Radha Mohan update Sunday 16 July 2023

Radha Mohan 16 July 2023: Radha drinks the water, she after standing feels weird and even starts coughing while walking to the corner as she is dizzy. Mohan walking towards the room thinks Radha was trying to tell him something, but he did not listen, Tulsi exclaims he doesnot let anyone speak and after talking with Radha he would find out the truth about Damini and that she did not leave him by her own choice.Radha sits down due to the pain, Damini and Kaveri are relieved while Mohan is still walking towards the room, Tulsi exclaims he will find out that if anyone loves him it is only Radha, she tries to call Gungun who is sleeping, Kaveri hears someone coming so signals Damini to hide, Mohan walking towards the room thinks Gungun considers Radha as her Yashoda Maa but even then he did not give her the chance to speak.

Radha finally sits beside Gungun but is still in excoriating pain before finally falling on the bed unconscious due to the pain, Mohan enters the room where he sees that she is sleeping, he starts staring at her thinking she does a lot of work so fell unconscious, Mohan places her feet correctly on the bed while sitting beside her, he apologizes to her saying he should have listened to her just as she does with him and Gungun, if they are able to sleep peacefully it is because of her efforts as she managed to create the relation between a father and daughter otherwise there would not be any between them, she has no idea what she means to him. Mohan wishes her Good night and is about to leave when her hands falls over, he thinks she sleeps just like a child and why not when she takes care of everyone during the day. Mohan picks her hand which he places besides, he turns to close the door when the white substance comes out of her mouth however Mohan leaves.

Kadambari asks Dulari if she has anything to say when Dulari hesitantly explains she wants to say something and slowly exclaims there is a ghost in the house, Kadambari says she must say it loudly so Dulari informs there is a ghost in the house, because when everyone was in the hospital, a lot of weird things happened as the television turned on and the ghost even locked Rahul in the room so she feels they should call an elder, Kadambari warns her to not speak of it in front of anyone since there is even a child in their house, Kadambari wonders what is Tulsi doing, she feels like telling Damini.

Damini informs Guru maa that Tulsi is siding with Radha and she might even side with her someday, she requests Guru maa to get her married to Mohan when Guru maa explains she warned her before that Radha is the reason for her problems but Damini explains she has made sure Radha falls in deep sleep but if Tulsi finds out she is behind it then would surely take her life, Guru maa asks if she brought the thing, Damini hands her the piece of cloth from Mohan. Guru maa exclaims she asked for something else, Damini hands her Mohan’s hair which she takes to start performing a ritual. Damini is staring at her when she covers them both creating a locket. Guru maa gives Damini the Kankanduhara which is the first ritual of the wedding and till it completes this would be the protection. Damini doesnot understand when Guru maa asks if she doesnot understand why Tulsi doesnot touch Mohan and Gungun, it is because of the vow which he made her swear so after Damini gets married to Mohan, she would also become a part of his family and then Tulsi would not be able to do anything.

In the morning Kadambari advises Dulari to make sure there is no problem in the wedding, she wonders why is Radha not awake till now, she is about to enter the room but Kaveri stops her asking what is she doing, Kadambari explains she feels like she must wake Radha and Gungun, Kaveri says she feels they both have gotten really tired so they should let them rest, Kadambari explains the rituals of the wedding are about to begin now, Kadambari asks why is she so worried for them both, Kaveri making an excuse replies that they both do not want this marriage to happen so will create a scene, Kadambari warns her to never use such words for them both as Gungun is her Granddaughter and Radha like her daughter, who has done a lot for this family. Kaveri gets tensed mentioning she just revealed her feelings, Kadambari leaves saying she would wake them once the preparations have finalized. So Kaveri thinks she would not be able to wake either of them.

Kaveri enters the room of Gungun and Radha thinking today both she and her name would be thrown out from the life of Mohan, kaveri is about to strangle her when Mohan suddenly wakes up from his sleep.Tulsi standing beside Mohan exclaims he really loves her so is always thinking about her and even speaks her name in his sleep, she requests him to go and talk with Radha just this once.Kaveri gets scared thinking if someone sees the white thing on her mouth then their plan would end, she vows to make sure Damini and Mohan get married. Kaveri exclaims something worse happened to Radha as she was trying to ruin her plan for which she has worked on even before Radha was born, she accidently hits Gungun who wakes up. Kaveri is stunned so hides.

Gungun is shocked to see Radha is still sleeping even when the time is nine, she tries to wake Radha but Kaveri thinks she would not wake up, she tries to slowly crawl from her room but Gungun steps on her feet going to the window. Kaveri slowly crawls to the door and leaves.
Gungun manages to open the window, but Radha is still asleep.Mohan in the room is staring at the photo of Tulsi, Kadambari exclaims sometimes such things give them pain because they tend to prevent them from moving ahead in their lives, Mohan replies he doesnot know why he is getting this feeling and feels something is not right. Gungun is still trying to wake Radha but she doesnot respond.

Kadambari asks why he is thinking like this, she is taking the portrait of Tulsi mentions he must forget her, Mohan replies it is impossible since he is about to get married to Damini today but he feels as if he should not do it, Kadambari recalls the threats that Damini gave her and how she would have him thrown in jail. Kadambari says he must move ahead for Gungun since she needs a mother, Gungun is worried about how Radha is sleeping with such intensity. Kadambari asks him to get ready as they must perform the ritual. Gungun suggests Radha should sleep peacefully.

Mohan wonders why Radha has not come, Tulsi asks him to go and check on her but just as he is walking to her room, Kaveri questions where he is going, he turns to leave but she exclaims he must get ready however Mohan still walks towards the room. Kaveri mentions he is becoming a mother-in-law for the first time.
Mohan enters the room calling Radha but she is still sleeping, he is worried seeing Radha.

Mohan sitting in the room wonders where Radha is, Tulsi says he must go and check, Gungun stops him at the door saying he is not allowed, Mohan asks what the reason is when she replies he said he is marrying for her but not listens when she has said that she doesnot like Damini and even their friendship has ended. Mohan exclaims it is not right as he even wants to remain friends with her, Gungun asks if he even knows what friends are like since they tend to make each other happy but he doesnot care for her and Radha, Mohan gets worried asking what relation Radha has with his marriage, she replies he would not understand so must leave. Tulsi also requests Gungun to let Mohan inside as he must talk with Radha.

Mohan tries to call Radha mentioning Gungun is acting like a child, she replies she is a child so would behave in the manner when she explains he is an elder so why is he not behaving like that, he is marrying for her but is not concerned for her personal liking. Tulsi requests Gungun to let her father talk with Radha after which she would be her mother, Mohan once again calls her when Gungun explains she is sleeping, he says Gungun must wake Radha because even the hens have gone back to sleep. Gungun closes the door, Mohan wonders what her mother ate before giving birth to Gungun. Tulsi thinks Radha usually wakes up on one call so if something wrong has happened. Gungun is sitting beside Radha while Mohan is still calling her, Tulsi wonders why Radha is sleeping since she has never seen her and even, she doesnot sleep so peacefully, Tulsi pleads her to open her eyes. Mohan also asks Radha to see how Gungun is behaving, she asks him to go and be with his Damini. Mohan also gets angry mentioning he is leaving while Tulsi requests her to not behave like this, Tulsi thinks what she can do because if she opens the door like this then Gungun will get scared.

Damini is drying her hair in the room, she is smiling and exclaims she would soon wear the bangles with the name of Mohan and even she belongs to him, they both would finally be together after this, and everything will be sorted. Kaveri coming from behind praises Damini for being so beautiful exclaiming she has the glow of her wedding and now everything else would end, Damini mentions now she just wants Mohan to put the Mangal Sutur around her neck so Kaveri assures today Radha would not create any problem in her wedding, she asks what about the second thing, Kaveri replies it has also been taken care of, Damini exclaims now it is the turn of Tulsi because after Mohan makes her wear it then even Tulsi cannot harm her.

Gungun is trying to wake Radha asking if she is going to sleep for the entire year, Tulsi also requests her to wake up otherwise everything would end.Mohan walks over to the mirror mentioning that today everything would end, including the relation he had with Tulsi while her fights and so the last thread which he had with her would end but if it is happening with his desire then why is he feeling that there is something which has left behind.

Ajeet informs Ketki he knows why is she worried because after Tulsi Bhabhi died they thought that only Damini would be able to become the mother of Gungun but Ketki replies it all changed after Radha came as she felt she would be able to become a good mother for Gungun and even her friend, Ajeet says he also felt he would get a sister which she never had but Mohan bhai himself wants to marry Damini. Ajeet and Ketki hear the songs playing, Kadambari with a smile exclaims that it is true when they say that all the problems end when the children smile. Ajeet also joins the dance, but Ketki is really angry, Kadambari questions why is she so tensed and must also join them, Ketki replies they must ask Damini to dance since her desires are being fulfilled. Mohan in the room wonders why they not listened to him because this wedding is not by happiness but a necessity, and his relation with Tulsi will end while Gungun is also mad at him and Radha, Mohan gets worried for her but walks out due to anger.

Gungun is still trying to wake Radha saying there is even such loud music but after a while she exclaims, she is getting worried as Damini is about to go down and marry papa.Damini walks down the stairs, she smiles seeing them all dancing and Kaveri also brings Damini praising her for being so beautiful just as Lakshmi maa, Kadambari also blesses her when Damini is pulled to the dance floor. Ajeet asks Ketki why she is not dancing.

Tulsi exclaims she cannot do anything in front of Gungun as she would get scared, she wonders why Radha is not waking up. Mohan wonders what happened to Radha, but Kadambari comes explaining they all are waiting for her, he exclaims Gungun did not come because she doesnot like Damini but why did Radha not come with him today when he needs her the most, she would assure him that everything will be fine but why is she not here.

Tulsi requests Radha to wake up because if she does anything in front of Gungun then she would get scared, Gungun walks out to call someone and tries but they are not able to hear because of the music. Tulsi thinks this is the right time as Gungun is not attentive, she pours the water over Radha who moves her eyes but she still doesnot wake up, Tulsi prays to Bihari jee wondering why Radha is not waking up, the bells in the Mandir start ringing as Tulsi requests Radha to wake up and she even yells at her, but Radha doesnot respond at first however she wakes up. Radha sits up calling Mohan jee, Tulsi asks if she is fine, but Radha is stunned however Tulsi hugs her, Radha feels really scared and tensed thinking what is happening to her, she is shocked and scared. Tulsi immediately stands up; Radha asks who is here. Gungun turns back to see Radha is awake, she rushes to hug her and starts crying, Gungun asks if she is fine since she was not waking up when Radha replies she is fine. Radha tries to inform Gungun there is someone else in the house, Gungun explains there is a lot of problem since papa is about to get married with Damini. Radha thinks she had to tell Mohan the truth about Damini, she thanks Gungun for throwing water on her but Gungun replies she did not throw water on her, Radha wonders what is happening to her as she felt someone held her hand that day and now today so there is something in this house.

The Pandit jee starts the rituals while Damini notices Mohan is standing angrily in the corner, he thinks she has always supported him in each and every small thing but today when he needs her the most she is not with his side, Mohan recalls all the moments when Radha was there to help him come out of troubles, she would risk anything to help him. Mohan is thinking how he used to teach Radha English and she even took the venom from her body.

Pandit jee mentions now they would start the rituals of wedding so he must sit down, Kadambari also asks him but he doesnot respond at first, she is forced to push his hand after which he sits down. Mohan still looks up to the room of Radha wondering where she is when he needs her the most, Gungun asks Radha to hurry up otherwise papa would marry Damini.

Pandit jee asks them to fulfill the ritual of Kankanduhara, Damini recalls how Guru maa said that once Mohan ties it in her hand then Tulsi would not be able to harm her, Radha is shocked to see them both sitting together.

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