Aparajita zeeworld update Thursday 27 July 2023

Aparajita 27 July 2023:;Aparajita tells Mohini that her husband is waiting for her, she leaves from there. Aparajita goes to the room and looks at the ring that Akshay gave her. She thinks this ring will keep reminding me of him cheating on me but I have to wear this to teach a lesson to Mohini. Mohini kicks the door and shouts that you proved today that you want Akshay but I won’t let you do this. Aparajita plays loud music so Akshay can’t hear her. Mohini is banging the door but Manish stops her. Mohini shouts that this woman is trying to steal my husband. Manish drags Mohini from there. Aparajita recalls how Manish and Mohini tempered with the ring. She gets angry and goes behind Mohini. She glares at her and says my Asha was in that condition because of you? Mohini says you wanted to wear the ring so I had to do something.

Aparajita gets angry and drags her to the kitchen. She lights up the stove and recalls how Mohini tried to harm her kids many times. Aparajita says you like to play with fire right? She puts her hand on the burning pan and Mohini cries in pain. Aparajita says you are in pain now? you didn’t think what would happen with Asha after you framed her? my kids were blamed and called so many things because of you. You have to pay for trying to hurt my daughters. I will take revenge of 20 years now, I told you before to stay away my kids but you didn’t listen. Stay away from them otherwise it won’t be just your hand that’s burned. Mohini says you have gone crazy, she runs from there. Aparajita gets dizzy and faints.

Scene 2
Chhavi, Disha and Asha are worried that Akshay got angry seeing the ring with them. Chhavi tells Disha that she shouldn’t have talked to him like that, Disha says he started that. Akshay goes to the kitchen and finds Aparajita lying there. He rushes to her.Manish puts Mohini’s hand in the cold water, she says I hate that woman. Niya comes there and asks how did this happen? Mohini shouts that your Aparajita aunty did this, that woman is trying to snatch my husband and now burned my hand. I just hate her. Niya recalls how Chhavi wanted Akshay to stay with them too.

The doctor checks Aparajita and tells Akshay that she fainted because of stress only. He leaves. Disha tells sorry to Akshay and says I shouldn’t have talked to you like this. He says I will go and get the medicines, he leaves. Chhavi, Disha and Asha hug her. She says I am okay, don’t worry. The daughters are scared of the police but Aparajita asks them to calm down, Chhavi takes Asha from there. Aparajita tells Disha that Asha was trapped deliberately and got sick.

Veer is calling Chhavi, she takes the call and he shouts why are you not taking my calls? Chhavi tells him how they got arrested. Veer says you should have told me. Chhavi says I am sorry, Disha was there with me. Veer says its okay, my friend is getting married tomorrow so you have to go with me and wear the lehenga that you wore on roka. Chhavi says what will I tell my family? Veer says I don’t care, just do something and come. He ends the call and smirks. Chhavi messages him that she will come. He laughs and says I have to make Chhavi mine before Akshay gets his memory back.Disha tells Aparajita that she did the right thing with Mohini, we have to expose her. Aparajita says it will harm Akshay only, I know she won’t change so we have to do something.

Aparajita wakes up and sees her hands tied to the bed. She says what is this? she unties her hands.Akshay tells Dadi that I tied Aparajita’s hands so she can’t rest and not worry about household work. Dadi laughs. Aparajita comes there and says you tied my hands? he says you are free? she says why did you tie my hands? Akshay says you needed rest. Aparajita says I am okay now. They both argue with each other. Dadi says you both are looking like old Akshay and Aparajita. Akshay says what do you mean? Dadi says I mean before you went to the hospital. Akshay says she is always angry with me. Akshay tells Aparajita that I will ask the police about who gave money to the driver. Aparajita says I talked to the inspector, they are finding out. Chhavi, Disha and Asha come there with little Chhavi. Chhavi says she wants my chunri. Akshay says you shouldn’t take someone else’s things. He gives chunri back to Chhavi and suddenly recalls the roka.. he says I gave this chunri to you before? Chhavi says you might have been to some wedding. Akshay gets dizzy and says I felt this happened with Chhavi and I before.. Aparajita looks on. Dadi asks Akshay to come with her, he goes. Disha says what if he is getting his memory back? Aparajita goes from there.

Aparajita comes to the laundry, Disha comes to her and says why did you come here? Aparajita says I will go to the doctor and ask about it, maybe Akshay is getting his memory back. Disha says what about Mohini? Aparajita says we will think about it later on, she leaves. Disha says Niya should know what her mother is up to, I will not spare her.

The police arrive at Mohini’s house and tells her that we got a complaint that you tried to kill Asha. Mohini says Aparajita is lying, in fact she burned my hand. The inspector says we have to arrest you. Mohini says you don’t know who I am. Disha hides and makes her video. The inspector arrests Mohini. The manager goes to Niya and says the police is arresting Mohini. Disha comes to Mohini and says we got arrested like this only. The neighbors are making Mohini’s videos. Mohini says don’t malign my honor. Disha says what about our honor when you got us arrested? she says this is all fake, even the police is fake, I just wanted to see you lose it. Mohini grabs her and says how dare you? Disha says this is just a trailer, if you try to mess with us again then remember this. She twists her hand and leaves. Niya comes there and asks what happened? Mohini thinks I can’t tell her the truth. Mohini says Disha called the police but I sent them away, you know how Disha is, they keep harrassing me. Niya hugs her and feels bad.

The doctor tells Aparajita that this is good, he is getting his memory back. He needs your support to get his memory back.Chhavi meets Veer wearing her lehenga. She says you lied to me again, there is no wedding right? He says yes but I was missing you, you haven’t even talked to me for days. Chhavi says but I lied to Maa, she won’t like it that I am with you. Veer gets angry and says why are you always scared of her? lets get married today only. Chhavi says I can’t do this, you know how papa is right now. Veer says I can’t wait anymore. Chhavi says I cna’t marry you because Disha and Aparajita think you attacked papa. Once he gets his memory back then he will clarify that you are innocent. I will marry you once my family is happy with it too. She leaves.

Disha shows video to Dadi and Asha about Mohini getting arrested. Chhavi comes there and sees it too. Niya comes there and hears Dadi saying that Mohini should be punished like this only, I would have slapped her but Disha did better with her. She sees them all laughing at Mohini and is shocked.

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