Perfect husband update Saturday 30 October 2021

Perfect husband 30 October 2021: The Episode starts with Vidhi wearing the dress given by Pushkar. Pushkar smiles and says you look perfect. Everyone compliments Pushkar. He asks can I dance with Vidhi. Rajshri asks him to ask Vidhi. He asks Vidhi for a dance. Vidhi nods. They dance on Dhadak song. Everyone claps. Pushkar says you changed dress, because I complaint. Vidhi says no, I kept mum’s wish, I wanted to keep your wish also, you and your gifts, feelings, are special to me, few things aren’t spoken, but felt, you asked permission for dance, I really liked it, thanks. He says but I don’t want your thanks. She asks why.

She says since mom told me how you saved her from accident, I wanted to tell you thanks, I heard saying thanks ends relation, our relation just started. Rangeela gets drunk. Maasa sees him and scolds. He argues with her. She asks him to leave. She gives the dress and asks him to get this dress tomorrow. She sends him. Rajshri says sangeet was great. Pushkar waves to Vidhi. She smiles and goes. Pushkar recalls how Ashwin insulted him. He signs Badri. Badri shuts the door and hurts Ashwin’s hand. Ashwin shouts. Pushkar shouts and slaps Badri. He asks Ashwin to come with him to doctor. Ashwin says its fine, you all leave. Pushkar asks Badri to take family home. He takes Ashwin with him.

Ashwin and Pushkar come home. Pushkar asks him to take rest, he shall leave. Ashwin says you are drenched, you will fall ill, you stay here tonight and go in morning. Pushkar asks how shall I stay here. Ashwin says we are same family, welcome home. Maasa and everyone come. Maasa thanks Pushkar for saving Ashwin. Ashwin says weather is bad, so I asked Pushkar to stay here tonight. Maasa says there is no problem, but its bad omen. Ashwin says no, Pushkar and Vidhi won’t come in front of each other. Vidhi goes. Ashwin says Pushkar will sleep in my room, Nivedita and I will sleep out. Pushkar says no, I will sleep in hall. He wears Ashwin’s kurta. Nivedita and Ashwin smile. Pushkar asks Ashwin to take painkiller. Ashwin says I was stupid to think wrong about you.

Pushkar says you are responsible to worry for family. Ashwin says we give names to all relations, I prayed to give happiness to Vidhi, you came in her life, my worries ended. He blesses Pushkar. Pushkar says I will take care of Vidhi. Ashwin goes. Pushkar thinks Vidhi is just mine, I will decide for her life.Maasa goes to wake up Bela. She asks her to go and give badam milk to Pushkar. Bela feels sleepy. Maasa sends her. Pushkar gets troubled by mosquitoes. He thinks would Vidhi sleep. Vidhi thinks of Pushkar and smiles.

Pushkar wears a cover on his face and comes to meet Vidhi. She gets scared and screams. He says don’t shout, I had no idea, I wasn’t getting sleep, I thought we can talk. She asks this way, remove this cover. He reminds Maasa’s words. She laughs.Bela comes to give him milk. She says where did Pushkar go. Vidhi says I don’t want this mask. She says its a ritual kept by devotion, this is cheating ritual. Maasa goes to see. She calls Rangeela and asks him to come home. She hears Pushkar’s voice. She says I will fill poison in Pushkar and Vidhi’s relation.

Pushkar saying we will be married tomorrow, we won’t have these feeling tomorrow. Vidhi says I also want to talk to you, I m also not getting sleep, shagun rasams matter to me, I don’t want our relation to get spoiled, I m stopping myself as I don’t want to lose this relation. He says I was joking, we can’t see each other, if we talk without seeing each other, then rasam won’t break. She says yes, you have solution of every problem, I will also turn away and stand. She says I like your caring side, thanks. He says maybe weather did cheating so that I stay back here and we could talk, I had to make a move again to come here. She says guys should take first step, such small things are imp for girls. He smiles. Bela waits for Pushkar and drinks the milk.

Maasa scolds her. She says Pushkar is with Vidhi. She takes Bela. Vidhi asks Pushkar to go. He sees Maasa and Bela. Maasa says Bela made badam milk for you. Bela drops empty glass. Maasa says she has drunk it. He says thanks, I don’t want milk. He goes. Rangeela comes home. He falls down. Pushkar hears the sound and goes to see. He wears a cover on face and puts a ball in Rangeela’s mouth. He beats Rangeela. Rangeela screams. Maasa says did Rangeela come, I forgot, I asked him to get Vidhi’s bridal lahenga. Pushkar shows his face and goes. Everyone comes out and sees Rangeela.

Maasa hides the clothes packet. Ashwin asks what are you doing here. Rangeela says a ghost has beaten me, I just saw his eyes. Pushkar comes. Rangeela says he has beaten me. Ashwin says you mean Pushkar has beaten you. Rangeela says yes, he did this.Pushkar asks why did you come here like thief. Rangeela says I m not a thief, Maasa has called me. They get shocked. Maasa denies this and shuts up Rangeela. She asks Ashwin to beat him. Ashwin scolds Rangeela. Rangeela leaves. Ashwin apologizes to Pushkar. Pushkar says leave it. Maasa asks them to sleep.

She takes the bag. Vidhi asks Bela what happened, is Pushkar fine. Bela says Rangeela had come here, he was drunk, he said someone wearing paper cover has beaten him, its good. Vidhi sees Bela with paper bag. She gets shocked and recalls Pushkar. Bela goes to sleep. Pushkar comes to meet Vidhi. He gives a paper bag to her. She gets confused.He says I thought you will think I have beaten Rangeela, it wasn’t me, I didn’t beat him, someone has seen me with this paper bag and sent Rangeela to do drama, someone is trying to end our alliance, its someone known to us, I also wanted to beat Rangeela, you know I don’t need this paper mask to beat him.

Vidhi says I trust you, I chose this relation by my wish, my faith won’t move. He says I get courage by your talk, I m very happy that you trust me, I will never break your trust and heart. She says me too, go and sleep now. He leaves. She dumps the bags. Its morning, Maasa says I will make tea for Pushkar. Nivedita says Pushkar is gone. They see Pushkar getting milk. Pushkar impresses everyone. Ashwin says animal also understands the language of love. He smiles and thinks Pushkar is the best match for Vidhi.

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