Imlie starlife update Saturday 22 July 2023

Imlie 22 July 2023: Imlie notices Atharva tensed and asks reason. Atharva recalls Chini talking about committing suicide and nervously asks why is she asking like this. Imlie recalls seeing a love letter for Atharva and says he must be going to gym, but she is also strong after having Pagdandiya’s butter and milk. Atharva thanks her for trying to cheer him up and walks away thinking some problems have to be sorted out alone. A boy Gautam meets Chini. Chini insults him. He walks away saying her family must have forcefully sent here and tries to leave. Chini notices Atharva comiRng and acts as Gautam pushing her down. Gautam asks if she is fine. Atharva hlds Gautam’s collar and shouts how dare he is to push Chini. Chini says she loves Arto. Gautam asks who is Arto. A girl gets mesmerized seeing Arto there.

Arto yells at Gautam and asks him to leave. Gautam says he was going. Chini says Gautam pushed her and acts. Gautam walks away confused.Imlie reaches hotel to meet a boy whom Rupali has selected for Chini. Atharva gets Chini into car. Imlie notices Atharva and thinks if he came to meet a letter girl. A girl walks to Atharva and says she’s his big fan since she was in 9th class, shows letters written for him, takes his autograph, and hugs him. Imlie thinks she is that letter girl. Media clicks Arto’s pics. Arto warns them not to click his pics without his permission. He fears that Chini is in the background and everyone will learn about them via newspaper. Atharva’s fan leaves. Imlie follows her not noticing Chini getting out of car. Chini asks who was that girl.

Atharva says reporter clicked their pic and will publish it in newspaper, everyone will find out about their secret meeting. Imlie says he wanted same. He says he doesn’t want to give any tension to dad. Chini asks dad or Imlie. She hugs him and acts as comforting him. Atharva fears Imlie may find out about them.Atharva returns home and finds Imlie waiting for him. He nervously picks his dress and tries to leave. Imlie asks how was his day. He smiles. She says she was feeling bored without Atharva and Chini and hence had gone to a restaurant where Chini had gone to meet the boy. Atharva gets nervous. Imlie says she saw even him there. Atharva drops his clothes anxiously and thinks she didn’t see him with Chini or else she would have questioned him.

He tells her about a fan who likes him since childhood and showed letter she wrote for him and with whom his tomorrow’s concert is. He asks if she wants to ask anything. She says she will, but he should practice for his tomorrow’s concert first. He leaves. She thinks how to inform him that his fan is the one who fixed bomb, she needs a proof first.

Rupali tells Sundar that Chini considers Imlie as her enemy and wouldn’t stop. Sundar says he can’t believe it as Chini loves Imlie immensely. Rupali says that was in childhood, now Chini has changed. Arpita says Rupali is right as Chini spent more time with Anu after Aryan and Sr Imlie left and Malini brainwashed her before dying. Sundar says even he believes now that Chini is behind Atharva’s money, they should find a rich boy for Chini then. Arpita says its too late now. Rupail says not yet, they will take care of Imlie and Chini’s happiness.

Next morning, Imlie picks a news paper and looks at the photo with Athara and his fan and Chini in the background. She thinks why Atharva didn’t inform her that he met Chini. Atharva walks to her. She shows him photo. Chini walks to her and says she is waiting to see her picture in the news paper. Imlie stands silently. Chini goes to her room. Imlie gives her news paper and says she found out who sent that bomb. Chini nervously asks who is it. Imlie says its printed in news papers. Chini gets more tensed. Imlie says Atharva’s fan sent that bomb as she loves Atharva and out of frustration got a bomb blast, Atharva doesn’t know about this fan’s intention. Chini hugs her and says she is with her, thinks she has to hug her enemy.

Atharva gets ready for the concert. Devika wishes him good luck. Rudra passes by. Atharva touches his feet and says he is going for the concert. Rudra walks away without speaking anything, leaving Atharva disappointed.Imlie insists Rudra to attend Atharva’s concert. Rudra says he will not go, but will not restrict anyone. Imlie shows card and says invitation is for whole family, Rudra is Atharva’s most important family member and inspiration. Keya and Akash interfere and ask Imlie not to force Rudra when he doesn’t want to attend concert and says this house used to run the way it is before before Imlie came. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue. Atharva eagerly waits for his family. Imlie walks in with family. He feels disappointed not finding Rudra. Rudra walks in with Devika next. Imlie recalls Devika warning Keya that whole family will attend the concert.

Atharva happily runs down and hugs his each family member. Divya says she thought he would be singing at some park in a corner, but its a very big event. Atharva walks to Rudra emotionally. Rudra asks if his concert starts on time or not as he has some other work also. Atharva says it will and rushes away happily. Imlie notices Atharva’s fan and tells Chini that she is the one who tried to kill Rudra with bomb and fears if she will fix bomb even during concert. Chini says she can. Imlie decides to confirm with the girl if she was the one who fixed bomb. Chini says no one would agree their crime. She provokes Imlie to punish that girl for her crime and gives her a voice spoiling juice to give it to the girl. Imlie hesitates but goes and keeps juice in the fan girl Naina’s tent. Chini thinks she got a chance to ruin Imlie’s image in front of Atharva.

Atharva arranges a VIP lounge for his family. Devika tells Rudra that they used to enjoy a VIP treatment because of Rudra til today and today they are experiencing it because of DJ Arto. Atharva feels emotional and thanks Imlie in his mind. Chini meets him. Atharva praises Imlie and says Imlie did what nobody could. Chini says Imlie can cross any limits to get what she wants. Naina shouts just then. Atharva and Chini rush to her. Naina tells Atharva that someone spiked her juice to spoil her performance. Organizer shows CCTV footage. Atharva is shocked to see Imlie keeping juice bottle in Naina’s tent but refuses to believe and requests Naina to let him question Imlie first. Naina agrees.

Chini says she already told him that Imlie can cross any limits. Atharva says Chini crosses limits for everyone’s benefit, she is a jealous wife and doesn’t want to see someone else performing better than her husband. Atharva says he will question Imlie.Imlie thinks she should remove a juice bottle before Naina consumes it. Atharva walks to her and asks if she kept juice in Naina’s tent. Imlie agrees and tries to explain, but Atharva refuses to listen to her and vents out his anger on her.

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