brother arrive at the hospital and question Ashish about why he didn’t say anything about Nandini being involved in a major accident. According to Ashish, I called you first to inform you that Nandini requires blood transfusion, but you did not answer the phone. She inquires as to the whereabouts of her daughter. Vasundhara looks at her daughter. She inquires of Ashish what the doctor said. Nandini, according to Ashish, is in a coma. Vasundhara is taken aback.
Ashish claims he is attempting to connect with the best doctors. Vasundhara claims that she will have her daughter treated by India’s best critical care physician. She calls Dr. Bakshi and informs him that the time has come to repay her assistance. She summons him to the City Hospital.

Dr. Bakshi agrees, telling her that he still remembers how she saved his hospital from closure. Vasundhara hangs up the phone. She tells Ashish that he pointed her in the right direction, but that they are now going to help with her daughter’s treatment. Ashish attempts to speak. Vasundhara says that since you were unable to save your brother, please allow me to save my daughter. She kisses her daughter on the cheek. Ashish introduces Vasundhara to their child. Vasundhara’s brother says the baby is healthy.

Dr. Bakshi arrives. He requests that Vasundhara take him to her daughter. Vasundhara accepts him. The nurse informs Ashish that Saransh’s body can be taken because postpartum is complete. Ashish bursts into tears. Dinesh reassures him.

Maitree walks into her room. She notices the first night decorations and considers how much has changed. She is dressed in a light colour. She visits Nandini’s room and misses Nandini during her difficult times. She dials Ashish’s number. Ashish answers the phone. Maitree inquires about Nandini’s health. Ashish says the best doctor is treating Nandini, so she will be fine, and he apologises for not being there for you during this difficult time. Maitree says, “I’m sorry for not being there with Nandu,” so don’t give up hope and keep the baby close to Nandini, and he will have her treated. Don’t give up hope, says Ashish, because Saransh is no longer alive. Maitree promises to be strong for him. She hangs up the phone.

Ashish takes the baby boy close to Nandini. Vasundhara wonders why he bought a baby so close to Nandini, as he might disturb her. Nandini may recover quickly if the baby is nearby, according to Ashish. Vasundhara disagrees and challenges him. Dr. Bakshi pulls Vasundhara aside and informs her that Ashish is correct. He asks them to wait outside while he checks on Nandini. Ashish wishes Nandini a speedy recovery.

The Ladies feel bad for Sona after 4 days. Nandini makes coffee for the ladies. Ladies are amused by her. Sachin asks his mother if they can’t bring Maitree with them. Maitree returns home to her mother. She begs Maitree to remain strong. Maitree is unlucky, and she could be Manglik, according to the ladies. They inform Sona that Maitree’s misfortune killed her son. They inquire about Madan, her husband. Sona observes.

Ashish informs Vasundhara that Nandini will be delighted to see them together, but she is unable to see us. Vasundhara tells him to stop playing sympathy cards because he is the cause of Nandini’s condition. Dr. Bakshi arrives. Vasundhara inquires about Nandini. He says Nandini is responding to medications, but it’s difficult to predict when she will recover. He walks away. Ashish thinks to himself that he should not have let Saransh drive. Vasundhara, upon hearing this, questions Ashish on how he can allow a drug addict to drive a car with a pregnant woman in it. Vasundhara’s question surprises Ashish.

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