Radha Mohan update Friday 21 July 2023

Radha Mohan 21 July 2023: Radha requests Mr Trivedi to be calm and think what happened to him today, Damini questions if she has gotten mad and what would she get after creating differences between them both, Radha replies no matter what the truth will come out today, Mohan instructs them both to stop and warns Mr Trivedi to not talk with his mother like this, he replies this is what happened to him because they are not concerned about what happened to him but Mohan got angry when he said a few words to his mother, Mr Trivedi explains she has made him a show piece in this house, he blames her for being a Dayan, Mohan not being able to control himself pushes Mr Trivedi, explaining his mother is not a Dayan but he is at fault, Mohan mentions his mother has taken care of everything including the business and even his children, Mohan explains she has just given them everything by standing beside him so he can take Mr Trivedi’s place, he wipes of his tears explaining he cannot repay her debt in the thousand ears as she has even given him the love of a father and if Damini even loves Gungun half of his mother then she would remain happy, Radha tries to explain but Mohan explains today she has broken all of his hopes, his mother is in tears because of Mr Trivedi so he doesn’t want to hear anything, the entire family is worried. Tulsi also requests him to listen to Radha. Mohan asks why she brought him here when he was not interested himself, Radha requests him to listen but he vows to get married today and Mr Trivedi can try to stop him. Mr Trivedi once again requests Mohan but he asks the Pandit jee to start the rituals, Mr Trivedi falls on the floor, they all rush to help him, but Mohan exclaims that he would wake up in a while and he cannot take care of anyone. Radha once again requests him to listen, Gungun also pleads with him to not marry Damini and listen to her, Mohan angrily informs he will not listen to either her or Radha. Kadambari instructs Ajeet to take Mr Trivedi inside. Tulsi warns him for making a big mistake.

Damini whispers to her mother that no one can stop their marriage, Mohan asks the Pandit jee to start, Pandit jee mentions the wedding cannot happen. Radha is tensed along with everyone while Gungun smiles, Damini asks what is he saying, Kadambari asks the reason the wedding cannot happen, he replies the auspicious time has ended and it would come back after four hours till then they have to wait, he says Kadambari jee asked him to perform the ritual with utmost care as this is what he is doing, Tulsi exclaims that Radha got the time to talk with Mohan. Radha also praises Bihari jee for giving her time.

Kaveri whispers to Damini that till then Radha would figure out the method to stop her marriage, Damini suggests they should complete the rituals, Kaveri also exclaims that Bihari jee would not be looking at the time so they can start the wedding, Kadambari refuses saying that she would not want to do anything against the rituals and till that time they must go to their rooms, she turns to leave explaining she needs to spend some time alone.

Tulsi suggests Radha should tell Mohan the entire truth about Damini.Damini entering the room informs Kaveri now Mohan would not stop this marriage, she turning on the light is shocked to see Kadambari sitting there so asks what is she doing, Kadambari questions why did Damini do it all to meet her desires, Damini acts as if she doesn’t know anything, Kadambari blames her for making Mr Trivedi fall drunk and Radha went to find him, she asks what was she trying to inform them but Damini insists she doesn’t know anything, Kadambari explains she is not that stupid, Kaveri assures there is nothing of the sort when Kadambari warns her to not try and harm Radha ever again, Damini stops her explaining that she is not yet married and cannot rest because even Radha would try her best to stop the marriage. Kaveri assures that nothing would happen, and Kaveri must go to talk with Mr Trivedi.

Radha forcefully stops Mohan requesting him to listen to her but he is angry explaining that he does not want to scold her, he tries to close the door but she puts her hand in it which is about to be crushed, he opening the door asks if she got hurt, Radha questions what was the need to close the door, he starts blowing on it. Damini and Tulsi are tensed thinking what if Radha tells Mohan the entire truth. Tulsi notices both running so going upstairs causes them to fall, Damini is furious at her. Tulsi replies she cannot harm her directly but can still slow them down.Mohan asks Radha if she is fine when she replies how can she be fine if he doesn’t listen to her, Mohan replies he cannot listen because Mr Trivedi said a lot of things to his mother, and he will not bear anything against his mother. Mohan closes the door without even listening to Radha.

Damini is glad thinking Mohan did her work so she can stay calm, she is walking up to Radha exclaims today her fate is fruitful as she hurt Mohan because he cannot hear anything against his mother, Damini exclaims even if she prays even then Mohan would not listen to her, Damini exclaims she would go and rest as she got tired.

Radha exclaims she has done a lot to make her from telling the truth by even trying to get her and Gungun killed, she has still not gotten married to Mohan. Radha reveals she just needs five minutes to tell him the truth so would get a lot of opportunities in these four hours, Damini leaves angrily. Radha wonders how can she talk with Mohan.
Damini sitting in the room wonders how can she stay calm in these four hours, Kaveri exclaims that Tulsi along with Radha is against them and even Gungun is not on their side and lastly Vishwanath also came home in a furious manner, she prays to Bihari jee when Damini exclaims he only listens to Radha. Gungun coming out of hiding thinks Bihari jee sides with her because she is on the side of truth, Gungun vows to not let Damini be her mother.

Radha is requesting Mohan to open the door but he angrily exclaims he would not listen to her, Tulsi also requests him to her what she ahs to say, Radha vows to sit outside the room until he listens to her. Damini coming with Kaveri wonders what is Radha doing now, she vows to get married to Mohan no matter the situation.

Damini and Kaveri see Radha sitting in front of the door, Damini wonders what is she doing as Radha is beating the metal tray, Tulsi asks if she was able to make him stop talking but now he should go and open the door, Mohan recalls when she would close the door on his face, when he would get late and he would promise to always serve her, she would forgive him. Tulsi asks if he remembered anything then must go and open the door because what she is about to tell him is for the betterment of this entire family. Mohan exclaims she would cause the entire family to be tensed.

Damini exclaims she is not going to let Radha ruin her wedding so would stop her, she starts walking to Radha when Gungun coming from behind thinks she is also standing between her and Mohan’s wedding so now she instructs them to attack, asking Radha to beat it with more force. Damini wonders who was the voice off, she turns back but doesn’t see anyone. Kaveri manages to snatch the metal tray exclaiming she would do this drama otherwise it would be a lot of problem for her, Damini questions why is she doing this even Kadambari maa got in a lot of trouble because of her, Mohan thinks about what happened so turns back vowing to not talk with Radha’s his mother got hurt because of her. Mohan turns on the radio to play the song before sitting on the bed.

Kadambari is staring at the photo of Mohan, Ketki comes explaining she knows Maa would be feeling hurt however she knows how their father behaves when he is drunk, Kadambari replies sometimes people tend to speak the truth and his anger towards her burst out of his conscious, he then said those things, Ketki once again explains he was just drunk, Rahul mentions but her entire life revolves around Mohan bhai and, she doesn’t care for anyone other then him why is why they all are not so close to her.

Raha replies she knows Damini is trying to cause differences between her an Mohan jee but she is today going to reveal the truth, Kaveri twists her hand threatening to not do anything of the sort.

Ketki stands questioning why is Rahul talking like this as she is their mother, Kadambari replies that Rahul might be telling the truth, Ketki mentions that Damini is not suitable for this family, Rahul gets furious questioning what is he saying since Damini is not the cause of the problems but Radha, Ketki asks what would she gain from stopping the marriage, Kadambari informs it is because of the love which she has for them, Ketki asks what is she saying, Kadambari informs she loves Gungun so doesn’t want Damini to be her mother.

Kaveri is still twisting the hand of Radha when she and Damini both are hit from behind with a stick, they are shocked to see Gungun standing with the guns who exclaims that anyone who tries to hurt Radha would pay the price, she keeps on hitting both Damini and Kaveri, she causes the metal vase to fall hearing which Mohan comes out questioning what is happening outside, he is shocked to see Radha also standing with the gun, Kaveri and Damini both blame Gungun and Radha for hitting them, Radha assures she has not done anything of the sort, Damini is adamant to prove she is lying, Mohan however explains he knows Radha cannot do anything of the sort, he turns back when Radha stops him requesting for a single chance to prove everything.

Damini asks what Gungun would learn from her if she is also lying, Damini explains that Mohan should not encourage her, Gungun explains she has learned everything from Radha and just learned planning from Damini. Mohan explains they need to let Radha speak, Damini requests to also speak and both are speaking at the same time, Mohan gets fed up so orders them all to stop explaining they have made the market of this house. Radha requests if he would not even give her a chance to speak and doesn’t know his Radha, Damini gets furious explaining there is only Damini, so Radha doesn’t have any right over him. Mohan stops her explaining it is for him to decide who has any right over him. Radha is relieved when Mohan questions what she wants to say, he explains she is saying he should not marry but what is the reason, and she should also reveal where she went during the wedding. The entire family is tensed. He asks what the reason was to create the drama at the time of the wedding. Mohan vows to only listen, Kaveri explains their truth is about to be revealed.

Radha explains today she is going to tell the entire truth, Damini jumps explaining she is going to tell because Radha thinks if they get married then after some time she would accept her, so Radha would not have any reason to stay in this house. Radha replies she is lying. Gungun exclaims she can never become her mother and can say it a thousand times over while even write it one hundred thousand times that she can never be her mother, Mohan scolds her.

Radha exclaims she should be the one to tell the truth, the entire family is really shocked, Damini once again interferes when Mohan questions why she is stopping Radha or is there something which she doesn’t want to be revealed, Damini assures there is nothing of the sort, Mohan exclaims Radha should speak the truth and everyone will just listen.

Kadambari recalls the threats of Damini and explains this is the time of wedding so there should only be the wedding and not the drama, which is going on, she stops Radha from speaking the truth. Radha is really tensed, Kadambari explains there is just half an hour left but Mohan asks what about Radha’s side of the story, Kadambari explains they can listen to it at any time, but Radha wants to tell the truth, Kadambari takes Radha with her.
Gungun requests Kadambari to let Radha talk with Mohan, Kadambari explains that children should not speak amongst the elders, Gungun explains they must let Radha talk with papa, Kadambari closes the door when Radha explains she must talk with Mohan. Kadambari asks why is she doing this, because of the love she has for Mohan. Radha accepts she loves Mohan but it is just like Radharani does with Bihari jee, which is without any desire and she is not selfish, Radha reveals she is not doing this to marry Mohan but to save him from Damini because they cannot even understand she has done to them, Kadambari explains she loves her and Mohan but what if because of her actions they lose Mohan, Radha is shocked.

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