Radha Mohan update Wednesday 26 July 2023

Radha Mohan 26 July 2023: Pandit jee instructs the bride and groom to fulfil the ritual of Varmala, Mohan is the first one to fulfill it by placing the Varmala around the neck of Radha, the entire family is congratulating them. Kadambari asks Damini to take it but she is standing still which worries them all, Kaveri also signals her and even Kadambari instructs her to raise her hand, Tulsi manages to use her powers so Radha can take the Varmala, which she slowly raises so Mohan can wear it, Gungun is smiling as the entire family throws flowers over them.

The garbage man thinks there is a ghost in the suitcase, he explains someone might have done it with their magic, they all are terrified when the suitcase falls on the floor and Damini screams.Pandit jee explains that now the sister of the groom would perform the ritual of Gantbnadhan, Kadambari instructs Ketki to fulfill the ritual but she refuses explaining she cannot do this drama anymore as she is not interested in becoming a part of this marriage, Mohan tries to stop Ketki but she apologizes explaining she cannot become a part of it, she sees Gungun standing in front of her who requests Ketki to perform the ritual, she explains she had the most problem with his marriage but now she has also agreed, Gungun explains Radha said it is written in Bhagwat Geeta that whatever happens is for the good and she must rest assured it would be for the good, Tulsi also agrees with Gungun informing Ketki that Radha is the one getting married to Mohan.

Ajeet requests Ketki to accept the request of Gungun, Ketki exclaims who can refuse to such a cute face. Gungun walks over to stand beside Kadambari who showers her affection.Mohan wonders what sort of magic does Radha have as she managed to convince his daughter and even taught her about Geeta, he wishes she should have been present in this wedding as he feels that she is somewhere nearby. Tulsi looking at the Gantbnadhan thinks that this knot should be for all the seven life times and not just this life, Tulsi thinks there is just one thing left as she will close the lights of the entire house so Mohan fills her Mang and Maa would not stop this marriage because of the fear of the auspicious time.

Damini manages to come out of the suitcase, seeing this everyone is shocked wondering what has happened. Damini is baffled asking if they all are mad and why did they not think that someone is trapped inside the bag, a lady asks Damini why she was locked in the suitcase. Damini ties to think and recalls that she tipped from the hand of Radha, she thinks she has go back home.Pandit jee exclaims they must perform the ritual of walking around the Hawan, the entire family is throwing flowers over them, but Ketki is tensed, Ajeet signals her to fulfill the ritual. Pandjt jee explains the second circle is of love so they both must pray that they get the strength to live with each other in the entire life and their relationship is always strong. Ketki thinks that Mohan himself is getting married to the biggest problem in their life and now even Bhagwan cannot help them.

Damini while running towards the house falls causing an injury on her head, a person comes asking if she is fine when Damini request if she can call using his mobile, she tris to contact her mother who thinks that she is calling from a bank and explains they do not want any kind of loan, Damini then also tries to call Kadambari however she does not answer her phone, Damini then finally calls the house when Dulari answers it informing that the marriage of Damini is happening in their house.

The person is furious and takes the mobile explaining she dialed so many contacts, Damini is stunned wondering how the marriage is happening when she is here, she realizes that Radha is getting married to Mohan, she thinks of going with the auto, but he first demands the money as she s not dressed properly, Damini notices a girl working by her bicycle so leaves on it.

Pandit jee is about to inform about the meaning of the third circle to which Mohan explains he is not getting married for the first time, they must fulfill the ritual quickly. Tulsi exclaims she does not like his attitude but agrees with him today, Gungun while smiling also asks them to get married quickly, Kadambari gets a bit worried.Damini while riding the cycle thinks about the times when Mohan would risk his life for Radha, how he took her responsibility and was always there to protect her, she is really angered by the bond which they both share with each other.

Pandit jee mentions after the ritual of the circles now the rituals of Sindoor and Mangal Sutur are left, Pandit jee questions where they are when Gungun recalls that she took it, she goes to bring it when Kaveri asks why she does have it, Gungun explains that she at fist did not want them to get married, she asks papa to fill the Mang of her new mother. Pandit jee asks them to lift the veil of the bride, hearing this Tulsi and Gungun both are tensed. Tulsi turns to look at the main switch mentioning just as he would lift the veil of Radha, she is going to tun off all the lights. Gungun is really worried of what might happen if the truth comes out, Kaveri leans to lift the veil but is stopped when Damini screams standing at the door, she is exhausted standing there with a scar on her forehead. Mohan along with the rest of the family are also stunned. Damini mentions this wedding cannot happen it is deception.

Kaveri runs to Damini asking who did this to her, Tulsi thinks how she managed to come back as she is going to ruin everything. Kadambari is also shocked exclaiming if Damini is standing there then who is in the Mandap.Kaveri also is tensed questioning who is in the Mandap if Damini is standing here, Mohan is shocked, he lifts the veil with his own hands, Tulsi is scared of what will happen now that the truth is about to come out. Mohan reveals that it is Radha under the veil, he is shocked seeing her there.The entire Trivedi family is also shocked by the fact, Mohan cannot believe it and is just staring at Radha who is standing there with her eyes closed. Ajeet and Ketki both are excited but stop when Kadambari scolds them.

Mohan asks Radha what is she doing here but Radha does not reply, Ketki exclaims that she prayed to Bihari jee for a magic and he did it, she says both Mohan bhai and Radha are looking really good together, she asks Mohan to come close as it must feel they both are husband and wife, Kadambari instructs her to stop this nonsense. Mohan then also asks Radha, but she doesn’t reply.
Kaveri rushes asking what is going on here and why is Radha in the Mandap instead of Damini, Mohan once again asks Radha what is she doing here in the place of Damini, he even inquires why is she standing with her eyes closed.

Gungun thinks that it is a mess, and she must do something, she act as if she is also shocked by it but mentions that now the rituals have ended so he got married to Radha instead of Damini, she ask Mohan to fill her Mang and perform the ritual of Mangal Sutur to make Radha her mother.
Ketki agrees with Gungun explaining she is right as they do not have any other choice, Kadambari asks them both to stop talking nonsense, when Ketki mentions what is her mistake when Damini suffered a heart break, they both force Gungun to take a photo with Radha and Mohan. Kadambari once again scolds them.

Kaveri threatens to tear the face of Radha, Mohan asks what is she doing as he is going to talk with Radha, Kaveri exclaims he must not try to stop her as she has lost her mind and Radha would not be spared with her anger, she is first going to beat her and then throw her out of the house. Mohan replies to Kaveri masi would not do anything of the sort, Kaveri asks what his problem is and is she not getting angry by what is going on, she blames Mohan asking if he also likes it as now, he got two of them or is he behind everything that is happening. Mohan exclaims it is enough.
Mohan once again asks Radha what she is doing here but Radha just stands there, Mohan mentions the questions would increase if she stayed quiet, he requests Radha to speak the truth. Damini notices that the protection has ended, she thinks it is the work of Gungun and Tulsi so she must win the situation. Damini thinks this is the right moment to oust Radha from the life of Mohan once and for all.

Ketki and Ajeet also do not understand why Radha is standing there without uttering even a single word.Damini furiously picks a pot before taking Radha with her, the entire family is shocked when Damini throws the water on her face, so she wakes up. Mohan is furious questioning what is she doing. Damini asks why anyone would ask her to do anything of the sort, Radha finally regains consciousness.Damini blames Radha for doing everything, meanwhile Radha is shocked how she got in the clothes of the bride. Radha notices Damini is standing furiously in front of her while the entire family is shocked.

Radha is amazed to see that she is wearing the clothes of the bride, she looks up to see Damini standing in front of her and tries to call everyone. Damini asks if she thinks they all are fools as they all know she is perfectly fine so she must end this drama, Radha asks what is going on as she is in the Mandap along him while dressed in the bridal dress. Damini blames Radha for being a good actor, revealing she did what she had to and is now acting as if nothing happened, so how can she behave like this, Mohan asks Damini to give Radha a chance to speak, he starts to inquire about the truth. Damini questions if she should give Radha a chance when she has snatched away the most important moment of her life, Damini reveals she was about to get married to him but he was with Radha in the Mandap and they have even performed the rituals, ha she not come back on time Mohan would have filed her Mang and even performed the ritual of Mangal Sutur, even then he wants her to give Radha a chance, she questions if Mohan can see her condition or is he still only worried about Radha.

Kadambari questions who did this to her, Damini blames Radha for being behind it explaining that she came into her room and started beating her after threatening that if Damini tries to marry Mohan it would be wrong, she then asked her in the suitcase before throwing her out of the house. Tulsi exclaims Mohan knows Radha cannot do anything of the sort.

Kaveri recalls she is the one who started beating Damini and wonders what she has done, Kaveri gets furious with Radha asking what she has done to her daughter, she threatens to take her life but Gungun stops Kaveri from harming her. Radha tries to assure she has not done anything of the sort when Kaveri threatens to not let her live. Radha replies that Damini was beating her before she got unconscious, Mohan asks why Damini would do this on her own wedding day, Radha replies because they both do not want their truth to be revealed.

Mohan even asks Kaveri to stop, he explains Radha must look at the condition of Damini since she cannot harm herself, he assures he trusts Radha with a blind eye but what is she doing with him in the Mandap. Mohan asks what he should make of all that is going on, Gungun requests her papa to stop asking why is he scolding Radha when she is not lying at all. Tulsi requests her to not interfere as no one will believe her.

Gungun asks Radha why is she crying when she has always stood by her side, Gungun explains she will tell the truth, Kadambari is furious with her asking if she will lie to save Radha, Gungun explains Radha has told her to always speak the truth and she is going to tell the entire story, Damini stops Gungun explaining that she does not want to hear anything.

Mohan replies he wants to hear everything then Gungun reveals she was passing by the room of Damini when she saw Radha behind her bed unconscious, Damini even tried to harm her but she does not know how Damini fell down and became unconscious, she then thought that if she cannot stop this marriage then can at least change the bride so she dressed Radha as the bride, then Kaveri masi came and placed Damini in the suitcase before taking her out of the room. Then Ketki helped Radha come down to the Mandap, they were not able to find out the truth because she was under the veil. Kaveri whispers to Damini explaining she must handle the situation otherwise Radha would get married to Mohan. Damini blames Radha for convincing Gungun to tell a story which they both have made up, Radha asks her to stop as she cannot do anything of the sort, Damini asks how she was able to come down to the Mandap and even perform the marriage rituals, but she did not even move. Gungun explains Kaveri masi and Ketki Bua had helped her.

Damini explains Radha is not a feather, which anyone can place in the house. Damini asks what about during the rituals of the wedding during which no one was able to help Radha. Damini asks if they all have realized the truth because Gungun cannot do it by herself so either Radha was doing it by herself, or she was helped by a ghost. Radha starts thinking that it might be the work of that power which she sensed in the house a lot of times and they even helped her from the goons. Kadambari thinks this is all the doing of Tulsi otherwise there is no other way.

Kaveri tries her best to slap Radha, but she stops her explaining that both Damini and Kaveri masi are always planning but now that she has gotten a chance, she is going to reveal their entire truth in front of the family. Radha pushes her away.

Radha explains she has tried to tell him the truth so many times but she was sometimes stopped by them both or he refused to listen to her, Radha explains the person he is planning to marry is the reason behind all the problems of this house and he does not even know what Damini did with her today, she tried to take her life by making her fall unconscious, she really does not know how she reached the Mandap and performed all the wedding rituals with him. Mohan is furious.

Damini exclaims that Radha is making up all these stories and he will believe her, if it is all the truth then Radha would be standing in her place, she loved him for so many years and even took care of his family, and the business but what is she getting in return, these baseless accusations. She is crying exclaims this is the day she has done everything for.

Mohan explains he knows Radha has done a lot for this family but this does not mean that she can blame Damini and Kaveri masi. Damini explains Radha has blamed them, but does she have any proof, Radha explains she indeed had the proof however Damini erased them, however there is nothing to be worried about as she still has one proof. Radha rushes away explaining she will come back. Kaveri questions what proof she is going to bring.

Radha runs into the room and is searching for the newspapers, but she is not able to find them.Damini thinks that she burned the newspapers, Radha thinks of something so running back requests Kadambari explaining that she is her last hope as she knows that Damini forced her to get ready for this marriage, she requests her to not be worried about anything because if Mohan jee also finds the truth then he would stand by her side. Kadambari turns to look at Damini recalling how she threatened to make sure Mohan is locked in jail, Kadambari asks what she is saying and why would Damini threaten her, she has accepted her with her own will. Gungun asks if her papa knows that Radha can never do anything wrong, and Damini is conspiring against her. Ketki agrees explaining that Radha has always thought for the betterment of their family and why would she try to stop this marriage.

Damini explains she will tell what Radha will get in return, Damini reveals that Radha loves Mohan hearing this the entire family is shocked along with Radha, Damini smiles explaining her truth might not come out but they will find the truth about Radha, she will not be able to hide it under any circumstance. Damini explains she must tell everyone the truth, Mohan explains she is crossing her limits.

Damini explains he must wait for a moment, Mohan angrily takes off the Varmala, which scares everyone.Damini brings the Bhagwat Geeta holding it in front of Radha, she explains Radha believes the most in Bhagwat Geeta so she should take an oath after placing her hand over it, accepting she does not love Mohan. Radha is tensed while Damini forces her to say it, Radha replies that she does not have to palace her hand over the Geeta to reveal what is in her heart for Mohan. Radha takes the Geeta from Damini explains that it was the starting point of their relationship. Damini says she should not twist the matter as everyone must find out how characterless she is, Mohan asks how she dared say something like this to her. Damini replies there is no need for strength because she is only telling the truth and if a girl from reputed family tries to be close to someone who is engaged, Radha tried to kill her and even took her place in the Mandap but even then if he thinks she is lying then should ask Radha to prove herself.

Mohan replies that Radha does not must prove anything, Damini explains that she indeed loves him. Mohan explains Radha cannot think about it even in her dreams, Damini says she only dreams about him. Radha getting irritated exclaims it is enough and asks them both to stop. Radha picks up the Bihari jee from the Mandap. Radha reveals she thought she would never speak about it, she accepts that Radha from Barsana loves Mohan with all her heart, Mohan is furious hearing the truth. He just starts staring at her and is shocked.

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