Mismatched update Friday 29 October 2021

Mismatched 29 October 2021: The Episode starts with Shagun calling Shaurya. He rejects the call. He gets her voice recording. She apologizes and asks him to talk to her once. Shaan asks are you going to meet Shagun, she is a nice girl, don’t lose her, whatever happened with you in childhood, it was wrong, it was not your mum’s mistake, I didn’t had courage to stop her or support her, don’t make my mistake, stand by Shagun, don’t worry for Saberwal family, they will always live in their ego. Shaurya goes. Shaan gets drunk.

A box falls. He sees some pics and smiles. Sad song plays…. Shaurya rejects Shagun’s calls. He drives somewhere.Anokhi recalls Aastha’s words. Shaurya goes to the lake side. He throws stones in the waters. Anokhi sees the train. She gets sad. Shaurya comes home. Devi asks where were you wandering. He says I can’t hide anything from you. She says not by blood, but I m your mum by relation. He says you are my mum by blood and relation, you are very imp to me. She says you never failed, others have failed, your mum or Shagun, they don’t deserve you. He cries. She says you will get the girl destined for you, go and sleep now. She goes. Its morning, Anokhi is worried for the college programme at Gurdaspur.

Devi asks Shaurya to have breakfast. He says I have to leave for a college function, they called me as guest of honor. He sees Shagun and her family. Anokhi asks what will happen now. She prays. Devi says I didn’t see your missed calls. She insults Shagun’s family. She says you have cheated us. Shagun says Badi maa please… Devi says Shagun, you couldn’t please Shaurya. Shagun asks can we talk. Tej comes and says sure, you may talk. Shaurya sees the time. Anokhi says I will complete the photo session and reach college.

Bubbly comes home. Anokhi asks how did you get hurt, tell me. Rama worries seeing Bubbly and hurts her. She says don’t worry, I got an imported foundation to hide the marks. Anokhi asks how did you get hurt. Bubbly lies. Anokhi says dad is paying EMI for Vineet’s car. Biji asks the good news. Bubbly says I will give good news soon. Rama asks Biji to keep fast, then baby will be a boy. Anokhi says yes, it will control your sugar. Bhalla comes and sees Bubbly. Anokhi thinks when will dad go. Bhalla asks Bubbly about Vineet’s work. Bubbly says he goes to court every day. She murmurs he didn’t get a single case till now. Bhalla calls Anokhi. He asks Bubbly to make Anokhi ready for the photo session and also for the meeting.

Anokhi asks can I just go to college and come. Bhalla scolds her. Bubbly says I will take parlor appointment in the evening. Rama says Vineet had badly beaten up Bubbly, we should be careful in Anokhi’s matter.Bhalla says it won’t be just Vineet’s mistake, Bubbly would also be at fault, you didn’t teach them to adjust. Bhalla and Biji shout on Rama and ask her to get away, she can’t even handle the children’s expenses if he dies. Rama cries and asks him to have breakfast. Bubbly makes Anokhi ready. Anokhi says you had won many competitions in college and even then you got married so soon. Bubbly explains her. They have a laugh.

Bubbly gets emotional and cries. Anokhi says sorry, I didn’t say that to hurt your heart. She says dad sent you away after marriage and then sold the trophies as junk, I will study further and make my future, I have to go there. Bubbly says dad will kill you, don’t be mad. Anokhi gets the photos clicked. Bhalla asks Rama to come in. He asks Anokhi to go to her room. Bubbly says I took the parlor appointment. Bhalla gives money to Laali. He says I have work in evening, I will be back home. Anokhi worries.

Tej scolding Shagun’s parents. Shagun says its a lifetime opportunity for me in London. Devi says you are still saying the same, it was a win win situation for you, it was a good opportunity to become this family’s Bahu, you didn’t tell us before. Shagun says I didn’t know my application would get accepted, my parents didn’t know this. Tej says you made fun of all of us. Tej goes. Shagun and her mum request Shaurya. Shaurya says women don’t work here, I convinced the family to allow Shagun to become a guest lecturer in our college, any ways, I m getting late, don’t force Shagun for marriage, let her do PhD which she wants to, maybe this is right for her. He leaves.

Aastha waits for Anokhi. Anokhi plays a video. Bhalla asks Rama to pay attention to Anokhi. He leaves. Anokhi smiles. She rides a cycle and tries to reach Aastha. Bubbly asks Rama not to disturb Anokhi’s online class. Rama says don’t know if she had anything since morning or not. Aastha waits a lot. The bus stops. Anokhi reaches and stops the bus. She asks them to pick the cycle. Aastha smiles and thanks her. Anokhi asks why thanks, I told you, marriage isn’t my destination, I won’t leave my dreams easily, trust me.

Devi says I personally picked all the things for you, its good you came here, keep the gifts. It will remind your mistake, you had all qualities to become our Bahu, but I regret you are a disappointment. Shaurya is on the way. He gets a call. The man says I have sent you the speeches of the speakers, you can check. Shaurya plays the audio. He hears Anokhi’s speech.Anokhi says I had to hide and come, but I have to reach home on time, dad called some family for my alliance, he will scold mum.

Aastha says we will leave after the prize distribution function, what will you do if the groom’s family likes you. Anokhi says I won’t leave my studies, I will leave the house. Shaurya says rubbish. He calls Shagun. He says we are done, our priorities are different, you follow yours and I follow mine. His car stops at the junction. He says we thought we are soul mates, you disappointed me, I think all women are the same. Anokhi is in the bus. She hears Shaurya. He asks Shagun to carry on, he will find somebody who gives him imp than own career. She says rubbish. He turns to see. She tells Aastha about him.

She says a man feels powerful when he controls a woman. Aastha says we women are responsible for it. She gets sad. Anokhi talks to her. She thinks don’t know what all Aastha underwent to reach here. Bubbly says I will give the shoes to Anokhi when we go to the parlour. Anokhi gets ready. The girls talk about the chief guest. The girls talk about Aastha, she was married, she chose her career than her family, she believes that girls get independent by getting right education, she is a role model, just like Anokhi. The bell rings. Shaurya and Anokhi collide. She runs away. His shirt gets a stain. Rama makes snacks. Bubbly goes to call Anokhi.

Aastha gets shocked when the man invites Shaurya Saberwal as the chief guest. She cries and gets back. Bubbly doesn’t see Anokhi in the room. She gets her note. She gets shocked. She says what did you do Anokhi… She calls Anokhi.

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